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Prayer of Gratitude for the Year

Prayer of Gratitude for the New Year

Prayer of Gratitude for the New Year: We all need to be grateful. Doing things in a year is beyond our power and might. There is a greater force that supports us through our hustle, and that support os from God. It is a very great thing to appreciate God for an amazing year and look forward to the new year in anticipation for better things to come.

1. Thank you Lord. The hens laid egg, the chickens did not die. Our farmlands did not dry and our food did not rotten. We appreciate you, give us more in abundance.

2. All praise goes to the Lord who conquered our sorrow. He is the most merciful, omnipotent the most powerful. Thank you Lord we very grateful, bless us forever.

3. You spared our life as air spares fire. You didn’t terminate our means of survival. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. We are highly grateful, honor and guide us.

4. You are the Lord of lords, the master provider. You have been providing our daily food. Our appreciation cannot increase your dominion; you are far beyond whom anyone can satisfy. Lord, protect us.

5. You spread the world as a mercy to the people of the world. You made us happy because you love us. I will forever thank you. Have mercy on us.

6. The Lord is our strength all through the year. If the world is a cake the Lord will still share everyone’s portion to them in the most perfect manner. Thank you Lord for our achievements through the year. Achieve more for us.

7. If a child does not know favor, definitely he suffers. We are grateful to the Lord and also pray that He should win more of the battles of this world for us.

8. You gave us food where there is no food. You gave us joy where there is no joy. You gave us happiness where there is no happiness. Lord, give us wealth where there is no wealth.

9. Our success so far is not by our might but by the grace of the Lord. We accept that we cannot do without you. You are the Master controller, the owner of the destiny. Lord, bless us in a unique way.

10. Give us a sense of understanding and make us find peace in our heart. You are the same deity that has been taking care of us through the year. Do not forsake us for any reason.\

11. The stars clap, the thunder strikes and never hurts anyone. The moon was not ceased and the sun shines for us to see our ways. Thank you Lord for the grace and bless our hustles.

12. We give you glory and adoration for the year because without you we won’t achieve anything tangible. Our children did not die, our properties were not lost. We also pray for more breakthroughs in our life.

13. Lord, we appreciate the life we spent. If not for your kindness in our life, perhaps we will be leading a miserable life. Thank you Lord for everything.

14. I appreciate the Lord, blessed be your name and success shall continue to follow us until the Day of Judgment. Thank you Lord for the role of Master in my life. Honor me among my peers.

15. Glory belongs to the Lord who knows and created us. Adoration belongs to the most merciful who cater for us when we are in need.

16. There is no true honor except the one given by the Lord to someone. Lord, spray your honor upon us like a perfume. Let be noticed wherever we are as the luckiest ones in life. Thank you for a successful life.

17. I want to specifically thank God for allowing us to still be alive up till this moment. I am grateful for the entire dreams fulfilled for me and I hope for more to come.

18. The year is coming to an end; it calls for gratitude towards the Creator that achieved it for us. We honor His presence, glorify His name.

19. I spread my hands in air to praise you Lord, I ask for your honor, you granted it, I asked for you happiness you gave me. I am grateful for this journey in life and pray that you continue to guide me to the right way.

20. Your path alone is the truth. We beseech your mercy and also want to praise your holy name to making this life as soft as a paper for us.

Prayer of Gratitude for the New Year 2019

21. This world is a lovely place to live because God has made it so. Is it not worth been celebrated? Thank you Lord, for everything you have done in our life.

22. Thank you Lord for nurturing me up till this moment. I praise you for you are the most marvelous. Thank you Lord for the gift of a precious life.

23. We thank God for this day and pray that He benefit us and make this year a bed of roses for us. No one is like you the highest, the most powerful.

24. Thank you Lord for this wonderful day of my life. I am so happy today because my glory was achieved for me by Him, the mighty in power.

25. Glory belongs to the owner of life and death. He spare our life and protected us against evils. No matter the condition we find ourselves, your name will be forever glorified. Bless me Lord, honor me lord.

26. Protect me Lord. Purify my heart. Honor my presence in the presence of my enemies. I shall not die because you stand by my side like a solid rock. I am grateful lord for the year.

27. It is my ultimate pleasure to celebrate this year with the praises of the Lord on my tongue. I want to wet my lips with His holy name. Guide me to the righteous destination.

28. Whoever can flood his heart with the love of God shall find no reason to regret in life. Thank you Lord for the benefit of a good day you made possible for me. All my gratitude is based on the fact that you saved me from misery.

29. Whoever follows the guidance of God will never go astray rather shall he be blessed, honor, respected and lifted up in life. Thank God for everything in my life.

30. Blessed is the name of the Lord. Angels saw Him and bow. Lucifer heard about Him and ran away. The Lord is a good to me all the time throughout the year. I beseech His mercy in my life forever.

31. I am extending my gratitude to the Lord Almighty for granting me a blessed life in the year, I ask Him to always stand by my side like a solid rock.

32. I want to show my endless gratitude towards the most merciful to always be merciful to me. I ask Him to benefit my life with abundant success.

33. My joy is that the Lord has always been kind to me all through this year. I am happy and wish pray that my life will always remain so.

34. Thank you Lord for this special day of my life, if not you how will I attain such height in my life? You are the alpaha and omega the exalted one.

35. Bless me endlessly and give me everything needed to protect my life. I am so happy today because you decided to guide and protect me. Thank you Lord for this free service.

36. You are my Lord and I am your servant. You took your role as the greatest leader and boss all through the year and I want to say I am grateful Lord.

37. O Lord, I call upon you from this moment on, and I seek for your help in terms of my studies and business. I also want to show my sincere gratitude for making me happy.

38. You alone I will worship forever, you are the most gracious the merciful, no one looks like you and you look like nobody. Thank you Lord for this year.

39. After so many illnesses, you protected me against all evils and put smile on my face. You are wonderful o Lord, marvelous and the most elevated by all tongues.

40. If not my Lord, who else can achieve this for me? The holy in His holiness, I beseech your holy name to protect me against all predicaments in this year.

Great Prayer of Gratitude for the New Year

41. My gratitude goes to the Lord of the universe who has changed my life and then blessed me with lots of happiness. You are the highest most merciful.

42. You are the most elevated by all tongues and no one can dare your majesty. I am here before you to show my appreciation for sparing my life throughout the year.

43. My thankfulness today id of the Lord who purified my heart and drew me closer to Him. I pray also that you should protect me against the punishment of the hereafter.

44. We bow before you today, to count us among the most successful ones. I praise you and also bless your holiness. Your name shall forever be glorified on my tongue.

45. Lord, you are the one with the most elevated characteristics, no wonder my life has been filled with lots of success and prosperity. Thank you Lord and I also pray for more success to come.

46. Thank you Lord for an awesome life without much stress. Many trees cannot grow again, many have fallen and few still grow fruits. Thank you Lord for counting me among the successful servants.

47. When the wind blows too much, the trees on the farm may fall, thank you Lord for making my farm land fertile and heavy for the wind to destroy.

48. I want to use this opportunity to thank my creator for a good atmosphere to live. He has done new things in my life again.

49. You are the most honored by every tongue and the one no one can do without. We are grateful for this life and pray that everything we ever needed will granted to us.

50. I beseech the Lord with all tears; we humble ourselves before you because you are the only indispensable Deity ever. Thank you for fulfilling our entire dreams for us.

51. You are great that you are called. The first and the last. You stood behind me like a rock of protection against all my worries. Thank you Lord and bless me this year.

52. I cannot do without you lord. I cannot say or act without your endless mercy. You are the best and the most reliable source of joy. Give me this day, my daily bread and forgive my sins.

53. Since I was born, my care, my life, my joy and happiness have been provided by you alone without any charges. Thank you Lord for this generosity.

54. Lord, I depend on you because nothing can happen without your love. I depended upon you for my life and you granted me all that I needed. Thank you for everything.

55. Shame on to those without a source of joy. The Lord is the secret behind my happiness. He gave me a soul and provided is feeding means, gave me tow eyes to see good things. Thank you Lord.

56. Forgive my mistakes and overlook my shortcomings—the one I did intentionally or the one I committed through my weakness. I also want to show my appreciation for the good life you gave me.

57. Lord, only you will I worship until the end of my life. I will worship you in my power and thank you with all my strength. Bless me, protect me. Honor me and give a sweet life to live.

58. Whatever I have today is but by your power. Your mercy and the fact that you never fail in your promise. Thank you Lord for my life.

59. You are the omniscience the one most celebrated all over the world. You are the King and the kindest in the entire world. My sincere humbleness goes to my Lord.

60. I bury my head in shame for sleeping off this night. I say forgive me for not worshipping you as usual last night. However, I still want to show gratitude for taking care of me all this year.

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