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How to Plan for a Successful Relationship

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Relationships are a big part of our life. It all comes down to relationships. Even when we want to get a job is easier to get it if you have a relationship with someone who works there. By relationship, I don’t specifically refer to lovers; I refer to any relationship.

From the moment we are born, we came with a hand full of relationships: parents, sisters/brothers, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and even grandparents and some of us even nephews. Of course, all these relationships regard our family. But in time, we will develop a different type of relationship with each member of the family.

As we grow, we will have lots of interpersonal relationships, friends, and at some point, we reach the type of relationships that will consume us the most: love relationships. Even though some relationships are extremely important, like the one with a person you deeply love, somehow the relationship isn’t successful.

But how can one have a successful relationship?  What do you need to plan a successful relationship? Well, there are several keys to having a successful relationship, despite its nature. Today, we will discover these keys together as they are all you need for planning and having a successful relationship.

Keep Your Independence

Most of the time, when it comes to closer relationships like the ones we have with our family, lovers, and one or two friends, we tend to lose our independence. When we lose our independence, we lose ourselves.

You see, when you depend on someone, you can’t be truly yourself as you need someone to feel complete or happy. A relationship is successful when both persons are feeling complete with themselves and don’t need anyone else to feel happy.

Only this way they could truly enjoy their life and their relationship. Otherwise, your life will be sad or not worth living without that person in it. And all you’ll keep thinking about the next time you will meet that person.

Trust and Respect

Let me ask you: how can a relationship truly be successful when you constantly doubt yourself and the other person? Two persons will never get along when there is a lack of trust.

But more important, why would you want to have a relationship with a person which you don’t trust in the first place? Trust is primordially for any successful relationship.

As well, respect has the same importance. If you are not respected, you won’t feel god in that relationship. And if you don’t respect the other person you will always feel like you’re wasting your time. Therefore, how can a relationship be successful without trust and respect?

Open Communication

Open lines of communication mean feeling comfortable to share most if not all your thoughts and emotions with someone. Knowing that the person you’re in a relationship won’t judge you by the way you think and feel is the only thing that will keep the lines of communication open.

Once they’re open is important to stay this way. Otherwise, the lack of communication and the feeling that you can’t share all your thoughts with a person will make that relationship slowly fade away.

Help Each Other Grow

There’s one thing I know for sure about the life we come here on the Earth to live. And that is why we have to grow and constantly seek to evolve. Becoming a better version of ourselves is the greatest thing we can do that we know for sure it will help us no matter what.

Therefore, helping your partner grow and become a better version of himself is the best thing you can do. Just make sure that neither of you mistaken your intentions with your desire to change that person.

If you don’t help each other grow, by simple logic, the two of you will either stagnate or become a decreased version of yourselves. And this not how a successful relationship looks like.

Success is about the benefits that come thanks to your relationship.

Become Best Friends

Sometimes, not even your best friends are truly your best friends. To be a best friend means to deeply care so much of a person that you are willing to do anything for that person without feeling obliged to do it.

A best friend is about genuinely seeking to see you grow, evolve, and live up to your potential. He will always care about you, regardless of the mistakes you make.

Therefore, no matter what kind of relationship you have. To thrive and be genuinely successful, that person has to be your best friend, and you will have to be his best friend.


We, as humans, are social beings. Therefore, we depend on having good, successful relationships, especially when it comes to love. Above, are five main aspects that determinate whether your relationship will be successful or not.

Only by following them you will be able to plan and have a successful relationship, regardless of its nature. Remember that having your own life and being independent is the one thing that makes a relationship successful in the first place. Therefore it’s important to start from this point.

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