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All the Happy New Month of December Messages, Wishes You Need

Happy New Month of December Messages

Happy New Month of December Messages – The Yuletide season is here. Hurray! I am wishing you a happy new month to you and your family.

Happy new month of December messages of prayers

1. God will bless your home and surprise you this new month. You will find favour in all that you do. You will rise up to fulfill all that you have planned for yourself. God will put a stamp of authority in your decisions. Happy new month to you.

2. From the throes of darkness, you will find the light of God. From all the elements of sadness you will find joy. When you expect the goodness of God, you will get it. Your stars will shine in reflection of God’s wonders. Happy new month dear, be blissful.

3. Just as we have moved towards the last month of the year. All the prayers that have not been answered in your life will be answered. Every eye of darkness that Satan and his accomplices have placed on will be destroyed by the power of the almighty God. You will back in the sunshine God created for you. It is your glory call time. Happy new month to you.

Happy new month of December messages and wishes

4. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the blessings of the almighty father abide with you in this new month and forever. Amen.

5. This new month will become a blessed month for you. You will never have an reason to despair or bite your fingers in regret. The power of God wll rest in you to achieve all you intend to achieve this new month of December. God with grace!

6. In this month of December, bad things will never happen to you. In this month of December, the enemies will never find their ways near you. You will filled with so much amazing surprises by the grace of God. God will establish you in this new month going into the new year. Happy new month to you.

7. You will begin to process situations that will lead to amazing moments in your life. This is my prayer for you in this new month. The Lord will equip you with all the powers you need to become better in all ramifications. Happy new month to you.

8. In this new month, good moments will be yours. In this new month great moments will never pass you by. You will encounter goodwill from people, near and far. The light of God will continually shine in your life. Have a happy new month.

9. Everything good in this life will be your portion. God will surprise you left, front, back, right and centre in this new month. Receive your blessings. It is well with you this December. Happy new month to you.

10. When other crawl, you will walk. Where other walk you will run. Where others run you will fly. You will become established on everything you do this new month. God will never leave you at all, he will meet you at every point of your needs. Believe in him and you will be blessed. Happy new month to you.

11. When you have faith in the King of Glory, every other thing becomes easy for you. When you give praises to him all the time, he will meet you at the point of your needs. May you be richly blessed in this new month. May God’s light shine down on you. Have a blast. Happy new month to you.



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