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Online Dating Profile Tips For Beginners

Online Dating Profile Tips

In 2019, online dating is a very common thing. For example, Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps, had some 57 mln users in 2018!. As more and more people are looking for a life partner online, competition among potential candidates is getting increasingly tough. Therefore, having a unique profile on a dating site is an absolute must for anyone wishing to tie the knot these days.

A boring dating profile will most likely attract no attention from prospective matches. To create an impression of a sensitive, kind and smart person, you’ll need to describe precisely what your interests and character traits are. There are lots of single people out there looking for long-term relationships. If you want to get in touch with them, you should avoid generalities and be very specific.

Put yourself in your potential match’s shoes. How will he or she know that you are the one they are looking for? The answer is: to have an attention-grabbing dating profile! But how do you come up with one? Easy! Just follow our four simple steps!


1. Nobody Will Read Your Profile Without a Photo

Regardless of how great you are as a person, very few people will want to chat with you without seeing your photo. Why? Because they’ll think that you’re trying to hide something from them. It is, therefore, crucial to upload a smiling photo of yourself and thus make everyone believe you’re a positive and open-minded person.

You can also add pictures showing what really grows on you (e.g., your hobbies and spare time activities). That will make your profile far more eye-catching!

2. Make the Right First Impression

Besides having a nice photo of yourself, your profile should also describe your personality and character traits. The majority of online daters prefer to use adjectives like ‘funny’, ‘generous’, ‘kind’, ‘creative’, and easy-going for that. However, you should be more precise than that. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? Do you like reading? Are you interested in some tech-related stuff (e.g., robotics or computers)?

Usually, dating websites provide you with an option to choose a type of relationship you are looking for. Being honest here is extremely important. If you want to simply have some fun and do not intend to seek long-term relationships, you should specifically state that in your profile. Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who want to do the same thing. However, if you’re looking for a steady romantic partner or spouse, you should make sure that your profile clearly reflects that. Remember – by being dishonest, you may offend other people’s feelings and end up getting banned.

3. Details Matter

Since it is not a resume, you shouldn’t focus on your professional skills. When writing about your personality, you should be as precise as possible. For example, instead of simply stating “I like traveling”, you should expound on what kind of traveling you’re into. You may be an experienced hitchhiker who prefers budget trips and cares little about planning. Or you may be a luxury traveler who likes staying in comfortable hotels and wants their travel arrangements to be taken care of by other people. Also, stating whether you’re a full-time employee or freelancer (who makes a living writing college papers online) may help you find people with the same mindset.

Provide some examples of the things you do in your free time. Do you like helping other people? Describe some of the volunteer or charity projects you’ve been involved in lately. How do you spend your weekends? Do you prefer staying at home watching TV or do you like going hiking in the mountains? Providing people with that information will help you grab their attention and build an emotional connection with them.

4. Be Honest, But Avoid Negativity

53% of online dating platforms users tend to lie about their life, physical appearance, and social status. We all want to seem better and more successful. And while in some situations lying could be helpful, it never works with personal relationships. Sooner or later, your lies will be exposed, and the consequences may be pretty ugly. Surely, that is not a good strategy to build a lasting relationship.

When writing about your achievements, you should not try to impress others with misleading facts. If you are learning a foreign language, do not exaggerate your proficiency level. Instead, write something like “I’ve been learning French for 3 months and I really like it!”. Nobody is perfect, and neither are you. So, why lie about your skills and achievements?

Keep a healthy balance between telling the truth and focusing on your positive sides. Avoid downplaying your abilities. Avoid phrases like “I am not confident in my skills”. Instead, write something like “I am an amateur but I’m really looking forward to becoming a pro”. Never say you are afraid of online dating, either. If you have already signed up, you shouldn’t worry about that!

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