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100 Good Night Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Good night status for whatsapp

Good night status for whatsapp, the best new good night status you may need. Top good night status you should put up. Latest good night status for you. You can also try our collections of latest good night quotes, new good night quotes, the best good night quotes and our recent good night quotes for your use on whatsapp.

There is a lot of fun on whatsapp messaging. You meet new people everyday, connect with old friends, share music, pictures, memes and even videos as you engage in fun conversations.

In recent times, whatsapp had become so addictive, thank God to the many changes and additional features to the app that it had made communication better. Now we chat with friends and families as if we are talking to them traditionally! Everything is now made easy on whatsapp!

After a day filled with loads of fun chats with loved ones, it is important to call it a night because we all need to go to bed in preparation for the next day! Good night messages should be passed to friends and families in a special way. Therefore, our collection of special good night status for whatsapp is just what you need to upload on your status on whatsapp. Asides the fact that it helps to reduce having to send same message to multiple people (unless all of you are in a whatsapp group). It also makes your status more credible and commenting on!

Why not get on with it, and use our collections of good night status for whatsapp.

Special good night status for whatsapp

1 All hope is not lost! So far God lives. He is the only one that knows what tomorrow has in store for us. Good night

2 Dear Heart, it is time to go to rest. I need to close my eyes in deep rest

3 Violets are blue, so I am going to bed

4 Remember to remember me as you sleep, so that I can stay in your dream tonight. Sweet dreams

5 Good Night world, tomorrow is another day

6 It is time to welcome to dream world as I shut my eyes

7 My sweet love sleep, remember it was difficult calling you when I was younger, now is time to play your part and make me rest well. Good night All

8 I know that a day will come where we will not have to ever say good bye, but good night

9 I just wish it was easy for me to choose between sleep and my phone! Oh Gosh!

10 I know that one day, I will become the king of the world. Till that happens, I need to catch my sleep. Ciao

11 I just need a new day, I am boring of this day already! Good night peeps

12 I wish I was around you so we could both say good night on the same bed. Good night from here to there

13 The night is here and the whole Nigeria has gone to bed. Our hearts are just awake because they beat for each other at the same time. Good night my love

14 The name is mouthing my name already. My blanket is warm and waiting for me seriously. Good night my dear whatsapp peeps. Talk to you tomorrow

15 Let us always make ourselves happy. Let us always wish ourselves good night. Good night Fam

16 I thank God for the beautiful life’s gift that he has given me. To see today and now go to bed again. Good night people, see you tomorrow

17 Keep calm and snore as you sleep.Good night

18 Good night people, don’t let the bedbugs bite

19 Silent night, holy night. All is dark and beautiful. Good night people!

20 Don’t lose hope today. You can never tell what tomorrow has in store for us. Good night Fam

21 I dream about you everyday and night. You make love a beautiful thing for me. Good night baby, sweet dreams

22 Good night sun and welcome moon. Please stay with me all through the night

23 You don’t have to hate me. Even if you do, I don’t have the time to deal with your hatred. I will just lay my head to sleep and have a good night.

24 I am too busy falling in love to notice you hate me. Good night

25 I will be dreaming of you tonight baby. Good night

26 I know I am not a prince, but I am waiting for that girl who will become my princess. Good night everyone

27 Night is the wonderful time of the day given by God to us so we could rest after a working day. Good night people, sweet dreams

28 Close your heart, open you mind, shut your eyes, and make sure you pray before you sleep. Good night love

29 I want to wish my very special friend a good night and a happy night rest. Sweet dreams

30 I can’t to wake up tomorrow into your sweet loving arms. Good night my love. Sleep tight

Best good night status for whatsapp

31 It is time to end an amazing day and look forward to a very bright tomorrow

32 May the joy of the lord be in your heart and your dreams be filled with beautiful things. Good night

33 I want to have a mind-blowing threesome with beautiful people; my bed, pillow and me. Good night to you

34 I want to fantasize today. Good night

35 I am feeling good tonight, because I am grateful for the gift of life. Good night

36 I just can’t explain how I feel this moment. Good night

37 To God be the glory great things he has done. He has shown us what it means to love and be loved. Good night

38 Hello, Can I be your bed, so we can sleep as one?

39 The night is the covering sheet of all my sadness. Good night

40 The night helps a drunkard to stay sober. Good nights

41 Night time is usually the time where shady deals are being perpetrated. Mine is for deep fitful sleep. Good night Fam

42 My wish for this night is that God blesses whoever is reading this status. Did I hear you say Amen?

43 The angel of God asked me what I wanted for the night. And I told him to bless everyone around me, including you!

44 I want to grow old with you. I want to die laying by your side. You gave my life a real meaning. Good night my love

45 I want to just stare deep into your eyes as I sleep. Good night love

46 My good night status if meant for you that God should please guide you through the night. May you prosper in all your ways. Good night dear

47 I pray that god will spread his arms of warmth around you and provide you the succour that others cannot provide. Good night love. God be with you

48 You make my day bright and beautiful and you make my night so special in a loving way. Good night my love. God be with you

49 You see the reason why you have to be good rather than bad? The good sleep have a good sleep, while the bad people are on the lookout; night and day. Good night

50 You are the reason why I can’t sleep at night. You are the one person I want to hold so tight and high. You are the best person for me. Good night

51 I can’t stop loving you dear because you are the air that I breathe, What happens to the air when it stops? Good night

52 As the days gradually moves into night. Cast all your worries unto God. because he cares for you and me.

53 Close your eyes now and dream of me. Good night

54 The day has ended again! I am grateful to God for this day

55 Thank you Jesus for making me see the end of another day.

56 I am very grateful for having a friend like keeping me company everyday. Good night friend

57 Good night my best! I hope you rest well

58 I just want to pass out like a drunk on my bed. Good night people

59 Watch me as I sleep off. Good night

60 Stop the chats, the doors are closed. Good night

Latest Good night Status for your loved ones

61 hey, what are you still doing up? Good night

62 Your last seen was 2 minutes ago. You should be asleep by now. Good night

63 Let your light so shine that it radiates even in darkness. Good night

64 I wish you the most peaceful sleep ever. Good night

65 I hope God guides and protects your family as always. Good night

66 Be careful of the devil. He only comes to steal and destroy. Pray before you sleep. Good night

67 The love my support will support everything about you, that I am sure. Good night my personal person

68 Remember even though I am not here physically, my mind is always with you. Good night

69 The love in friendship will always allow us to reach out for one another. Good night friends

70 I want to spend the night out by staying indoors

71 I know I will sleep tonight with you resting in my heart. Good night

72 Always remember that I will not leave nor forsake you. Good night

73 No matter the distance between us. You love is with me. Good night

74 I am sure you know there is no sleep for me. Unless, of course I say good night.

75 Good night world. See you in the morning

76 I am in love with the night. It takes away the sun and brings us the stars

77 I love the nights, it brings out the moon as our sun at night. Good night everyone

78 Sleep calms your soul. Good night and sweet dreams

79 The day is over and the night is upon us. We have spent the day as today, and tomorrow will always come in its own way. Let us just sleep and pray for a better tomorrow. Good night

80 I pray that this beautiful night will take you on an amazing journey into the dream land. Good night

81 Sleep allows you to forget about pending issues. Good night

82 Sleep calms your brain and allows you to think well. Hope you have a lovely night rest

83 I love sleeping so much. I can actually sleep with my eyes open.

84 You are my love paragraph, I love you morning, noon and good night

85 I wish today will just start already so i can send my freaky paragraphs to you!

86 I am going to sleep early today. I want you in my dream right about now. Good night

87 I know I have busy days, but I promise not to let a day go by without saying good night

89 Good night my love, regards to your family

90 I wish you a very good night from the depths of my heart

91 The night is cold, I wish i could just hug you now

92 Don’t say no to me, please come and join me in bed

93 I want our love to be together and stay forever. Good night

94 And the nightingale sang, good night my love so round!

95 I will kiss this weekend. Good night

96 Will you come and spend the night with me?

97 You are the one person I can trust. Good night

98 Spread your wings and fly like the birds in the air. Good night

99 I love and miss you so much. Good night

100 I will never leave your for anything in this world. Good night love.

Prayer good night status for your loved ones

101 May God be with you today, may he guide you in your sleep and in all your ways. Good night

102 pray without ceasing and all your prayers will be answered. Good night

103 Live within your dreams and dream within your will. Your dream is your will and your will is your dream. Good night

104. Thank God for the beautiful friends that you have around you. Be appreciative. Good night.

105 Do not despair, even though devils comes in the night, the angel of God are there to protect you as always. Good night!

106 God is great, his mercies endureth forever. Good night smart one

107 Be thankful for the little gifts, the big ones will soon come to you

108 Be appreciate and God will bless you more. Good night

109 Even when I am not there, God is always there! He will protect you as always. Good night

110 I am glad when I realized that he will continue to be with us and guide all our footsteps. God!

Are you set to start uploading the good night status for whatsapp now? I can’t wait to share it on mine as well. Let’s get on with it, shall we?



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