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January 2019: Happy New Month January Messages

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Happy New month January messages

1. As the January song spreads, it entertains every soul that hears it. As the drum beats, it satisfy everyone around and then put smile on everyone face. Happy new month.

2. A new month worth been celebrated, if you are alive to enjoy this privilege, thank God for an uncommon blessing. Happy new month everybody.

3. Just wishing everyone a month that is not common. You know what? Achievement in a special month worth more than a billion dollars.

4. This month is gold; better hunt it to gain more income into your bank account. Opportunity comes but once and success exists in a lifetime.

5. As long as you are alive, success will always be your target. You can’t just imagine a situation whereby all you find is misery.

6. Self motivated people are great people with focus. They don’t allow their apple to get rotten before they consume it at the right time.

7. If life does not go well with you, it means you are lacking something special. Do you know what it is? Self confidence and prayer.

8. Make this month a devoting one. If you wish for a better tomorrow, your righteousness today will determine the level at which tomorrow will be fine.

9. It takes a second to start thinking and 30 minute to figure out an idea. Hefty hearty handsome does not give up until something great has been achieved.

10. Time and focus are treasure. Happiness and self motivation are divine. If you wish to make a day worth a billion fortunes, it means you have to be happy with yourself.

11. We are often discouraged with little challenges in our life. However, if faced squarely will be a great chance for us to achieve many goals in life.

12. I ask myself. What is the best way to persuade a person to become lively? And then decided to send you this message—always believe in yourself.

13. Your success is at a point where it fears you. It may be that you are being too harsh on it. Open your heart for a success that is ready to embrace you.

14. As cute as a pearl, every month can be called. Long lasting life is worth been achievable if you trust what your mind can think and your prayer can reach.

15. New month is like a hot cake, hot cake. It tastes better for those who eat it first, and less sweet to those who eat it a bit late and then sweet for those who eat it last.

16. The wind is blowing swiftly and the atmosphere is singing peace and harmony. If you can dance to the tune of a blessed month, your success is sure.

17. This new chapter of the month shines like a ray of sunshine. It is so gentle that its hands are waved to cheer everyone up with new opportunity.

18. There is a treasure in the face of this month, only those with a winner eye can see it. If you don’t train your mind to see opportunities, you are doomed.

19. Progress in life is like a crossover from a bridge of fire to the land of milk. Enjoyment comes after distress and success comes after failure. Happy new month.

20. Even though there is no light in a room, a mind trained to face challenges will find its way out. Don’t be feeble-minded because a month is harsh to those with a weak heart.

Happy New Month January wishes

21. Wishes are like chocolates. Every part is sweet to taste—from the beginning to the end. May your hands rub the cream of success?

22. A month is but an opportunity. It comes in the shape of a tree. Some people pluck the fruits from the top while some from the floor. Greater success I wish for you.

23. If I can wish a thing for you, it will be a smiling opportunity that will lead you to a beautiful success. A fulfillment that will make you happier.

24. Is it not better to have a rest of mind? Here are my wishes for you: peace, joy, love, success, happiness, abundant wealth, and good health.

25. I call upon the spirit of success and it responded with a charming smile. I shook my head and happiness came quickly to wish itself for you.

26. As unique as this month is, it can bring a picture of a better life. It can spread love to the realm of humanity and then put a smile on people’s face. Happy new month.

27. In you, I see a month cheerful like a bed or roses. The roses are happy because this month is specially made to make you smile.

28. A little boy on a stick, what does he think he is up to? A life that is not well planned, where will it end? A success that is pure where will it land? Your home of course.

29. Many will be called but few will respond. It is not in our might to find something special but only good wished from our loved one can make God fulfill our dream.

30. We all have our dreams, but it is left to God to achieve them for us. Put your effort in anything you are doing and never forget that my wishes for you are precious.

31. If you are happy like a newly delivered bouncing baby boy, it means you will sleep like one. These are my wishes for you. Sleep like chicken and wake like hero.

32. The best time to win is that time you started your journey to succeed in life. Every dream has a reason and every reason has a purpose. I wish you the best in your intention.

33. The month shouts, here I am! Explore me and avoid my wrath. It is left for us to choose the path we wish to play in the game of success.

34. The laughing faces of the month are success, good fortune, bigger opportunities, luck and many other good wishes the heart can’t predict.

35. And then the month tiptoed, but I smile for she never knew I heard the sound. Here I am wishing you the fortune that comes with her. Happy new month.

36. The month cried and wished for good but the human took it for granted and ran away. If success is achievable, it is my wish for you. Happy new month.

37. Happy healthy hearty new month, you shall live to welcome many more. Happiness shall dwell in your heart, honey shall drop on your tongue.

38. I don’t have to shout to wish you good. My heart alone is enough to wish you the best in this world. You see, this world is an atom, try your best and leave the rest.

39. I may fail to make you smile but this time around, you will understand one thing, even though the wind blows, the air dances, my heart still remain pure for you to succeed in life.

40. Happy new month, taste sugar and shine your teeth to the world. Have a great time and never give up in anything you believe. Just to wish you the best.

Happy new month January romance messages

41. Your smile shines. What is the secret in your heart that keeps singing a love song to my ears? How handsome you are, like a beautiful apple? Happy new month.

42. In your heart is a calm giant, handsome well, well built. I admire your chest standing like the pillar of the caliphate palace in Nigeria. Just wishing a new month.

43. You are happiness created for me. Anytime I see your face, I only see a castle of love. If this month does not benefit you, who else will it?

44. You are the moonlight in the middle of a dark sky. I am that star always known with you. Nothing will separate us until eternity.

45. My heart is whispering love. I am so happy that I met you in life. Calmness is good it can help you win a lot in life. If you are happy, it worth going out for fun this month.

46. This month begins the New Year. This year will become a moving car to take you to your dreams and fulfill them for you. Happy new month.

47. I may be right and be wrong but I understand one thing. I can’t live without you. Hope you get the scope? We shall always be together forever.

48. The splatter of paint on the newly paved month alarmed my heart and then I quickly wish you the most beautiful month ever.

49. I wish you all the best in this precious time and pray that our love lasts forever. This month is meant for two birds that love each other to the core.

50. I want to become a dove with you so that we can always fly together. Have you seen the love of a dove before? It is so heart-capturing, fascinating and fantastic. I just want to say, happy new month.

51. Life is full of ups and downs, if you scale through last month without any problem, thank God for your life. Happy new month.

52. Wishing you a sparkling moment. This month shall sing for you and you shall dance for prosperity, you shall be celebrated with love.

53. You are fantastic, energetic and qualitative and it is the reason why I wish I could spend every nook of my entire world with you.

54. This month is a great one that worth been celebrate like a diamond. I am a hunter of love, I hunted your heart and then you captured my heart. Happy new month.

55. If this season can talk, it will say hello to you. It will sing lots of songs of breakthrough for you. It will say thank you Lord for the life of my husband.

56. Each month has its own blessing. This is why I wish you abundant blessing that will continue to shower on you until you almost forced to say, Lord it is enough.

57. You are this unique smile. Only people of the Lord possess it. This means that you are as pure as snow, close to God like a garment. Happy new month.

58. This is what attracted you to me—you are an affiliate of good character. I just have this affinity for you, a precious stone that talks. Happy new month.

59. You spread on me this fragrance of happiness. This treasure of joy and great pleasure. What then do I still need in life when someone like you is present?

60. I am waiting for this wonderful moment in this world spread like a mat. You are my conscience even when I close my eyes. Happy new month.

Happy New Month January romance wife

61. January will favor and then bring for you what December failed to bring. Success will be planted in your daily activities like a rose is planted in your heart. Happy new month.

62. I searched the world and the world searched for me. I saw the world and the world saw me and then saw my love and my love saw me. Happy new month angel.

63. If I can count the number of ants in this world, I will catch them all and then arrange them into the shape of the symbol of love to cheer you up in this month.

64. Another month has come for my wife. Plenty love, wonderful moments, nice times with kids and an everlasting joy forever. Happy new month.

65. Thank God for this precious month. It is not always easy to reach a height but today we are still alive. What gift is more than this again?

66. I will always appreciate everything about us; I will love us as butter loves petals. I will cherish us like Rome cherished Juliet. Happy new month.

67. I love this world because it brought an angel into my life. no wonder my legs dance like a baby, my heart beats like a melody drum. Happy new month.

68. What the Lord has done in my life is enough to say thank you Lord in a billion times. Wife, how are you today? Hope the beautiful birds did not disturb your sleep. Tell them daddy loves them. Happy new month.

69. You are a super falcon. Strong and agile. Your eyes are sharp, your thinking are straight and your targets are accurate. This is another month of opportunities, grab them.

70. It is accurate, it is nice and precious to see that everyone is happy today been the freshest month of the year. Happy new month darling jewel.

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