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2019 Romantic New Year SMS Wishes and Messages

romantic new year sms wishes

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One of the most important show of love is sending romantic new year SMS wishes and carving passionate messages to that woman of your dreams. Sending your messages to her shows that you hold her fondly in your heart and she remains the best thing that ever happened to you.

Some ladies prefer their lovers display intense feeling of love through writing. This could be in the form of SMS or long wonderful messages.

When it is getting closer to that time of the year for the guys who would love to show what their women mean to them. Pick up that pen and begin to express how you feel by sending romantic new year sms wishes.

Who doesn’t want his woman to feel special and loved?

Who doesn’t want to let his woman know how means she means to him the last year? Definitely not me! Or is it you? You rather not say it is!

You need to be able to show the impact she has in your life, how she has affected you positively in the last year. She needs to understand that no matter what, she remains as relevant as ever in your life. Having the romantic new year sms wishes to express all these will put her in that comfort zone and look ahead to the new year with vigor and more lovely feelings.

Writing love messages have dated since way back into the 21st century. I have been opportune to witness gift exchange between my friends and their girlfriends and my heart is always filled with love when I see the girls open their mouths agape on reading the SMS and passionate messages from their men.

I am sure you know now that crafting beautiful SMS and messages will never go into extinction. It has always captivated people especially the ladies since time immemorial and it will always continue to.

For some guys though, writing the romantic new year sms wishes on their own could be a little bit tedious, the unavailability of enough time to craft important messages may, therefore, prevent a lot of guys from sending these romantic new year sms wishes to their loved ones. Not to worry ‘PaPi’ I have decided to take my time to craft these beautiful romantic new year sms wishes and long messages for your use.

By the time you are done going reading through the romantic new year sms wishes, you would thank me immensely for taking out time to carve out such beautiful romantic messages.

You know what you need to do on our romantic new year sms wishes?

Get your mobile phone, your pen, notebook and looking at the romantic new year sms wishes I would be sharing with you.

Wait a minute! Grab a chair, will you? You need to totally concentrate on these SMS and messages.


1 You have made me happy this last year, and I cannot wait to tell you that I promise to make you happy in the new year.

Thank you for bringing happiness into my life

2 The joy of you standing by me all through the years have been immeasurable. You have been a queen while I was kinging.

This new year will be our year of coronation. Happy new year Love


3 You said you will stand by me through it all, and yes, you stood by Me even when I deserved less of your love.

You have shown me kindness the last year and I promise to show you more than kindness in this new year.

This is my love SMS to you My Queen


4 The last year, we struggled with a lot of things, on so many fronts, still you stayed through to ‘US’. The next year is our year. The year where you and I will fulfill goals together.

I can’t wait to begin the journey with you Baby. Happy New year


5 Yes, they said you are bad, but did I believe? No! You demonstrated goodness and provided support. You are the best thing in my last year. I love you with everything. Let’s continue in this new year again!


6 Hey There, I heard you scream Happy New Year in my dream. I saw eagerness and anticipation, to be with me, to continue where we ended. This new year will be better than the last trust me. Just you and I in our little world Baby! Happy New year.


7 You are fresher than the lily of the valley, brighter than the early morning Sun. Your love radiates like the stars at night. You have shown me to be the God who is amongst love. Your love have been selfless. You are the true definition of altruism. Happy New year My Love


8 I thank you for your love the last year and I look at the new year with vigour. Me and You as one! Thank you for being a part of my new year


9 The last year was fraught with challenges, arguments, fights, but we did not allow it affect our love, rather it grew stronger. This shows how much you wanted us to walk on our differences and be better. Here we are today better than the last year, and the new year holds so much promises for us. Thanks for being a part of my new year.


10 Hey, Wait a minute. What are you doing? Sending a message tome already? Let me send this before you send yours so you can send this message to me. Happy New Year My Love! We will make this new year kind to us. United we stand, divided we fall. Please send this message back to me. I love you.


11 This last year, we had fun, you were simply amazing. This new year I can’t wait for more fun and togetherness.


12 What do you want to do? Step into the new year without Me? Hell No, we are stepping into it together. Hey wait, send this love SMS back with a word of prayer and then we will look forward to getting it answered together.

You are my New year Baby! Thank you for being a part of me!


13 Instead of asking for what we want individually, let us ask as one! Because God prefers the fellowship of two or more people, what better fellowship is that from the one of YOU and I. We will ask together this new year!


14 This new year will be our year of coronation. Me and You, to enviable heights. Happy New year


15 This new year,our foundations will not be shaken. This new year our hopes will not be dashed, This new year, our forever will never end, This new year our dreams will come true. This new year our love will wax stronger. This new year, our future will start forever!


16 I thought you were a mirage until you chose to step out of the mirror. I thought you were a dream until you chose to be my reality. I thought you were a farce until you showed me love. Now I am stuck with you and I am letting you go! This new year will a year of marvelous turnaround for me and you. I appreciate your love.


17  Why do you want to leave now when you can stay forever, Why will you love me now when you can love me forever, Why will you choose me now when you can choose me forever. This new year is the beginning of forever for both of us. I love you now and forever.


18 You cried, I wept. I was lost, you found me. You craved I longed, You whispered, I shouted. You wanted to shout, I told you to wait on the new year. We will shout our love together. You have been my rock and pillar, and you will continue to be that now and forever. You are my New year.


19 You tried walking into perseverance with me, but you walked into joy. You tried checking my  inadequacies for me but you found contentment. You tried looking at my past but you saw my future. The new year holds the fulfillment of our dreams and the continuation of our togetherness. Thank you for being my strength. Happy New year.


20. Remember at the beginning of last, I told you you will start my New year. You smiled and thought it was a joke. See where we are today! You are beginning my year with me, not just apart but together.


21 I will love to begin every year with you again and again because you are my year. Thank you for everything and more!


22 Join Me, as I whisper our love to all ends of the earth

Join me as I scream beyond the mountains of your impact in my life

Join me as I laugh in renewed energy drawn from the river of your love

Join Me as I step into the new year

Join Me as I love you endlessly

Join me today and forever


23 My new Year, my everything, My now, my forever. You mean the whole world to me. Who am I without you in this world. You are the sand I walk on, the air I breathe and the food I even eat! Yes I wanna eat you everyday for the rest of my life. You are the food to my soul!Happy new year baby


24 You gave me hope when my friends said hope was lost. You rekindled my fire when  it seemed extinguished. You showed me love when I had already given up on it. You brought me back up when I was down with disappointed. I love you for all of this Happy new Year


25 You showed me the meaning of true life when I Thought it was over and now, I just can’t wait to start the new year with you. Thank you for reading this romantic love SMS. I love you baby, My New year


26 My Woman, My everything. The forever in my now, The now in my present. The present in my future. I want to thank you for the last year and I want to thank you for the new year. I want to thank you for forever, because our forever has started already. Happy New year Love


27 Women like you are rare, diamond. Amazing, is the word for you because you have shown me your awesomeness through this last year. You showed me how to look forward to the new year, and now I am looking forward till my neck starts to strain. You have had such effect in my life. Happy New Year


28 Let love continue to be our guide and the foundation of oiur very existence. Let continue to provide the support needed for every life decisions. Let love continue to be our forte and the very essence of our tomorrow. Happy new year Baby


29 My princess in the highest of the castle. You deserve the very best and that’s why I will work hard to get you the very best. Thanks for being the pillar I can rest on. The new year holds so much promises darling. Let us gladly step into it


romantic new year sms wishes

31 Love Love Love. Our love will continue in the new year, just as it has in the past. Nothing will ever stand in our way. Nothing will take us away from that we love we have faithfully and diligently built together. Happy new Love to our Love this new year!


32 I guess I will continue to say ‘I love you’ even if gets boring to you. Wait a minute! Does it ever get boring? Please keep saying that to me this new year! It is like music to my soul!


33 This last year, I was terrible but now you have changed me totally . I care now, I forgive easily, I love more. I appreciate your love through this year. Happy New year baby


34 You loved me the way I am and I now I love you more than you need. You are my gift from God, forever and always. Let the new year bring more love upon us.


35 I thought I was lucky all my life; with the best education, family and job until I met you! You are the luck in my new year! This love SMS is just for you Baby.


36 This is my proclamation in the new year, to support the way I can, pray for you the way I should and spend quality time the way I would and spend the rest of my life having you with me. You are my romance this new year and forever.


37 This new year, My hands will hold you  more, my body will long for you more and my heart will cherish you in all its entirety because you hold a special place in my heart. When everyone says NO to you be sure of my YES, because you are my past, present and future!


38 This last year, I have only told you how I feel, this new year I promise to go out of my way to show you exactly what I have told you! Happy new year Love


39 I will never forget that look in your eyes when you said Yes you will love me. Thanks for bringing up the romance in my life. My love will remain with you forever.


40 These three words are my words for you in the new year

I feel so contented and happy around you

Love is the drug you have given me

You are more than everything to me

Than join the first word of the sentences Baby. That’s it!


41 Love is a reflex action, and you have shown unconsciously what love is to me. You are a natural lover baby and you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I do not expect you to give me everything this new year. All I want is for you to see and feel how much I love and adore you.

When I knew and understood love, I knew and loved you, and you mean everything to me, now I am in love with everything.

My romantic wish this new year is to tell you how I feel about you and our love, to illustrated my happiness and


42 When I have course to remember our romantic moments, I smile and I send my wishes to you to continue to love me the way you do.

Your love is like a path to my soul, your voice is like the rhythm of the best sounds, you are the romance in my life. My wish is that we continue this way forever.


42 In the new year, let your romantic love SMS fill my inbox, let your love messages cloud my timelines because you are the way into my heart, and my new year

You have given me no other reason to share romantic thoughts of someone else because you have given me all I ever need. You are my new year.


43 My love, My hands will support you when you are sick, My eyes will look beyond your beauty into your soul, My heart will forever be in love with you. I will stay with you in the new year and forever.


44. I am sending this romantic new year SMS just to see her fall in love with me over again


45 Let this SMS be the one thing that will make you smile throughout the new year, as I have promised to bring romance into our lives and smiles to your face.

May the new year shower us with more love, more romantic feelings and more reason live with love


46 Words might be so significant to some people in love, but for us, romance is the language we speak. You are my romance this new year


47 If I ever wish for anything, it’s the wish for you to mine; invaluable and astonishing this romantic new year


48 You think my heart is blank and empty? Hell No, It is filled with a lot of romantic thoughts for the new year, a year for both of us


49 Touch my heart, can you feel the pounding of it? Look in my eyes, can you see the staring of it? My heart is pure and my eyes is clear for your love.

In any of the times this new year; happiness and sadness, joy and disillusionment,  just remember that my love remains unwavering


50 This romantic new year is very special to me, you know why? Because you are one magical woman who makes me happy, and lucky. Thanks for being a part of my life.


51 You are my sweet source of life, my soul mate. My future is you.


52 You made me know what love and happiness is and because of this I love and cherish you. This year will be filled with lots of romance because you are my New year


53 The new year without you and our romantic love will be like a new wine without sweetness! You are my New Year baby


54 Life without you will just be meaningless; like a tree in the desert, void of fruits and leaves. Meaningless and hopeless


55 Love is the most amazing thing on planet earth, without it, there is nothing. I don’t want to lose you my love and that’s why I promise to make this new year as romantic as ever.


56 Hey baby, remember love is a gift from God and you are love, which means you are my gift from God. Thank you for being special


57 Last year, you said you would love me forever and more, this new year don’t say that, just tell me you will be romantic with our love and we will climb into the sky together


58 With our love, I don’t need to speak, I only need to stare deep down into your heart and feel the beat. Fast is enough to fire up our romance. Thank you for being a part of my life.


59 My love for you will never grow old, because you are the Me in Me. Your life is a testimony of God’s love to me.


romantic new year sms wishes


61 Your love shines bright like the sun, it keep me so much alive and I wish it will continue to shine forever


62 You made my dream come true the day I met you and I wish you will be with me forever


63 I wish that your love continues to grow for me this new year, so that whenever we are apart, it is my name that resonates in your head.


64 I don’t want to have to close my eyes, my wish is to always see you with my eyes wide open, wide like an owl. I do not ever want to miss you this new year.


65 Just want to let you know this new year that we are made for each other, and I wish to bring you home to my parents.


66 You have been my life and light in the past year, and this new year I wish to take you to the heights of romantic heaven to show you how much you mean to me.


67 I wish to start my new year with you


68 You + me in this new year will turn to joy unlimited forever


69Tell me your wish and let us juggle it with my wish so we can plan it together this new year and forever


70 Every day with you in the last year was a day awesomely spent, and I wish to continue with you that way in the new year. Let us bring our romance to be one forever


71 I will always want to see you throughout the new year because you have kept my heart safe from all tribulations and travails


72 I love you so much and I wish that you love me as passionately as I do this new year. You have been a special blessing to me.


73 Whenever you are with me, the world indeed revolves around us and that is why I wish it continues that way into the new year. You are my wish and dream come true.


74 You have showed me in the last year that life can never have been better with us both. Now I see what I have achieved alone and also together with you, and I wish that our love continues to wax stronger so that we can achieve more together.


75. Go on, have fun, tell God your wishes, as I have told him mine that my love for you should be in triple-folds this new year




76 I look at you and I realize what you have done to us. How you have increased the fire of our romance, and I can’t but pray that God continues to keep you for me forever and a day more.

You need to read my Apology Quotes to get your woman back

77 Sometimes I really  wish to hate that I love you, but the fire in our romance will not allow me, so I will continue to pray and hope that it continues that way  in this new year


78 As you look at the awesome things god has done this new year, take a step back and appreciate our togetherness all through the last year, and I love how romantic you have been and how you have shown be how important love and loving. I love you forever sweetheart.


79 My romantic love will not end anytime soon, so fight all you can, I will still love you with all my might because you are that special one for my life

romantic new year sms wishes

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