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He looked up to the clock, “what is she doing here by this time?” he mused to himself and hurriedly went to satisfy his curiosity.

She looks different even under the little light reflection from his room, his eyes popped out like a 7 year old boy that got a peck from his older crush, as he looked at her from head to toe. She looks all shape out; all out curvy hips; well packed, pushed up breast; tempting red laced lips and a face with that of an angel stood right in front of him.

He looked at her with all attention he could gardner to avoid missing a little detail like he was preparing for his final examination in medical school. She was pleased she has succeeded in the first phase of her mission by getting his eyes ravaging all over her tempting body.

“Good evening dear” he muttered trying to control his wandering mind. “Am I not invited? Or why the funny expression on your face” she said as she whisked pass him to enter the room.

He tried to refrain her but his wandering mind got the best of his grip as she ‘deliciously’ catwalked in whilst he randily watch her sway her curvy hips. “Damn! Am I seeing a ghost or the devil in Tayo’s skin?” he thought to his rational mind.

She did herself some comfort while he stood at the door still lost in his state of confusion. “Won’t you close the door and be a gentleman?” she said to bring him back to the world of mortals.

“Good to see you dear, though wasn’t expecting to see you” he said as he took a close sitting position. She could notice his eyes ravaging and devouring her pushed up breast and she could hear him swallow his saliva even though he thought it was quiet.

“Just felt like giving you a surprise visit, and I don’t think its a bad idea, is it?”. “Not at all, you are always welcome” he manage to mutter as he couldn’t control his lustful mind with what’s right in front of him. But he is as confused as a man tempted by his fiancée’s sister on the wedding eve; then he decided to take it slow and watch event unwrap itself…

After a while of silence, her phone rang. “Hello Ma” she said as she answered the call. The call gave him time to go get her a glass of water and time to figure out his mind going haywire.

He came back with a cup of water and now he looks more composed and organised than he was when he saw her. “I told mumcy I will be staying over at Dara’s place” she said as she dropped her phone into her bag. Now the picture began to get clearer to him. “So, she wants to spend the night here” he said to himself.

“That invariably means you will spend the night here with me or you are still going to Dara’s house as you told them at home?” he said in a funny tone to avoid guessing.

“Only if you don’t want me here, then I will have to” she responded. “Why won’t I want you to stay, its our house, you know”.

He offered to serve her a dish of rice and fish sauce with many encouragements to support the mission and she had a good time diminishing the mountain. “I don’t know you cook this good” she said after the meal.

His next move sealed her heart desire and plans.

“Good morning dear” he whispered into her ears as he brought her a cup of warm coffee. She couldn’t believe it was morning, she opened her eyes slowly and saw him smiling sheepishly at her with all the charm in his heart. Immediately the thought of honeymoon gulped her mind but she won’t want to play the desperate girl at the altar of whatever it might be.

“What’s the time?” she replied, “Its past 8am and I can’t stop watching an angel sleep so gently and peacefully” he said. She gave out an smirk innocent smile. Then he went on his knee, “Tayo, will you marry me?”.

She was shocked and air-starved, it sounded like Merlin acting magic right in front of her, she felt her blood raise over its limit whilst she felt a bit dizzy. “Was he reading my mind?” she thought within a semi-second.

Yes, baby!!! Yes!!!” as she jumped off the bed to kiss him passionately with all the excitement in the world. “I love you dear” he said. “I love you endlessly baby” she responded. “I can’t wait to show this to my friends and mumcy” she said as he slipped the ring down her finger.

To be continued…

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