1. True love stories never have endings, it grows every single minute for the benefit of the world at large.

2. Love is a sickness; the only cure is another love that can sustain it forever.

3. Love is a passion; it has no limitation for whom to show it to.

4. Love is life, without it; there will be general atrocity everywhere in the world.

5. Love comprises of one soul in two bodies sharing affection together.

6. The best hand a person should hold on in life is that of his lover.

7. Love is a motivation; it gives a soul the ability to give voluntarily.

8. The most important thing everyone should share is called love when it exists everything will be fine.

9. When you realize you can no longer sleep well, it means you are already in love.

10. Love is worth more than a million naira, it is something that even pounds cannot buy.

11. If you give love, you are cured and if you can’t give but receive you will still be cured.

12. When you can’t talk about any other person but the one you love, then it means you want to spend the rest of your life with them. That’s the meaning of love.

13. That force that attracts you to the opposite sex is what is called love when it is done in the right way.

14. If you can learn how to give out love, don’t worry it will come back to benefit you too.

15. I have become a poet today because I fell in love with you.

16. That affectionate impulse that is communicated with poetry and action is called love.

17. If you give up on people so quickly, you will miss out a great offer to come.

18. If love is possible, let love reign forever in my life.

19. Love may be painful, it may cause us havoc but we cannot do without love.

20. A sincere love gives you happiness; it makes you happy even when no one is entertaining you.

21. Love does not know color; all it wants is someone to enjoy it.

22. If you have someone who loves you, accept the love, take good care of them. There is a possibility that you may not find their types again.

23. When you have the courage to trust your loved ones, it means you are ready to be stronger in love than ever.

24. Give those you love the chance to enjoy the love you said you have for them.

25. If you fall apart in love and then realized that you are falling back together, that is a sign of true love.

26. When a person is about giving up in life, just give him love, it will revive him. Love is a life giver.

27. Falling in love every day with the same person means you truly love each other.

28. If you want to know those who truly love you, tell them goodbye and they will never move an inch.

29. Love should bind two people together forever, once a distance is occurring between them, it means the force of passion is getting weaker.

30. If you play the game of love well, you will surely win.

Cute relationship quotes for her

31. Whatever I am doing, I think of you; whenever I am sad, I recall the beautiful moment we have shared together.

32. I love you for all that you have become and will be with you at any level in life, you are the cutest girl my heart has chosen.

33. There is no reason why I should be tired of you because you are the sweetest girl ever came to my world. I love you.

34. With you I want to spend the rest of my life; I want to love you with every single breath, you are my passionate love.

35. No one knows why I have decided to be yours forever; you are my love, the one I cherish with all my heart.

36. I have been in love for many years but none of those fake lovers can take your place in my heart. I love you.

37. If you have a sweet lady around you, you have found the best companion that will always put a smile on your face.

38. I love beyond the sky and wish to be with you every single day of my life, I wish you a beneficial moment all your life.

39. Good morning my sweetheart, your face that I saw yesterday was calved out of the mountain of beauty. I love you.

40. With your presence in my life, I feel like a prince, I can’t forget the first day we met for the rest of my life.

41. Love has really captured my heart about you, now I don’t think I can live alone without you.

42. You are my missing rib, the most beautiful treasure in the land of love, made with the bricks of passion.

43. I see you like the tree of love, a passionate sweet whose taste never ends. I see you as the happiness that I have been searching for.

44. Everything has changed except the love I have for you. It will always be there forever, I love you truly.

45. Love is like a rose flower when you smell it, you are excited. Remember you are my love, no wonder I love you smell.

46. Whenever you smile at me, I see endless love; I see the mansion of joy and the palace of pleasure in your eyes.

47. There is a burning desire to own you for myself forever; I don’t want anyone to claim you away from me.

48. I wish you all the best and pray that the whole world blesses you with their love for you. You are simply the best I have set my eyes on before now.

49. Getting better every day of my life, the reason being that I have found a woman that will tolerate me better than any other person.

50. Whatever it takes to make you happy I will do. If it is to go deep into the largest see to bring you the biggest whale, I will go. I love you.

51. Your love remains the best in my heart for you are more important to me than a million other girls.

52. I hate anything that will hurt you; I hate anything that will make me cry because you are sad.

53. I have a girlfriend; she is the best in terms of relationship coordination. Her skills are amazing.

54. Loving a lady is to take care of her, let her feel special, call her and tell her romantic stories.

55. I will always be there for you no matter what may transpire between us. Nothing will be an obstacle between you and me.

56. I love you so much that I can’t stop loving you again. You are now my life so without you, I can’t live.

57. I can do everything to retain you to myself. I can dwell in your heart because it accommodates the best.

58. Give me a reason to spend every penny I make on you; I will never regret because it would have been done upon love.

59. I can become a fool for you, no matter how the people insult me for showing true love to you, it is like a mere talk to me.

60. Your eyes are full of brightness; your face is designed by the most intelligent designer. You are an epitome of beauty.

Cute relationship quotes to share now

61. A relationship should be taken care of like a baby, if you are careless about it, will soon crumble and will never work again.

62. The relationship is like a bird, if you feed it, will grow but if you abandon it will collapse and will never rise again.

63. Communication is a key player in every successful relationship. Ignore your right and watch your relationship dying.

64. Where there is an understanding between two couples, the relationship will last long. If there is no peace, there is no need to stay in a relationship.

65. If you have a good woman beside you, never let go of her, she can’t be replaced easily.

66. When you take good care of your partner, you have automatically taken good care of your relationship.

67. The relationship can be better than it is, every single day is another opportunity to make our relationship better.

68. If love favors you, then thank God because you have found the best thing that can ever happen to a human.

69. Every relationship needs maturity and patience when these two qualities are combined, a home will be free of a fight.

70. I am yet to see a love life that will work without firstly tolerating each other and then accepting the weakness of each other.

Cute relationship quotes for him

71. Beyond you is the rock of my love for you, you can never finish climbing it until death does us apart.

72. Even if I wrote the words I love you on the sand, the strongest flood can never wash it away; it comes from the innermost part of my heart.

73. Love is more beautiful that rainbow, it gave you to me and then made my life easy to live.

74. Who else can tell the meaning of love if not what I have experienced about your true love for me?

75. I wish you more and more of this special treatment you show to me as though I am a queen. Even though I am no more alive, I wish you more of it.

76. If I have a better way to make you happy, I will adopt because I am constantly in search of every possibility to impress you.

77. Give me the chance to be yours at any moment. I love the fact that you are part of my life, an air I breathe every day.

78. I am sure that I will not survive it if you will have to leave me at any moment. It is just the truth and there is no doubt about it.

79. Love is when you see your man and then you are overwhelmed with joy. You are the cutest boyfriend ever seen.

80. I am so much in love with you, let this be a real fact that will last long in your heart. I wish you can allow me to dwell in your beautiful heart in reality.

81. I miss you so much that I cannot do without remembering the entire sweet moments we have shared together.

82. Nice meeting you, you are just the best for me, the most loving angel and my dream in the realm of love.

83. No one knows why I began to grow in love and understanding but the truth is that you are the very handsome guy that teaches me all this.

84. If you understand the kind of love I have for you, then you will have been the happiest in this world.

85. You are the joy I feel from the innermost part of my heart, the passion that flows in my blood to brighten up my day.

86. If there is a smile on my face, it is because you are around me. If I am moody, it means you are walking away from me.

87. I have learned to be yours forever and my heart beats for the impact of love you show to me. I wish you a light of pleasure in your heart.

88. I can be proud of you more than I am proud of myself and the reason is that you are an excellent impact in my life.

89. The most intelligent people in this world mixed love and ambition together and this is what made them successful in life.

90. Beyond this world is a reason to stay forever in love, it is a message of happiness to fall in love with each other till eternity. I love you.

These cute relationship quotes are indeed for everyone. Do you want to share more cute relationship quotes with us? Let your have your love quotes in the comment section below.

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