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I remember when I first started dating, I didn’t know what dating really was.

I was just doing it as something fun since everyone else is doing it. It was more of the name than what the name entails, so the abuse of ‘dating’  was inevitable.

I started having multiple partners when I started dating, till I fell in love and I had a taste of my own medicine, it was really bitter. I got a better understanding of what it means to choose one partner and stick to him/her.

It is integrity that would make you stick to one partner. Double dating is wrong, it is juggling between two people, you automatically become a juggler.

How does having an option works for you, when the relationship is to tend towards something serious or marriage.

How do you intend to live that life?

You become a convicted liar to be able to keep up the lies. You can’t want a serious relationship and yet keep options of relationships.

You can’t be fake and want something real, it doesn’t work that way, even when you might probably think you are winning now, it will never end well.

Someone else’s heart is involved here. It is better to weigh your vitals, pick your choice and let the other person go.

It could be dicey at times, you might have never set out to be in a multiple relationship or sort but you have got to set yourself out.T

Take out your time to weigh the opportunity, pros and cons and decide who is who. I have few reasons why it is not advisable to double date or be a juggler.

1. It rubs off on you.

No matter how good a person you are, the moment you start juggling between two or more people at once, your integrity becomes questionable.

2. You might lose out at both ends.

You might think you are playing them, where as they already know and decide to play alone too or your case might be that of a person chasing two rats at once, then you get dumped too! Who loses? you or them?

3. You might lose the ability to be trusted.

If eventually you get married to one and he/she got to know he/she was just one of the options you have, he/she might find it difficult to trust you.

4. You become a convicted liar.

It is better to take time off a relationship to truly analyse if everything is worth it or not, if you can’t trust your partner, what’s the essence of continuing on such journey?

It won’t be worth it at the end.

Retrace your steps if you are a juggler already, you wouldn’t want a taste of your medicine.


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    Queen b
    December 1, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Nice one…weldone

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