Top 8 Relationship Blogs In Nigeria

Top relationship blogs in Nigeria

Top relationship blogs in Nigeria. As the most populous black nation on the surface of the earth, Nigerians in a relationship are plagued with one relationship issue or the other and that brings us to the list of top relationship blogs in Nigeria to help those who their relationship is at the breaking point but do not have the kind of money to employ the services of a relationship counsellor find solution(s) to their various problems.

One can clearly and boldly say that We have diverse of problems here in a country such as Nigeria.

One of the discovered reasons why we have a lot of broken homes in Nigeria is unsurprising of ignorance towards the importance tied to dating before marriage. And for this reason, there is a need to shed a light to this subject of relationship tediously.

And we are presenting to you, the best BLOG in Nigeria that Handles every affairs of a relationship.

Do you know that 90% of Nigerians have Relationship problems, infact the types that could even cause hypertension? Yes really!

And to tell you the truth, Heart break is no longer the best word to describe this.

It’s almost impossible to see anyone boast of having a perfect marriage or Relationship. Problems are a constant factor, But it’s seldom known. No Relationship exist without a problem! No marriage exist without a problem.

But your dealings with these problems could make it look less like you actually find no fault in your relationship. But how many of you can actually stand foot on the ground to perfectly deal with Relationship problems that comes your way? which I will rather describe as inevitable, whether in Marriage or outside marriage, whether Youths or adults. As a matter of fact, they impose more problems in the relationship why trying to settle one. For example, We have problems like Poor communication, Sex and intimacy, Trust/lies, Long distance issues, Child bearing/raising… Infact the list is endless.

This is why the need for a good Nigerian Relationship expert & a blog that speaks about all the ups and down of a relationship is highly a most and a precedence

And today, we share with you:  here is the Top relationship blog in Nigeria to visit now.

 Without further ado, below is the list of top relationship blogs in Nigeria;


This blog like every other relationship blogs that will be reviewed in this article does not write on relationships alone, it also encompasses a documentary about life’s journey and photography. The platform was borne on January 2016 out of the owner’s strong conviction to follow his passion in the form of photography instead of a white-collar 9-5 job where his potential was underutilized and underappreciated.

The brain behind this wonderful blog is none other than Adetola who is fondly referred to as DeeDee by friends and close associates, his many experiences when it comes to matters of the heart, challenges and several misinformed decisions as a teeming youth compelled him and made him fit to anchor this type of all-encompassing platform, his sole aim is to through his many experiences help people passing through same learn from him in order to make informed decisions.

He is a drop-dead romantic whose belief is deeply rooted in the concept of love being the greatest gift bestowed unto mankind. As someone who believes learning never ends, the unrelenting blog owner aims to someday be a curator, a preacher and an influencer who leads a cause and motivate people who went through thick and thin to get to the island of comfort with the sole aim to teach, inspire and make people believe in love all over again and all that it has to offer without minding the cost.

All of these he aims to do by putting his camera to use in a bid to document and tell unique stories of love, people and places via visuals. Achieving all these does not come easy but the unique story teller seems to already have a plan as to how he will get all of these done effectively to achieve his desired end result and according to him constantly talking about love, giving counsels, being consistent in his writings and surrounding himself with people who appreciate love will fast track the achievement of his goals and by so doing, he will give a voice to the voiceless through documentary photography and what he refers to as “slum blogging”.

2. Joro Olumofin

If you have been an ardent follower of blogs especially relationship blogs in Nigeria, you might have come across the name Joro Olumofin on Instagram, if yes, you already have an insight to who I am writing about but if not, let me help you with a little intro.

Joro’s type of blog is unconventional as he doesn’t make use of the popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and the likes to create his own platform, instead, he prefers to reach his audience(s) through the use of one of the top social media platforms i.e. Instagram.

This well-versed relationship blogger and psychologist is widely referred to as the 21st-century love doctor and the kind of presence he has built for himself on social media is massive and commendable. This achievement can be attributed to his interactive approach of thrashing controversial topics on his chosen platform. The love doctor who claims to receive about 800 emails of his readers asking for one relationship advice or the other on a weekly basis is sure a listening ear as his goal of starting this whole brand in the first place is to help Nigerians in the diaspora with their daily love struggles.

Joro, who attended the University of Lagos bagged himself a Bsc and Msc award in Psychology before forging ahead academically to earn a Ph.D degree. His Instagram followers are currently close to 300,000.

Being a “love doctor” for the brain behind one of Nigeria’s top relationship blog is all about sharing real-life experiences, proffering possible solutions to relationship issues, bringing people in strained courtships and creating a conducive atmosphere for strangers to meet, become friends and possibly develop love interests.

Helping people with general life issues had always been what Joro’s brand is all about, he aims to help people rebuild their relationships to a better one, make people believe in true love again as there are lots of people suffering emotionally with no one to lend them a listening ear. This is where Joro’s brand comes in as a much-needed therapy in the form of a listening ear, shoulder to cry on and a link to possible solutions. The whole idea of the blog became a reality when Joro took the bold step of taking it upon himself to write and talk about issues people were scared to address.

Treating controversial topics on a daily basis attracted a lot of attention to the brand and most of this attention are from people trying to castigate Joro for publicly addressing topics considered to be sensitive. Topics like why women should keep fit and eradicate belling fat to keep their husband’s attention, men giving out their atm cards to their better halves, side chicks taking over marriages etc. are some of the reasons why people got furious with the “Love  Doktor” ab initio but as time went on, the stories became relatable and the audience who had been stoning the messiah came out to share their own experiences and the platform could not have been better.

According to Joro Olumofin, the most interesting and unforgettable story that has ever been shared on his platform was that of a lady who got fed up with being single that she planned her own wedding without having a boyfriend, talk less of a groom. From reviews, Joro’s platform is on a league of its own as its reach has a wider coverage of youths who hardly take the time to read newspaper articles that might put them through relationship strives but they make out time to be on the social media. Joro is sure worth a spot on this list.

3. ElsieisyDotCom

Elsieisy blog is definitive about its contents and it focuses on discussions about literature, relationship, Lifetsyle and other opinions. The blog keyed into the fact that every day our society is growing into one where self-motivation is never enough and there is need for deep conversations in shaping our decisions and thereby shaping who we are and the increasing demand for contents that does not only entertain but also seeks to enlighten, inform and shape people led to the birth of this particular blog.

The platform as a blogazine ranks well among the leading and most topical blogs in Nigeria. With consistency and hard work, the blog has been pushed to the fore front in the Nigerian blogosphere and it sure stands out with its inspiring, engaging and wholesome contents.

The blog had since forged ahead to garner lots of attention and it is highly reputed as a lifestyle information source for both men and women which stories touching important aspects of human life like career, marriage, relationship, motherhood, sex, health, fashion, style, literature, current national affairs etc.  Guest content/post from prominent writers and personalities in the areas covered on the blog are also welcomed on the blog.

ELSiEiSY’s ability to fully satisfy her readers’ hunger for engaging contents that are an interesting read for anyone has earned her loads of positive feedback from its teeming base of readers. The blog is not only recognized in Nigeria, but its recognition also goes far beyond the borders of Nigeria and churning out contents over contents laced with originality as endeared it to readers from all over the world. It is a platform which allows a better living by networking through sharing opinions to help solve some heart deep problems.

The brain behind the creation of the blog has always been known to be Elsie Godwin and as highlighted earlier, she started late in 2013 but got serious around early 2014. She got all caught up in the information world as she had her training as a newscaster and programs researcher at Rose Radio. She went on from there to host and produce her own radio show tagged “Crux of the Matter on Happenings Radio” which was borne out of her innate desire to discuss pressing issues in a conservative manner.

While still running her own radio show, she joined a co-presenter Itunuoluwa Oladehinde Ariyo as a co-host on “HeartMatters” on the Lagos Traffic Radio. The new program she started working on is aimed at people of marriageable age, single parents and married couples. The program is an uncensored one that tackles real-life crisis and challenges being faced in courtships, dates, marriages and other non-platonic relationships. Godwin took a big leap in 2017 by upgrading her show to a television show and it fully flagged off in April, that same year.

4. GlowVilleDotNet

Glowville is that blog that can be easily referred to as the total package for an average Nigerian young individual dating, in a relationship or married.

This blog unlike the others that seek to find solution to relationship problems, they believe discussing about relationships should not only be about the times when things are not going smoothly, exploring the fun and dynamics is more like their forte at GlowVille. As it is with the world that you can not only have happy moments, you will surely get your own fair of sadness too, this reality is what made the authors at Glowville incorporate the relationship problem-solving articles in their relationship column.

The blog is not all about relationships alone, they highlight other aspects like marriage, weddings, parenting and other human interest areas as well. is targeted at the young and vibrant, generally at people in their youthful years with the sole aim of impacting their lives positively and making them appreciate the life they have now instead of comparing it with that of others who are doing better than they currently are. Their mission is to help every Nigerian youth scout, find, maintain and sustain good romantic relationships and every other forms relationship between humans might take while their vision is to through the blog reduce or finally eradicate the idea of break ups and divorce in Nigeria as a whole.

In essence, GlowVille is all about helping people see the light and clearly comprehend how dynamic life is and how the dynamism can be utilized and enjoyed to the fullest.

5. Loversify

The owner of this ever blooming relationship blog is Olalekan Adebumiti and he has been a motivator and counsellor all his life and his dream is to wake up someday and have his name listed among that of the men who have impacted the world positively and changed it for the better.

Olalekan believes starting up Loversify and getting to where he is today has always been about God’s backings and his decision to embrace his passion earlier enough. See relationships and marriages flourish endlessly, people expressing themselves fluently verbally and an environment of limitless love and possibilities are all part of the things that gladden this author’s heart.

His prayer is for God to take away all the hurts and sufferings in this world. The brain behind Loversify’s sudden realization of the alarming rate of breakups and divorces around him let to the birth of the relationship platform which is a community of compassion set out to help all and sundry. Here, his concept of self-help is redefined as getting help is quite easy with the availability of a team that is ready to tend to your emotional needs and ensure you are equipped with all it takes to sail smoothly through life’s journey.

As a kid who grew up in a polygamous family of five wives and several children, he experienced firsthand what it is like to be wholeheartedly loved and the strain a tint of hatred on a rosy relationship can cause. Coming up with the idea of a community like this was genuinely borne out of the desire to help in the best possible way with practical teachings of successful relationships in a bid to pump up the figures of successful relationships in the world while having only a few broken ones.

6. PulseNG relationships is one of Nigeria’s top news website and it encompasses columns like news (which covers local, political, business and tech worlds), gist (which covers the pop culture and metro), entertainment (which centers around movies, music and celebrity lifestyle), lifestyle (which covers latest happenings in the fashion world, beauty and health tips, relationships and weddings, travel/arts/culture, money, events, all about men and women’s health), sport  (which covers football, boxing and every other sporting activities), communities (which focuses on students, religion and bloggers) and business insider that solely deals with finance.

Pulse is a big name and a force to reckon within the industry. Their hunger to maintain an international standard makes the authors at Pulse put in their very best in every column they are writing for and relationship and weddings are not left out.

A glance through the relationship column will make you fall in love without even reading any of the posts, the arrangement of posts and user interface is top-notch, save for that, the relationship topics being treated on a daily basis are happenings people close to us are going through making it a real experience we can relate to.

7. Talk2Bella

This blog came into being less than a year ago and it all started on a Nigerian forum.

There is another perspective to blogging for the owners and admin of Talk2Bella as they are all about persuading people with problems ranging from loneliness, domestic abuse, loneliness and most especially relationship issues. For them, it is all about solving relationship rancour, giving guidance and making sure people who feel underappreciated and used in their current romantic relationship leave the ship without wasting any more time all in the name of “what people will say”.

Tips on how to maintain a sane climate with the man/woman you are in a relationship with, assess your relationship and decide for yourself whether moving on or staying behind is the right step for you are not left out. The owner of this blog is a beautiful lady who resides in Lagos, Nigeria and is experienced when it comes to matters of the heart.

She is a lover of books, cringy movies, raising funds for charity and engaging in whatever stuffs that leads to self-discovery. Her writings and vlogs have since time immemorial centred around the matters of the heart and how to resolve issues relating to couples in an amicable way to have a win-win situation. Though Bella is still pretty much young in the game, she had through her writings and the way she professionally handles love related issues won the heart of many and her readership base keeps growing on a daily basis. There is nothing much to pen down about this Nigerian relationship and lifestyle blogger as she prefers to keep her profile anonymous save for a picture of her on the blog. Despite this, people with one relationship issue or the other can always air their minds by writing to the admins via email. BBM, WhatsApp and the blog’s comment section to have their problems shared on the platform and have people with different views and personal experiences bare it all on the best way they thing the problem can be successfully managed.

8. NaijaLovin’

This is the last but not the least on today’s list, this blog does only two things better than the rest and that is giving relationship advice and trying to connect Nigerian singles scattered all over the world.

This platform, unlike the others, requires you to sign up with your personal details before you can have full access to every corner of the blog, this unique blog was founder in November 2015 and it is aimed at catering for the emotional needs of everyone that qualifies as a Nigerian either by birth or naturalization anywhere they are in the world as it is a commonly held belief that Nigerians are in every country of the world.

In essence, what Naijalovin does is to serve as an intermediary and a channel for Nigerians in the diaspora to meet potential partners simply by registering as a user and surfing through the profile of already registered members to checkout one who fits your dream man/woman. There are thousands of users already registered and the number continues growing on a daily basis, as people who value and respect the marriage institution, reports of couples meeting on the platform and finally walking down the aisle is one of the positive feedback that keeps the blog waxing stronger as the day goes by.

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