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All You Need To Know About Kayan Mata – Part 2

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KAYAN MATA (PART 2) – If you think we are done with Kayan Mata, think again because we are not close to done. While researching about Kayan Mata, we found so many interesting things about Kayan Mata that we would love to share with you our amazing readers.

In this second part of this article, we would be talking about the history of Kayan Mata, the controversies and misconceptions surrounding Kayan Mata, how they are used, what Kayan Mata is actually supposed to do for couples as well as other amazing types of natural aphrodisiacs we found in the course of our research. To start, we will be talking about the history of the use of Kayan Mata because we believe to better understand how it works, one needs to know its origin.

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Don’t forget if you have used Kayan Mata before or you have any question regarding Kayan Mata, don’t forget to leave a comment below; we will be glad to answer them to the best of our knowledge. Also, note that this article was written solely based on research and we do not claim to have any experience with using Kayan Mata. So, if you really have had experience with using Kayan Mata as a northerner or you have sampled it one way or another and you would like to share your experience/knowledge with our readers, please feel free to send a mail to

The History Of Kayan Mata

The practice of Kayan Mata has been in existence for up to 5 centuries now; yeah, you read right, up to 500 years!! A very old practice if we must say and the only reason it must have been passed on from generation to generation is that of its efficacy. During our research, we stumbled upon a video made by one of the prominent Kayan Mata sellers, Jaruma where she mentioned a particular aphrodisiac perfume brewed from natural herbs called “Al-Miski” that were used by the wife of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). In her video, she mentioned that this aphrodisiac is approved by Islam to be used by married couples to boost physical intimacy. Amazing, right?

Kayan Mata is commonly used on brides to be 2 weeks prior to their wedding so they can be found more desirable by their husbands and also help them have a very great coital life. There is also the male version called “Maganin Maza” translated into English as men’s potions and they are often chili infused foods. Talking about Kayan Mata is one of the very few times coitus is openly discussed amongst very reserved and super religious conscious people like the Hausas (well, almost every Nigerian can be a bit judgmental when it comes to things like coitus, especially when it comes to enhancing it with herbs and spices) but it will be interesting to know in the north, young girls are being taught about Kayan Mata and what it does when used.  In fact, as a wedding rite, a bride is gifted with a box of Kayan Mata alongside her bride price and a set of kitchen utensils locally called “gara”.

The use of Kayan Mata is predominant in locations like Sokoto, Borno, Katsina, Kebbi, Maiduguri and outside Nigeria in a country like Niger Republic and the general idea is to help couples achieve so much pleasure that looking outside is not an option. Most of Kayan Mata merchants that retail them outside the North are actually from these states and from our research, it is best to buy your Kayan Mata from a local because they truly understand what goes into formulating what, what it does and how it should be used because they have been equipped with centuries’ worth of knowledge of Kayan Mata which in my opinion, can’t be bought with money.

Although it was passed down from generation to generation, the ingredients have always remained the same but with few modifications. For instance, fresh camel milk has been replaced with the dry camel milk so it can last longer and can be easily transported outside the North. Apart from that, the ingredients of Kayan Mata have remained the same. They are made with ingredients like rice, millets, tiger nuts, fish sperm, manatee fat, jujube and so many more.

Misconception And Controversies About Kayan Mata

So, as with almost everything that is made from herbs, roots, fruits, and spices, there are so many controversies surrounding the use of Kayan Mata especially since it became so popular.  The most controversy about Kayan Mata has to be that it is diabolical. Because of the acclaimed potency of this range of natural aphrodisiacs, a lot of people have concluded that it has to be a charm.

Well, this is not so shocking to hear as some of the ingredients used to makes some of the Kayan Mata is actually questionable. For instance, the Gindin Ayu; a form of Kayan Mata is made from the sperm of a strange water animal anyone can even describe what it looks like so they resort to calling it a fish. To anyone who is not familiar to the northern culture or tradition (well, I assume a majority of us are) will find this a bit “fishy” but to the northerners and those from Niger Republic, it is nothing diabolical at all. They believe because the fish sticks with its partner and doesn’t desire anyone after they are separated, using the fish as a key ingredient in formulating the Gindin Ayu is going to have the same effect on couples too.

Kayan Mata is said to be so potent, it is used to make a man stick with a woman forever but some people also find this ridiculous that where the Kayan Mata originates from has the highest number of polygamy recorded in Nigeria, so they feel the hype about these natural aphrodisiacs are all lies and they really have no effect.

In fact, some people have gone ahead to purchase some of these packaged Kayan Mata and they complained that it did not work for them. However, according to our research, Kayan Mata actually really works but they don’t work overnight. Plus, if you are purchasing them, you have to be sure you are getting it from the right source as some of these herbs are actually so scarce to find. And Kayan Mata does not automatically glue your partner to you. What it does is boost physical intimacy between couples; help them have a healthier coital life and according to relationship experts, increased physical intimacy will help them foster closeness between a couple as well as strengthens the bond between them.

So, overall, I think people condemn the natural aphrodisiacs because they don’t really understand exactly what it does. As mentioned earlier, Hausas gift Kayan Mata to newly wedded brides and it is commonly used by married people to continually boost their coital health. In fact, some of the herbs like vanilla, sandalwood used in making natural aphrodisiacs are used in making sensual body oils and perfumes by renowned world-class brands like Chloe, Jo Malone, Guerlain, and Chanel. So, it is totally safe to use for those who need help with satisfying their wives or husbands.

The Benefits of Using Kayan Mata

So, to better help you understand what Kayan Mata does, we will be explaining some of the benefits of using Kayan Mata.

1. Kayan Mata is naturally brewed herbs to help boost physical intimacy between the couple. What it actually does is it helps couple have a sweeter coital life which in turn makes the man look forward to coming home after the day’s work to enjoy some sweet coitus and according to relationship experts, when couples enjoy a better time in bed, it will affect the other areas of their lives positively because great coitus helps to strengthen bonds between people who are in love.

2. Some Kayan Mata helps combat body odor. Of course, who doesn’t like to come home to a woman who smells amazing all around, especially down there. Turaren Wuta, for example, is incense used on brides to help them smell so good.

3. It helps boost coital confidence. To enjoy coitus with your partner, you have to feel very confident about yourself. Kayan Mata helps boost both the man’s confidence during by giving him the adequate strength to perform as he is supposed to in bed with his partner and it also helps to combat things like premature ejaculation that could be a pretty embarrassing condition for a lot of men. For women, Kayan Mata boosts their confidence by tightening their v*ginas (especially for moms) and to help women get wet; which may be a bit of a challenge to a lot of them. And of course, because they are wetter during coitus, they can now comfortably enjoy painless coitus and enjoy for longer.

Overall, Kayan Mata works in keeping couples together by helping them eradicate some coital issues that may be causing some major problems which may be contributing to causing a rift in their relationship. However, we will like to say Kayan Mata is not the glue that fixes your marriage automatically or magically stop your man from cheating. The best way to keep a man or make a man stay is not through coitus, there are so many things that make a relationship work; you should focus on that. If the communication is lacking, work on getting both of you to communicate with each other, if it is how you dress or how you look, work on upgrading your wardrobe and so on.

The Different Forms You Can Find Kayan Mata And How They Are Used

Far from what people think, Kayan Mata doesn’t just come in different forms. It will shock you the different forms in which you can find these natural aphrodisiacs to suit different people and their needs. Apart from drinking, you can find Kayan Mata in the form of sweets, perfumes, scrubs, incense, creams, and tablets. Some are ingested orally and some are rubbed on the v*gina for effectiveness. Some of these natural herbs are even ingested and rubbed on the private part for better results. While some are rubbed on the body and others are used as body scrubs to help achieve a baby smooth and fresh skin.

Incense is burnt and the woman sits close to the smoke covered by a thick cloth so the sweet smell can sink deep into their skin and sometimes, they stoop over the burning incense to help tighten their v*gina as well as help to get rid of horrible, unpleasant odor down there. There are also the natural herbs that are like chewing gum and you have to chew them for the effects to kick in.

Other Types Of Kayan Mata That You Should Know About

2. Goron Tula

This amazing type of kola is gotten from a tree called Tula and is known as African chewing gum is said to be excellently effective when it comes to making a woman wet. Unlike other kolas that are bitter, those who have tried it said it is sweet almost like honey. Because of its slimy, slippery juice that mirrors a woman’s pussy juice when she is really wet, it is believed that this Kayan Mata will do the same to same to your v*gina if you are struggling with getting wet. It is also commonly known as silky kola.

3. Cloves

If you are looking to restore some youth to your v*gina, dried cloves are perfect for you. All you have to do is get the cloves and soak in a bottle with water. Close it tightly and leave for like 3-4 days. You will notice the water has changed its color to brown. Use this water to rinse your v*gina morning and night consistently and the results will surprise you.

4. Danagadas

If you are looking to make your boobs firm again, danagadas is your best to do it in a natural way. It is a green powder mixed with some other thick liquid to help you make your boobs look young again.

5. Sugarcane

If you are shocked it made the list, don’t worry, we were too. Sugarcane apparently has amazing components that help boost a man’s stamina during coitus and is said to boost fertility and battle low sperm count because it helps in sperm production. Sugar cane juice is an amazing libido booster and it helps to eradicate erectile dysfunction. The good news is sugar is so cheap to buy and better news, they are currently in season. Your man has been feeling tired during coitus lately? Time to stock up your pantry with sugarcane and overfeed him with it.

The truth is coitus boosters are everywhere around us. You see your beloved pineapple? It is actually as a great source of v*gina lubricant and a little coital birdie told us that if your man loves to go down on you with his tongue, it is best to eat pineapple before coitus for a sweeter oral experience.  Coconut water, dates, ginger are some of the other common household ingredients that you can use to boost your coitus life.

Where we encourage using whatever means to help you have a healthier, more enjoyable experience, we would like to let you know that s*x is not what keeps a man and Kayan Mata cannot replace love. So, if you are using it, use it because you want to enjoy s*x more and not because you want to tie a man down.


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