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All You Need To Know About Kayan Mata

Kayan Mata


All You Need To Know About Kayan Mata

What Is Kayan Mata?

Kayan Mata is a range of naturally prepared aphrodisiacs originally used in the northern parts of Nigeria to help ensure the newly married ladies satisfy their husbands in bed and also so these ladies can have a healthy and satisfactory s*x life. Kayan Mata translated to English means “women’s things” or “women’s property” and the Hausas have been using this range of natural s*x or love boosters for over 5 centuries now and they have been passed on from generation to generation.

Far from what people think that they are charms packaged to entrance men or tie them down in a diabolical way, Kayan Mata is made from natural herbs, roots spices and fruits and they come in different forms like tablets, perfumes and they are sometimes mixed with meals. In fact, Kayan Mata is made from common natural household ingredients like millets, tiger nuts, rice, millets, baobab, jujube (also known as Chinese or Korean dates) and even honey.

Kayan Mata, in a nutshell, is a natural booster for a healthy s*x life and it is very safe to use by everyone as they are made from common natural ingredients.

Different Types Of Kayan Mata

Oh, you think there is only one type of Kayan Mata?


There are so many types of Kayan Mata and there are some you could even make at home within minutes by yourself. So, below are some common types of Kayan Mata, what they contain and how to make some of them. Note that there are now brands who stock Kayan Mata and they can be really expensive (you can find a Kayan Mata kit for as high as 35,000) and you have to be careful who you are buying from. Before buying Kayan Mata, make sure you do intensive research on the brand you are buying from, read reviews from their customers and if you can, go further by talking to them to ensure that you are going to get the real thing as some of the ingredients used are scarce to find and before you buy, make sure you also do an extensive research on the natural aphrodisiacs so you know exactly what you are going to buy and what you are getting from the brand.

However, from a little survey we carried out, we found out the best of Kayan Mata are prepared in Northern states like Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, Maiduguri and neighbouring countries like the Niger Republic.

1. Zuman Mata

This natural aphrodisiac is prepared with honey and it can be taken in and rubbed on the v*gina. However, it is not so important to rub it on your private part as taking it in works well to tighten and also helps to make your v*ginal walls tighter which in turn intensify s*xual pleasures in both the wife and the husband. It also works well in lubricating the v*gina.

 The Zuman Mata is great because it doesn’t just intensify your s*xual pleasures but also tighten your v*gina walls. So, if you are looking to be a bit tighter as well as improve your libido, Zuman Mata is the best choice for you.

2. Gindin Ayu

The gindin ayu type of Kayan Mata can be used by both the men and women (oh, you think only women can use Kayan Mata to boost their s*xual health? Men use them too in order to impress their wives, especially the older ones to boost their libido). This natural aphrodisiac is derived from a particular fish that is so rare to find. According to, a renowned Kayan Mata merchant, it has very peculiar mating habits in the sense that when it comes in contact with a female, it stays glued to her v*gina for weeks and sometimes even months to no end, and when they finally let go of each other he will seek no other female but her. Some say it is not a fish, but a water animal that is found in only fresh water and it is called Ayu. It is called fish because it is hard to describe what exactly it is.

The sperm of this fish is extracted and then mixed with milk ready to be drunk by the wife. For the men, the male part is often dried, grounded and then mixed with milk for him to drink. Experts say the results are so potent, you have to be married to whoever you are using it on or be very sure before you go ahead with it as is said your partner will find no one as s*xually appealing as you are. Let’s just say he won’t be s*xually satisfied except you. The Gindin Ayu improves s*xual satisfaction in both parties and improves physical intimacy between couples.

However, the Ayu itself is very scarce and also very expensive. So, if you are looking to get this, you need to have like 35,000 naira and also, be sure you get it from the right source to get the desired results.

3. Tsimi Mata 

Some people know this as tsimi or simi and it is brewed with honey and herbs. It should be taken to only a few hours before s*x and only when you are sure that “uncle” is available. Some people mix the herbs with fresh cow milk (known as nunu in the local dialect) and it makes the v*gina wet for easier penetration.

If you are having issues getting wet during s*x or you normally have pains during s*x, you should definitely consider using Tsimi Mata. It makes a woman get wet more quickly and more easily. Of course, with a wet v*gina, penetration is easier and s*x is more enjoyable for both parties.

4. Turaren Wuta

This is a special incense that consists of a mixture of special scents to help ladies tighten their v*ginas and it is also known as “Dhukkhan”. This special incense is so common amongst women in the Northern states especially in Borno and it has multiple uses. For v*gina tightening, women bend over the burning incense. The smoke from the incense penetrates the private part and works to tighten the v *gina walls and to make it firm. It is also used to prevent unpleasant odor down there. A combination of nice smell and a tight v*gina is a great combination for an amazing s*xual experience.

Apart from its great s*xual benefits, it is also used as a natural deodorant. Ladies burn the incense in a metal or ceramic burner placed in the charcoal fire. They sit close to the fire and then cover up with a thick cloth to allow the smoke from the incense skin into their skin. This is meant to make them look younger, fresher and also help them so good, they are irresistible to their men. In fact, in northern states, young unmarried girls are not allowed to use this incense because they could get a man attached to them before they are ready to settle down.

These are some of the most common Kayan Mata out there if you are looking to buy.  Some other ones are Dan Mannau; a special kind of glue that is inserted into the v*gina to tighten it. There is also Zabuza Kama that is mixed with yoghurt and used to drive your man wild. There is also a special Kayan Mata chicken that is given to a new bride to eat and she must finish the whole chicken without breaking the bones. This special chicken is said to be equally potent and also more expensive than the regular chicken.

Of course, these Kayan Mata herbs are aphrodisiacs are expensive and not everyone can afford it. So, we are going to share a special tiger nut recipe that is very common, easy and affordable to make and you can find the ingredients everywhere.

The Special Tiger Nut Recipe – Kunun Aya

The Kunun Aya is a common type of drink in the northern part of the country and it has become so popular in other parts of Nigeria because of the amazing health benefits of the drink. It is great in preventing premature ejaculation in men; it is used to improve their libido, their s*xual health and also used to heighten their s*xual satisfaction. You can actually just blend tiger nut with water, strain it and then drink the milk. This in itself is a very good s*xual booster and it also helps with other things like boosting breast milk supply in women. It is great for diabetic people and helps to stop indigestion. Tiger nut is healthy and it is a perfect liver and heart tonic, used to aid fertility, used to heal mouth and gum ulcer, they help to heal stomach pain and they help ladies regulate their menstrual flow. In a nutshell, Tiger nut is a power drink that everyone should take from time to time to boost their overall health other than s*xual health alone.

However, for the benefit of this post, we will be teaching you how to make the Kunun Aya that will also boost your s*xual morale and give you the right energy you need during the s*x to “deliver”. It is very simple to prepare and you will need:

    1. 600g cups of fresh tiger nuts (if you are using the dry tiger nuts, you have to soak them overnight)
    2. 2 litres of cold water
    3. 1 coconut
    4. Dates (you can use 10-15 dates)

Mode Of Preparation

  1. Wash your tiger nuts very thoroughly till there is no more dirt. Remember that if you are using dry tiger nuts, make sure you soak them over the night to make supply to get the right juice from them. If your tiger nut is very dry, you will have to keep it in water for up to 2 days. To prevent fermentation, keep in the fridge
  2. Break your coconut and drain the water in a separate cup as you will need the water. Remove the shell from the coconut, cut them in tiny pieces and keep aside too
  3. Remove the date from the kernels and rinse. You can also cut them in pieces too for easy blending
  4. Put your tiger nut in a blender (ensure your blender is strong enough to blend your ingredients smoothly) and just a little bit of water enough to get your blades to move. After this, add your coconut, dates and coconut milk. For a bit of zing, you can add just a bit of ginger and sugar if you like to sweeten it but it is not necessary as the dates you added are natural sweeteners. You should not even want to alter the natural taste of the tiger nut drink as it is so extra. Cover the blender and power up.
  5. After blending, drain the milk using a new pantyhose or chiffon; this is to separate the chaff from the milk. To ensure you have gotten all the milk from the chaff, press the hose or chiffon (whatever you are using as a drainer).
  6. Pour the chaff into the blender, add water and blend again. Once you are done blending, repeat step 5.
  7. Repeat this again until you have gotten all the milk from the mixture. However, twice is enough as you the milk may become too watery and not sweet at all. You can get as much as 1 litre of Kunun Aya or even lesser or more, depending on how well you can squeeze out the milk from the chaff through the drainer.
  8. Pour your tiger nut milk into bottles and refrigerate. It is best to drink fresh in 3-4 days before it starts to lose its sweetness. You can freeze for longetivity. Drink this day and night for better results.

There you have it; your very own easy to make Kayan Mata with equally easy to find ingredients. Tiger nut (locally called ofio) can be found fresh in the market and it is best to buy from mallams. This recipe will cost you about 500-1000 naira or more depending on the quantity you want. Some of these mallams even hawk them in wheelbarrows, so you may find them without even going to the market. You may even be lucky to find dates with the same mallam as they are often sold together. I will advise you to buy dates from local sellers and not from malls as they are often packaged and I have found them to not taste the same at all like the ones sold by local merchants. Of course, coconut is can be found in the local market around you too.

Overall, Kayan Mata is a very safe natural aphrodisiac to use and it is NOT “jazz” or voodoo as a lot of people assume. The Hausas have been using them for so long and in fact, their husbands buy them for their wives too and some tribes add it as part of the bride price they give to their wives. However, our advise it to use at your discretion. If you are going to try something to boost your s*xual health, you can start with the Kunun Aya drink.

We should find time to make these natural aphrodisiacs sometime. Are you as interested in making these? Online or offline? Drop your comments below!


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    July 23, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    In as much as we understand that they are natural, alot of single women in other parts of the country have used it to tie down other people’s husbands… Them small girl big God people! Only those affected can tell!

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    July 23, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Nice read but I am a virgin, so I can’t really relate… Lol

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    But I didn’t feel that way for any other girl.
    Just her.

    She knew. And she kept trying to get me to be alone with her.

    It was the food she ate. Her perfume. And that smoky thing you described.

    She told after I said I won’t talk with her again.

    She was in love with me too, I guess.

    She was a hawker o. She sold fura de nunu

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    Ever since I came up north have been hearing of these “matas” even thought they were charms, thanks for the exposure.

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