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What You Need to Know About Sugar Mummy

Sugar Mummy

What you need to know about Sugar Mummy: It’s no longer news that older women trade money for pleasure. Sugar mummies are pleasure seekers who can do nearly almost anything for their “sugar baby” just for enough pleasure and satisfaction. In recent times this act or trend has become almost close to “legal” as the society no longer consider this a bad act nor punishable by any law.

Getting a sugar mummy unlike before is also now easier than ever. How?? We will discuss that later as we proceed with the topic. But before I continue, I will like to break the “sugar mummy” word down to its last meaning. Because obviously it sounds like a mum who can add sugar to your life, but you’re not wrong nor near wrong, you may wonder I said you aren’t wrong… Yes! You’re not because a sugar mummy will spice up her lover’s life and make it so sweet for him giving him comfortability and riches as she takes his drive as her major priority helping him feel comfortable and active with proper spending and maintenance.

Now, sugar mummies or a sugar mummy is; a person (women particularly) older than her prey but spends money lavishly on him”sugar baby” or a”sugar boy” in exchange for self-satisfying urges, Intimacy and time, these and many more which she will demand based on personal needs. Sugar mummies are often aged, divorced or single ladies looking for companionship as they lack such, being a result of their singleness and loneliness either as a divorce or a widow or a single mother, some of them have never had children too. In simpler explanation we can say a sugar mummy is a woman that gives money or gifts in return for s*x, a woman (often an older woman) who holds her man/woman in nice standing with money, food, an apartment, etc. not always used in a derogatory fashion.

The only difference between sugar mummies and sugar daddies is their s*x. The gender factor is the only difference as they both perform the same functions in caring for their toys (their sugar boy or girl) which gives them their time and body in return. If there is another difference it should be the fact that the sugar daddies aren’t single nor divorced in most cases like the sugar mummies, they are just craving for extra satisfaction from the younger fresh fishes (young girls) out there who can rock them better than their supposed aging wife.

There are over hundreds if not thousands of guys out there who have sugar mummies or is under a sugar mummy. Not only is it practiced worldwide but it’s trending as no coincidence of wants is involved; I mean she wants the lovemaking and time, you want the money and the good life or probably connections. But before you start to ponder on it whether to become one of them (become a sugar boy or baby), you need to know that there are lots of things attached with being a sugar boy or having a sugar mummy. Maybe you never thought of it, but there are really lots of factors to be considered before engaging in this act.

And just if you were thinking if it is the fact that it’s viewed as moral decadence i.e it is against the cultural norms and religious beliefs of the society at large, no matter where you be from. Yes, you’re right, but there’s more to it than just the moral view of the act and the cultural and religious beliefs of a thing.

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What you need to know about sugar mummy

Sugar Mummy

Some of the few things you need to know about sugar mummies are that they are:

Sugar mummies are time consumers

I’m sure you know that once you’ve been contracted to be a sugar boy or baby, you don’t get to tell or dictate when you are to resume nor close details and neither is there ever a contract to stipulate opening and closing time. They give you what I call the 24/7 deal, what I mean is; they always want you around and the only time you get for yourself when you’re under them is their business hours, when they are busy or not needing you. That gives you little or no time to build or do personal things and which keeps you away from having a personal relationship outside the sugary contract (your contract with the sugar mummy).

Attention cravers

If there’s anything in this world that desires or desires attention as much as a sugar mummy, it should be the opposite which is the sugar daddies. They crave unexplainable attention from their employee (sugar boy). She (the sugar mummy) wants him (sugar boy) to always be around to show her love and affection both on bed and off bed, she might even cut you off from your fiance (if you have any) and if you don’t have, she would stop at nothing in making sure you don’t have by threatening you with termination of contract and exposing your relationship with her to your partner.

Just know this, if you are considering having a sugar mummy, be ready to so quit your relationship as the imbalance would be in Mass weight.

They endanger your life

Sugar mummies are naturally involved in lots of unknown businesses which sometimes might either be criminal or spiritual, once there is an issue between her and her counterparts, you should know the issue also concerns you as her supposed partner. Her rivals might decide to get back at her by harming you just to hurt her or compel her to do something which she is not willing to do. So also is the fact that they might even be the one who wants to hurt you.

Risk of infections

You are not their first neither will you be their last, let’s that sink into your head. Before you were contracted someone else was servicing them and you and I know they don’t use condoms except maybe for their time. Hence, leaving you with a high risk of getting infected with whatever might have been deposited into her body system by your predecessors. It’s not your capacity to do a test for them, and they may or may not do a test for you. Their lives have experienced turns of countless partners with countless issues, would you stake your life in place of pleasure or wealth. STDs, STIs, or how you may understand it, even the almighty HIV is exposed to your patronage once you sign up for the contract.

They practically need a lovemaking machine

Do you know it’s not your love they want to pay for? Oh… Maybe you don’t, you should know now. They don’t want your love and for sure they aren’t contracting you for a sponsorship deal because you sure are not financially capable of maintaining them. The only thing they need from you is good lovemaking, wait! That’s an understatement of, they need great lovemaking in an unlimited quantity (if it is measurable). Some of them may require you to go as long as 6 to 7 straight hours on a go which is energy consuming, you might even need to drug yourself sometimes just to satisfy them, also unknowingly to you, you are gradually killing yourself as the drug damages your system.

Does it stop there? No… It doesn’t. There’s still a lot to know on sugar mummies, maybe why they even exist might be of great importance because I can’t seem to figure out why a lady will decide not to get a life partner or remarry (if she is a divorce) so she can have her man to herself and enjoy lovemaking at will instead of choosing this awkward decision as a choice or lifestyle.

Some of the reasons why sugar mummies exist are:

Financial Freedom

Some of these women have over the years acquired great riches and wealth as a result of consistency. Having gotten this wealth in it’s maximum, they tend to seek control over everything around them, though it’s natural because women are emotional, attention seekers and always want to have their say or third voice heard.

Due to these natural factors which some of these women can’t control, they burst out and lose control over their temperament which sometimes results to divorce, while the single ones get to have this feeling of “not being able to to be a subordinate” or can’t allow a man “call the shots” when they are both on the same financial levels or they might even be more financially buoyant than the man. These factors make them venture into being a sugar momma (sugar mummy) so they can have full control over their sugar boy who is always at their disposal when needed.


Do I really need to go that deep into this…? Ok, Maybe I should. Sugar mummies only employ guys who can last on the field, I know you understand what I mean… Why? You may ask, but it’s quite simple, most of them have high libido (Libido is a person’s overall drive or desire for activity.) And they tend to always want to satisfy themselves as the climax of orgasm is always their utmost desire. They go all out to get satisfaction, even as far as paying an under 20 who can ride them well a sum of money just for the desires of satisfaction.

Ok, we know who they are (sugar mummy) and why they want the young guys (sugar boy). Let’s head down to how these sugar mummies are gotten or can be contacted. Recently I came across a guy or a supposed “soon to be sugar boy” who told me that application or finding a sugar mummy has now evolved into formal procedures, I asked how just like you are probably asking yourself right now, and he said “You have to send your CV to an agent them when you finally link up, them go ask you about your experience on marathon lovemaking and probably test you with a round or two to really see if you can last”, so I asked, “you mean you will samba (make love)” and he said “yes… That’s their test”. Ok… Since that’s how he said it is, let’s see how they can be contacted.

Online Sugar Mummies platforms

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Getting a sugar mummy has now become easier than ever, are you a social media freak? Or do you browse the internet? Then you’ve got access to unlimited platforms where you can find your sugar mummy.

Examples of these platforms are:

Every man or woman who does this is always a person who mingles on various social platforms (not online). You can find them on a thank God it’s Friday at these listed places. Which are:

  • Club
  • Hotels
  • Social club meetings
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Parties

And so many more public social places where you can find them.


Do you know it’s not only renting a house that requires an agent? Getting a sugar mummy also requires one. The agents have a huge list of mummies in their hand. So once they see you fi, experienced and good enough, then they will link you up with a sugar Mummy in expectancy of a commission from you and your employer.

That’s all you need to know on sugar mummy. Get the right info or have you gotten the right info? You should because it will help you stay away from the stigma of being a sugar boy.

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