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What does TBH mean and TBH pictures for Instagram

what does tbh mean

What does TBH mean? Before we delve into our TBH pictures for Instagram caption, we need to first understand the meaning of TBH.

What is the meaning of TBH?

What does TBH mean?

TBH is just a shortened way of saying TO BE HONEST. Do you get now? As long as we have a lot of people who know what this means already. We are still getting lots of guys who are still unsure of the meaning of TBH.

TBH was an acronym that was first used on Facebook in late 2010 into early 2011. That was the era when there was a lot of shortened form of English words and the teens took advantage of that period to shorten, to be honest into TBH.

At that time, teens wanted to get comments and likes from their fellow followers and they came up with ‘Who will my like my picture for tbh’. What this meant was that for each likes on a person’s page. The liker get an honest view of his/ her personality on his/ her Facebook wall

Depending on who the person is, TBH comments can range from being nice to being nasty. These days though, TBH is just a term that allows people to give their practical opinions of people and situations. Now the TBH acronym has graduated from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to Tumblr to our everyday lives.

In fact, just in recent times, a lot of users on social media have decided to start using TBH pictures and TBH memes as a means of communication. This is indeed the latest fad in town! Jump into Instagram captions pictures of users, you will see a lot of TBH captions and TBH pictures being used. Even if you jump into the comment sections of notable people on social media. TBH is now a means of communication between commenters.

In recent times, there are new variations to TBH like TBH and rate or TBH in DM, TBH, rate and date and so many more. What is important to note is that in the world where there are rapid changes especially on social media. One should not be surprised when other acronyms that are legally accepted begin to spring up!

The TBH Quotes of the Day That You Can Share

You can be the change the world needs, you can be the love that a person has been seeking, and so, you are the best.

The power of your words keep me strong, they keep me inspired and now I am more focused than I used to be.

She can always be the best in my life, she is the pillar of success I found recently because she has been used to help my life.

Every moment connects my heart to yours because you are one of the best people a person should be close to.

He has this amazing ability to memorize, in fact, he is the best genius I have ever comes across in life. I am proud of you.

You are a hero, a wonderful angel, the precious lamb in the hand of the most beloved God. You are cuter than you think.

Success has to do with a wonderful person around your life. I cherish the way your smile because it is one of the powers you possess.

Your eyes are full of mercy, your voice is full of honey and your body is the softest mattress I have ever come across in life. I love you so much.

You are a superstar and your interesting smile brings endless bliss to my dear lovely heart. You are a companion with lots of great ideas.

Life without a pillar of joy like you is very hard to find, you can always be the one I love the most because you are my Hero.

Great hearts are rare, they are simply the best humans you can ever come across in life. I have seen your type.

Life will not come to you until you are ready to go to it. The mountain has always been there but only brave ones know what it contains

You are special, you are a pleasure, your presence is a great interest in my life.  I love your way of life because you belong to me.

The aim of loving you is my heartbeat, you are so lovely that stars see your brightness and bowed for it. You are a monk of beauty.

I will always be there for you to put an endless smile on your beautiful face. You are the pleasure of my heart so sweet and nice.

Deeply in me, I realized how much you have been so special to me and I am glad for that pure love you have been showing to me.

A superstar is rare, they are always one in a million. You are my one in a million superstar.  Good to have found stars like you.

You make me smile so much and that’s why I always wish to be where I can easily see you learn more wisdom about life.

Success is a pleasure that is attained from the effort of your work. You are my champion.  I love you all the best.

I love wonderful people I love a special person and my heart is always attached to you. I am in love with an angel.

Hello sweetheart, you are the one who brings joy to me. I will not let you down for any reason. You are the love flower of my heart.

To the most beautiful diamond, how are you doing? Don’t you see how blessed you have become? I love you.

The kind of love I have for you is powerful, it makes me feel better. You are purer than I thought of you

The queen of my heart, your presence is one of the most beloved things ever met. I love you so much in this world.

Calmness is a good virtue; I sense a great deal of wisdom in your gentle nature. You are a blessed man in my life.

Cool face like yours brings me joy whenever I see you. I just want to be with you for the rest of my life. I am happy for you.

TBH Messages for friends

A friend is that stranger that later became a brother, he is that wonderful friend that will stay with you for the rest of my life.

A good friend will bring joy to your life, a good friend will do everything to put a smile on your face. A good friend will not forsake you when you need them most.

Your best friend is the person who always wants to correct you when you are wrong, he is that unique person who never endorses you when you are wrong. Your best friend is that friend that can help you with everything in life without waiting for a reward.

A good friend is hurt when you are tracing the wrong path; he cries endlessly hoping that you will come back to your senses. A good friend is a loyal soul that is ready to do everything to make you excel in life.

I value my friend more than the world’s most celebrated celebrity. I value my friend more than diamonds because he is the only friend that stood by my side when I needed help the most.

You will not know the value of some friends until you lose them. Friends are like guardian angels when they respect and guard you on the right path.

Wonderful friends don’t have to benefit from you before they help. They are always there waiting for the very moment you will need their help the most.

Don’t treat people badly because they treated you so. vengeance will make you worse than those that suffered it.

Remain calm in difficult situations, don’t rush, don’t panic but be vigilant and continue to strive until you finally settle your challenges.

The meaning of a BAE to me means a friend that is so unique that you can’t compare any other friend with. You are such a BAE I will always cherish.

You are not just an amazing friend, you are also a pretty friend with lots of reasons to be admired for the rest of my life.

When you learn how to not tell your friends everything about you, you will learn how to keep your secret from your enemies.

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What does TBH mean on Instagram

When you check a lot of Instagram profiles, especially profile owned by Americans, TBH is the new currency. A lot of these users use TBH to accumulate likes and comments to a particular post. There was a 15 year old teen that posted about 5 pictures on her instagram feed and requested for likes to get a ‘tbh’.

This means that when you like her picture she will make a ‘to be honest’ review of you. Whether it is a good or bad review, it is honest. That is the fad! Another name for ‘tbh’ on Instagram is ‘to be heard’.

I decided to probe a little bit further to ask what they mean by ‘TBH and rate’. What a teen told me was that they usually do this to rate a post on Instagram or to connect with other users.

Usually when I am bored, I just drop a TBH post and then send the hashtag #likefortbh. Within seconds I would begin to get likes and comments on my post. As soon as this happens, I will go to all my likers’ pages and drop a tbh comment on their posts as well. It is either we stop at that or take it a step further, getting to know ourselves’.

Diane also told me when I asked her what does TBH mean on Instagram that;

A TBH is usually a way to converse with various people on Instagram. People that ordinarily due to some reasons, you would not want to talk to. It is a way to connect with friends of your friends that you have not met in real life, to build a kinda online friendship with them!

Rachel in her opinion said that although TBH means to be honest, a lot of people are not really being honest in their reviews. In order to build a connection and friendship. A lot of people draw away from being very objective and as such they give a very biased opinion ‘tbh’. Most times, in order to see a lie as blatant they just go for generic truth, and not give depths to the reason for ‘tbh and rate’.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Exellence (@blk.beauties) on

Say for instance when I say you are always online, or you have got cute eyebrows! Hell! Don’t I know that already?

Finnin in his remark said that he doesn’t give a hoot about friendship or not. TBH is a game. Say the truth, get your like and move on!

‘When I drop a TBH comment on a post. It is usually what I noticed about that user and not lies. Like me or hate, it is ‘tbh and rate’. Done and dusted.

I am not sure if Nigerians engage in such activities as the Americans. While Nigerians use tbh in their comments to pass judgement and personal opinions. I do not think a lot of Nigerians use ‘tbh and rate’ posts on their feed! Or do you have anyone who does?

I know that Nigerians are gradually beginning to get used to ‘tbh’ and the question of what does tbh mean on Instagram has reduced drastically.

For those thinking a TBH means a nasty comment or snarky signal should understand that a TBH does not serve such intentions. It is just an opportunity to give an honest and objective opinion about your online personality through your posts and presence. It is therefore important that you get that right and enjoy a tbh on Instagram or a tbh on Facebook and wherever it is used!

The explanation above has at least provided more pointers to ease your inquisitiveness.

This post is for a collection of TBH pictures that are suitable as Instagram captions ( just in case you need them)

What does TBH mean on Instagram


What does TBH mean on Instagram


What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram

What does TBH mean

What does TBH mean

What does TBH mean

What does TBH mean

Now you have an understanding of what does tbh mean on Instagram, likes for tbh, tbh and rate, Tbh in DM and what a tbh post is. You can go ahead and keep using!

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