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21. I once wished on a star one cuddly night, I wished to have a friend whom I will have no choice but to love unconditionally, weeks went by and when I remember the wish I made has not come to pass, I cry myself to sleep until I realize my wish had been fulfilled a long time ago when you came into my life, it was then I realized you are the person I had wished for.

22. I know you barely believe in wishing the stars but when you see a start falling from the sky tonight, make a wish of your innermost desire because I made mine years ago and it came to pass because I found you.

23. I will choose being with someone that loves me for who I am more than I love her over all the riches in this world. The moment I am sure that my happiness is number one on her priority list, then, I will have nothing else to worry about and my nights will end up more fulfilled as I will have no more sleepless nights.

24. Legends agree you can only fall in love once, but here I am, disagreeing with them because every time you come around, I fall in love with you all over again.

25. Meeting you was purely a coincidence as it was never a planned occurrence, choosing to become your friend was a conscious choice but, falling heads over heels in love with you was way beyond my control.

26. Trying to explain how much I love you and why I feel that why will be like packing all the intellectuals on the surface of the earth and tasking them to describe how water tastes, we both know it is impossible to arrive at a super convincing answer, so is my love for you, it is impossible to explain it.

27. Words are not enough to convince you about how wonderful you are, I felt the urge to tell you this because of how incredibly you make my heart leap for joy every time I see and hear your voice. I love you.

28. I wish dreams will turn out to be more like wishes because wishes often come true and In my dreams the picture I am always seeing is of me always together with you. I would really love this as a text from you changes my mood for the better no matter how far gone I am in my thoughts, imagine getting to be together for the rest of your life with the person whose mere text changes your mood for the better, imagine what would happen if he decides to settle with you and be there by your side every morning when you wake up. You are that person for me.

29. You are always there in my thoughts, when I open my eyes, you are there, when I close them you are there again. There is nothing I can venture in without thinking of you. Whenever I am going through history books and see men who fought for me, it makes me wonder if love is worth fighting for at all, just when I am about to make my conclusion that it is not, then I remember your pretty face and I am all geared up for war in a commando one man army style.

30. My thoughts are free to wander to wherever they deem fit but it keeps coming to me as a surprise how out of all the places to head to, it keeps heading in your direction. I only saw you for a couple of minutes today and it already made my whole week.

31. Your kind heart and tender care always put me in a trance of what my life would have been like without you in it. This too much care made me decide there are only two times I want us to be together and they are now and forever. You are my superman and I will love you eternally.

32. If I could be just anything I want to be, I will prefer to be your tear so I can be reborn in your eyes, live my whole life down your cheeks and die on your lips. My love for you will never fade and my smile for you will never crack. My love for you will be till the very end of time. I love you.

33. When I take the time to reflect over my past, it was obvious there was a missing piece and not knowing what the missing piece was further tormented me. Now, I savor having you in my life and when I look into the future, I can nearly feel how complete it will be. Finally, it came to pass that there will be a special person for me, one who will love me and I will return the favor, that special person is you. Thank you for being in my life, life has never been this good, all thanks to you my sweetheart.

34. As long as I am standing on my feet and I still have the gift of life, your heart will be the most guarded asset in the entire world as keeping your heart unbroken is a promise I made in secret and my willingness to keep this promise to the ends of time made me drop a tear in the ocean with the pact that, the day I find the tear is the day I might reconsider my love for you.

35. The way my heart lingers to love you more every day is something that has never happened with any other person, I love you with the whole of me that nothing can change the way I feel about you and whenever you feel alone, take a good between the gaps in your finger and smile because that is where my hands fit perfectly.

36. Trying to make you understand how important the sound of your voice is to my essence and being will be an exercise in futility as I will blab on and on without being able to convince you but, I want you to know no matter how secured my heart is, you will be the only person with unlimited access to my heart. Don’t even go about asking why because I can barely explain the decision myself, you just deserve it for being the amazing person that you are.

37. Words, feelings and expressions can not explain how much I love you, in this life and the next wherever you go is where my heart is. We are more than inseparable and I plan on loving you till forever end.

38. My love for you keeps waxing stronger every second of the day and I smile to myself every morning when the sun wakes up and wanders around in the sky, I smile because it is a bright day that reminds me of how bright your love glows in my heart and I wish every day is a celebration of love and you will be my partner in these celebrations.

39. You deserve to get the best and all of me, you deserve my everything, my present and my future as the perfect way to describe my day without you in one word is “gloomy” as it is not being in love alone that makes me happy, being in love with you in particular is what grinds my gear.

40. Without taking a bite of any food, waking up with the thoughts of you is enough to fill me up and keep me fit like an obsessive body builder, I will rather spend a moment holding your soft squishy hands than spend a lifetime wishing that I did.

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41. You have no idea of how much you contribute to my happiness, there is no other woman on this earth like you and I consider myself lucky to be able to call you mine. I miss you in every decision I make, every step I take and in every move I make. You have always been and will forever be my dream girl.

42. Just when I was about to give up about the concept of true love, you tagged along to prove me wrong and even show me the best of it. If my love were to be a vehicle, you sure is the fuel that has kept me up and running for this long. I promise to always treat you like the queen that you are, you reign over my heart and my whole body, your wish is my command, your highness.

43. In my hands is my love and I wanting you to have it because I am not coordinated and I fear that I might lose it or reluctantly give it to someone else for safekeeping. I do not have much to offer you as I barely have enough to fend for myself, one thing I will promise you is, everything I will ever do, will all be done for you because with you, I literally lose myself and without you by my side, I find myself wanting to be lost again.

44. My heart is filled with daydreams and I try so much to stop thinking about you but, I just can’t. The amount of gratitude I have amassed for meeting you is only surpassed by my amazement at how you effortlessly brought joy into my life. You brighten each day with the love you brought along with you and the starts align at night to shine their light on you because you deserve a spotlight in my life.

45. My anxiousness about what tomorrow holds stopped in its tracks when I discovered how wonderful my yesterday was and how promising my today is with you. Sometimes, I doubt myself and knock the door of your heart to crosscheck if I still live in there, and fair enough, I get my doubts cleared every time they arise. With every beat of blood my heart pumps, I just can’t help but to love you more and more as you are the rhythm that keeps my feet steady on the march through life.

46. Words cannot fully express how much you mean to me, I walk around everyday hoping that you will somehow get to know that which I can not fully express. I want to be there as your courage when things go south and you are having a downtime, just like songs, I want to be the lyrics to your heart when you have lost your romantic rhythms. The scholar who had in his observation maintained that a life without true love will be immensely miserable, I could not agree more because without you, I am nothing but a void nothing, thanks for being there for me and staying through to what we have. I love you.

47. I love you with all of me, the smiles, the tears and the breath. I see a picture of you in every person I come across in my everyday life. I solely belong to you now and I am your property as your love has conquered me and all my days with you are worth living. I am oblivion to what it feels like to be a loner.

48. You pretty angelic woman in my life, you grabbed it all from me and I took it all from you just when I thought I have found happiness, you came along and showed me what true happiness feels like. You are my hay when the sun shines and my tiny little bright stars when darkness draws nigh. You are with no doubt, my all in all.

49. Nothing brightens my day better than seeing your pretty face that radiates goodness over all that I do. There is no way to better spend my day than to have you by my side all day long. Nothing in this world can be as valuable as our love, not even all the precious stones and gems combined. Since we have started this journey together, my only units of measurement have been in heartbeats.

50. No matter where you go, our unbreakable bond will always compel me to be by your side at all times and that only mean one thing, we will forever be together as one and conquer the world together.

51. Everything you consider silly that you do, is a source of joy for me, sadness is always on an official break whenever I am around you. I sit here all the waiting for that precious moment that you will return from work and I will get to see your face once again and probably get a tight hug that will make me oblivion to the happenings around us at the moment. I am so disappointed it all turned out to be a day dream and nothing more.

52. No one else has ever made me feel the way I currently do, I promise to love you all my life for this and as I am turning in my bed tonight, I already know it is one of those great nights again because you made my day an interesting one. Thank you for being there for me all the time. Good night.

53. Sweetie, there’s nothing than can equate to the feeling if looking into your eyes to see a reflection of your soul and the timeless love your heart harbors for me, you made me the happiest man on earth. When I asked God to send the one his perfectly flawless angels as a girlfriend he sent you instead and at first I was a little disappointed because I asked for a perfect angel, not a mortal with flaws, you turned out to be a wonderful woman, better than hundreds of angels put together, you had from the time you walked into my life become my true friend, a caring partner, my soul mate, a passionate lover and the ONE without whom my will to live will be invalidated. Thank you for being in my life.

54. My love for you is unconditional and the bonds of my love grows right from the depth of my heart, in the absence of your care and affection, my heart will most probably stop beating because your love is the power house of my existence. The day I realized how much I love you was when I stopped seeing a girl that is ordinarily my girlfriend, I saw in you a wife, the future mother of my children and a strong independent woman with whom spending my time on earth and eternity with will seem like just a start. Please, be by my side forever.

55. You are the ruling queen of my heart; the fickle mistress of my fate, the best thing that has ever happened to me was meeting you. Your cute smile can melt the heart of even the most notorious criminal in this world; my heart was icy before I melt you, all of that turned into a messy liquid when I set my eyes on you. I cannot thank you enough for the happiness you have given me.

56. I would have given you the most beautiful flower bouquet as a token of my appreciation for letting me love you this much, but flowers wither in comparison to your beauty, I will climb all the way up into the sky to catch a shining star in my hands in honor of you but stars are nothing compared to how dazzling your eyes are, so, I will just give myself a temporary peace of mind and just tell you about how much I love you instead.

57. I have always believed that a person can experience true happiness a few times in a life time, I was wrong, I realized that happiness lived within me with every second, minute and romantic days and moments we share by holding you in my arms. You were only a dream made real and with how much I travel around the world, I am yet to meet someone that is as sweet, romantic, cute, intelligent and understanding like you are. I still do not understand why nature deposited this pure and unadulterated happiness into my life but I thank God every day for making you come my way.

58. The only thing better than a favorite girlfriend who beautifies your life is the moment the beloved girlfriend becomes your wife. For now, there is the two of us, but unlimited bliss will set foot into our lives when our love blossoms through our children. The cutest and romantic thing in this world is not getting to play with an energetic puppy that you love so much, it is actually getting to see your dreamy eyes every night and every morning and to give you a hug from the back when you are busy getting comfortable in the kitchen.

59. Nothing else will matter to me in this world if you promise to be there when I open my eyes every morning in the next 50 years.

60. Only fools hold the belief that love will make you weak and vulnerable, the direct opposite is the case as only love makes a person as bold as a lion and as courageous as a tiger. Your love helped in bringing to live the man I had always wanted to be and I in turn became a better person. The first time I met you, I never imagined you would agree to be my girlfriend but what I really did not see coming was the pace at which you changed my life so radically and right now, you seat on the stool of the most important person in my life. You are like my life support and I cannot live without you.

61. Do you even know how special you are to me? There is no one else in this world like you, you are one of a kind. And you are the only guy out there for me.

62.  Even after all of this time that we have spent together, I find myself loving you more and more as time goes on.

63 I just cannot help being in love with you. It is the easiest thing for me to do.

64 It is not true that you only fall in love once. I know this because every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.

65 You are the only guy that I could ever have eyes for.

66.  You are like the guy of my dreams but much better, because this is real life.

66. When I look at you, I can see the rest of my life in your eyes.

67.  I love you more than words can ever say.

68.  You bring so much color into my world that used to be so dull and gray.

69.  If you were a fish and I was the sea, you would still be the only fish in the waters for me.

70. I am madly and deeply in love with you. You can see it in my smile

71 I do not need dreams because I already have you, and you are my dream fully realized.

72. I was not planning on falling in love with you, but I am sure glad that I did.

73.  I fell madly in love with you because of a million little things that you did not even realize you were doing.

74 I used to wonder if dreams could come true. Now that I have met you and have you in my life, I know that they do.

75. Telling you that I love you does not even begin to describe how I feel about you.

76. Ever since I met you, even the smallest things are extraordinary.

77. Everyone has their own love story, but I will always think that ours is the best one of all.

78. I would never want to live in a world that does not have you in it. I love you far too much.


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