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Black Friday 2017 – GearBest is Your Best Bet

gearbest best bet

Remember when they said the internet would take over the world? Well, that time has come!

Have you ever thought of getting quality products at a giveaway price, enough value for your money without the hassles of the market, scorching sun and the computer village woes?  Have you ever wanted to change your phone but get scared at the exorbitant prices in the market?  Have you ever wanted to get your money’s worth at a cheaper rate? If your answer to these is YES, then watch this space, for good things are coming your way from the stables of Gearbest.

From the comfort or your house, you can now own a range of mobile smart phones, gadgets and home appliances, get them delivered to your doorstep, courtesy of Gearbest.

Gearbest is not a new name to the technology world, it is a pacesetter and the popular China based one-stop shop for all lovers of good things. It boasts of a 360 day free repair warranty, 45 day money back policy and an amazing shopping experience coupled with an un-matchable customer care service. To Gearbest, the customer is king and the transaction is not deemed complete until the customer is satisfied.

Need I say more? It’s good name heralds it.

They offer a wide range of services, from gadgets ranging from the basic home appliances like the Bluetooth enabled bedside lamp, 3D printers, smart watches, sports equipment and a host of other accessories, including clothes for both men and women.

They boast of a well protected and secure site suitable for online shopping and protected by McAfee Secure from Symantec verified on a daily basis, so you are assured of confidentiality and protection on the net while shopping -learn more by checking their Secure shopping page.

Affordable products with some as low as $1 and shipped to wherever you are in the world, it is worthy to note here however, that the prices of gadgets available on the online store do not include import taxes and duties in the event that your purchase Is Infact taxable subject to the laws of your country, the customer shall then bear such charges .

Are you from Africa or anywhere in the world finding it difficult to purchase things online? Then, search no further, because we’ve got you covered. Buying from Gearbest is an added advantage to countries in Africa as your shipment gets delivered to you subject to a flexible range of payment methods including paying in your local currency, Naira for example. Flexibility at your doorstep. Convenient, right?

What did the elders say about saving the best for last?  I’m about to blow your mind with an amazing offer from Gearbest, to appreciate their esteemed customers.

The month of November is the popular month of flash sales and Black Friday sales and Gearbest is not left out. They’re offering to their teeming site visitors amazing price slashes from the period of 14th – 17th of November 2017. Basically, what this means in plain English is that you’ll be getting your favorite gadgets and appliances at a way reduced price, the Xiaomi Mi 6 G smartphone for instance would be on sale at a whooping 25% off and in the same vein, several other devices going as much as 23%, 22%, 17% and 16% off depending on the customer’s choice. Did I hear you say Christmas came a tad early? Hell yeah!

On a review held some time ago, here’s what some satisfied customers had to say about Gearbest:

“I really did not expect that much. I live in Brazil and like more than a year in this store, I still have not had any negative point. I believe it to be one of the best import shops in the world. Ease of shopping as well as support. I fully advise.”

“I really liked this store. Good quality goods and low prices. A very good discount system “GB points”, which allows you to reduce the price by another 30%. A large selection of delivery options, which allows you to choose the time of delivery: faster and more expensive or slower and cheaper. I bought LED lamps and some PCBs. All perfectly.”

“I found out about the Gearbest store from friends. I decided to order. I’ve been looking for a tablet for a fair price for a long time. I found it here at a very good price. It turned out that to make an order and pay was very simple! I also received a discount code! Order was delivered by my chosen way very quickly at home! Now I always do shopping on Gearbest! I recommend all to Gearbest !!”

Like I said earlier, it’s good name precedes it and a good name is something that cannot be hidden.

Gearbest is the best website for shopping, very easy to carry out and pay for your order, it arrive fast and in perfect condition on a maximum of three days shipping. It has the best support, fast and practical solutions. It is, indeed the best international shopping site with Excellent after sales. The advertisements do what they promise and they offer Products of the highest quality.

To its Nigerian clientele, it presents an amazing black Friday slash in prices from the period of 14th -17th November 2017. During this time, the customers are offered opportunities to shop for their dream phones at dirt cheap prices. The devices on Gearbest.com are topnotch with an inability fast charge system and long lasting battery, it deal with fluctuating power situation currently. This is the best recession deal ever.

Do I hear you say Amen?

At Gearbest, customer focus is key and they are always committed and highly dedicated to fulfilling your needs with the best possible service. It is no wonder Gearbest is loved across the nations and seven season. We strive to make sure customers feel that way too.

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