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Amazing Morning Prayers for a Good Day

morning prayers to start the day

Morning Prayers for a Good Day – Let us start our mornings with great prayers. Shall we?

Morning Prayers are one of the most common prayers that people say every day before going out for their greener pasture. Many are so addicted to this act and it helps them a lot in their daily life. This is possible, because no one come close to God and will not find comfort at the end. We have prepared these messages for you to memorize and say every morning just like the memory verses or send to those you love as a means to remind them how important they are.

Great Morning Prayers for a Good day

1. Let me be contented by whatever comes my way. Help me overcome the challenges I face currently in my life; forgive me of my sins, protect me against all evils. Make me a blessing to humans so that they will reach you through my tongue. Lord, make me your obedient servant, through me, Lord, perform lots of miracles. Heal the wrong soul through your speech I speak to the people. Never let me go astray in life. I am begging you O Lord to bring unto me the blessing that has no limit. Make me a great impact to this life. Bless my life and give me the entire thing I desire in my heart. I am equally kneeling down before you today to seek your face and to feel the impact of your love in my life. Bless me with endless success and don’t make me suffer in this life and hereafter. Shade me on the Day when there will be no other shade but yours. Love me, accept me and make me feel happy any time in my life.

Special Morning Prayers for a Good day

2. I wake up this morning to bless the Lord. I praise Him so that He may guide my ways to the right path. Lord, I beseech you to cover me in your light. You are the only God that can stand for me in any situations because every other false God is nothing but empty threat. Protect me O Lord. Have mercy upon me and bless me with the power of your Light so that my life will shine forever. Give me a sense of responsibility so that I will be responsible to myself, family and the rest of man kinds. Let me be close to you so that you Hands become mine, your Eyes become mine; your voice could be called my own. Purify my heart to the extent that I will be so great before men and then be honored with you. Bless my entire life activities and take me to the promise land as I requested from you.

Spiritual Morning Prayers for a Good day

3. Lord, my eyes are full of tears because I need your help in my life. I cannot do anything without you because you are the Master of the universe, the living the one that will not experience death till eternity. You alone I direct my worship to this morning so that you may provide my daily need. So that I may be purer with you. You are the most precious Lord in the entire universe. Lord, do not let me face any challenge that will over shadow my strength. Have mercy upon me and bring endless joy into my world. You alone know what will before me tomorrow. Lord, protect me and never allow any evil one touch me. Bless my entire family members with your protection. Save us from the evil of this world and the evil eyes.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – For Fortress

4. Dear Lord, I know that there is no other fortress like you. This is the reason why I ran to you for rescue. Forgive my shortcomings that are hindering my blessing in life. Let my life be a castle of love, joy, peace and prosperity. Touch my heart; melt it to do good things. Let me be happy with people around me and protect me from the evil of my heart. Whatever pain that crosses my heart, erase it away for me. Don’t let me regret my existence. Guide my decisions in life until I reach the best part of joy in my life. You are the greatest and there is no one like you, a Unique Deity for human. The King that has no comparison. Lord, I am searching for your Face, please show it to me. I am not happy please make me happy once again. I am poor, make me rich. I am weak, make me strong. I am seeking for your help please make it available for me. Restore my health, bless me with abundance joy and let me experience happiness in my life till eternity.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Forgiveness

5. I have no power to do good for myself except whatever you achieve for me. I am pleased with the condition of my life because you stood by my side. I will always praise you until eternity. Lord, have mercy upon me. Bless my hustle and make me become a great joy in the world I come. You are the marvelous, the great and the wonder that will never stop been amazing. I am here before you so that you will open doors of honor and success for me. Please Lord, I beg you to forgive my shortcomings. Make my life be cool and good for me. You are the highest and the most reliable being who does not have comparison. Come to my rescue, bless my life and don’t make me feel bad in anything I undertake. Win my enemies for me.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – God’s blessings

6. Lord, you alone can direct my affairs this morning to the right condition. I come upon you to make everything easy for me. Bless my effort and never let me fail in anything I am doing. Guide my entire footsteps so that I will walk to the places of glory. Draw me close to you and help me to deliver my duty to the best today. Have mercy upon me and bless my hands to touch the best things in life. Do not turn my heart away from your guidance, don’t make me disbelieve after I have believed. Make everything easy for me to handle. Let my challenges become a stepping stone to greatness. Love me, accept me, and cover me with your garment of light. Shine upon me the brim of success, admit me into your paradise on the Day when there is no other comfort but yours alone. Do not disgrace me in the last Day. Protect my faith for.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Prevention from evil

7. Lord, turn our face away from the fire of Hell. Prevent our heart from the evil of the whisperings of the devil and his soldiers. Take control over our life and purify our souls so that we can stand firm in your religion. As we woke up this morning with ease, let all our affairs come with ease. Make us smile and never stop protecting us. You are the marvelous being, no one like you. You are so unique in your essence and no human or any creature knows the essence of your might. Please Lord; do not reveal our secret to anyone. Forgive us our sins until we are finally purified to stop them. Have your Face fixed upon us. Do not turn away from us when we need you most. Give us a reason to be happy forever.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Commitment

8. We are here before you stretching our hands for your favor in our life. We need you to bless our hustles and make us a great impact in this world for the rest of man kinds. You are the best, the most merciful. Shower us with lots of blessing. Protect us against a predicament we cannot identify and the one we are already into. Bless our living and let our face glow with your Light. Please help me, cure my heart dieses so that it will not bring shame to me. Clear me of every doubt and prevent my honor from being destroyed by my shortcomings. I am not that strong spiritually, I know and it is a fact. I am committing myself to you to take care of my living so that I will not always be tortured by myself reproach. Make this morning be an opportunity for me to excel in whatever I engage in. Make me smile in the end.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Reconciliation

9. Lord, I want to reconcile with you for I have been astray, far away from your blessing. I am dying in sin, willing to be fine once again. Lord, forgive me. Let me be approachable, give me the sense of good manners. Do not turn my happiness into sadness. Let me be pure in anything I am doing. Keep my secret, away from human and cure me of it before I am being exposed. I am highly sad in my heart because it seems I am becoming hypocritical in nature. This morning, I commit this nation to you; supply us with endless grace that will push our nation to a greater height. My nation is becoming worst, let their hearts be melted so that they will reconcile with you once again. You are aware of my flaw and fault, only you can help me wipe them away. Bless me with good attitude.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Rescue

10. Give me the privilege to be able to control what comes to my thought and what I say with my mouth. Do not let my hands do evil; do not let my legs walk to sinful places. Protect my heart and make it hard for evil spirit to penetrate. Win back my soul for me from the hands of the evil ones so that I will find rest of mind once again. Cure me of any weakness that brings fear into my heart. I am scared because I knew things my hands have pushed forward. You alone can cure dieses that does not have cure. Please, come to my rescue. Make this day blissful in my life. Let me find peace and joy around me so that the entire world will celebrate your holiness in me. If I am bad, make me better. If I am worst restore my senses. Let me identify the wrong from bad.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Mistakes

11. Whenever I a lost, confused or helpless, please give me the power to run to your presence. Do not let me forget you in anything I am doing. Take me away from the bondage of the evil acts that consumes me. I want you to purify me so that I will be more devoted to you. Remove arrogance from my heart. Remove fear from my heart. Bless me and put smile on my face. You are the rock that never breaks; you are the Master that never fails. You are the holy one that does not make mistake, please come and take care of my life. Come and guide me from the evil spirits that dwell in me troubling my life. I beg of you to install in my heart a spirit that will detest evil acts. Surround me with your angels to guide my thoughts any time any moment. Bless me with all that my heart desires. Forgive me and make me shine in this world and count me among your chosen servants. .

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Happiness

12. Bless my life, make me happy and make me happy always. Protect my children on their way to school, guide their learning and allow them understand whatever they are taught in school. Whoever I have offended let them resolve in their heart to forgive me. Grant me success this year so that I will always be happy and strong to worship you better. Replace my fear with courage, my sadness with happiness, my sickness with health. Crown me with your success in this world. Anywhere I go, make me excel in anything I am doing. Make my days be blessed with abundant love. You are the greatest, the only deity that can make the impossible possible. Please, revive my life once again. Make me outrank my competitors in anything I am doing.

Morning Prayers for a Good day – Achievement

13. Blessed be the name of the most wonderful God. He created me and provides my daily need. What a kind God? You have always been by my side when I need you most. I am so happy because you take care of me. I call upon you to bless me with whatever I demand from you. Let me be loved by your servants, embrace me with your light so that I will succeed in anything I am doing. Make the sunshine be my friend that will live with me all through the days of my life. If I go out for my daily need, let my mission be achievable. Make my heart be firm in your religion, let me be known for devotion for you.

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