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Interesting Sex Positions To Try Out This Valentine

interesting sex positions

Thinking sex this Valentine? Then you should be on this post, checking it out and mapping out plans to have the best Valentine evening of your life. You say what again? You wouldn’t? I guess not.

Valentine’s day is set aside to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration.

However, apart from gifting cards, chocolates etc. having hot sex is another way to create an unforgettable experience with your lover on that beautiful day.

Valentine sex

When it comes to bedroom life, most lovers aren’t adventurous. However, the Sex position is the most important formula for a great sexual experience. Step up your bedroom game this valentine season with these amazing sex positions.

In this article, I will share with you some interesting sex positions you should try out with your lover this valentine.

Let’s get into the Interesting Sex Positons, shall we?

1. The Wheel Barrow Position

This position allows you to stroll around the house while having sex. Here, you do the work with your hips instead of pulling her back and forth.

Wheel barrow style

In this position, you’ll lift your partner up by the pelvis and have her grip your waist with her legs. Reaching climax might be quite difficult here but your flexibility and mobility would help your lover reach climax with ease.

2. The Seated Wheel Barrow Position

Unlike the standing wheelbarrow, this position allows you to sit with a little bit of comfort while having a better view of your lover’s buttocks. You can sit at the edge of a couch or the edge of the bed.

Seated wheelbarrow

This position offers intense sensation and it’s less strenuous. In the seated wheelbarrow, movement is limited but it enables deep penetration.

3. The Snow Angel Position

The Snow Angel position allows you thrust deeper into your lover’s vagina. You face the bed in an outward position while your partner’s lie on her back to get a better view of your balls.

In order to reach climax with this position, make sure your lover is very comfortable while grasping your buttocks in order to avoid discomfort.

4. Waterfall Position

This position might look a little bit weird to you but, it’s one of the best sex position you should try out this valentine. It involves great mobility and flexibility. You’ll lay on the couch or bed with your head down the edge and your shoulders on the floor, while your lover sits on you.

Waterfall position

Here, instead of your partner riding you from her knees, she will need to lean back and shift the weight to the feet. If you’re on a couch, drop your legs over the back of the seat and let your knees fall open. This will make your partner have complete control over the speed, depth and intensity of their gyration. However, this position would make blood rush down to your head thereby creating mind-blowing sensations upon orgasm.

5. The Butter Churner Position

This is another position that creates a rush of blood down to your lover’s head for orgasm. In this position, your lover lie on her back with her legs raised and folded over the head.

Butter Churner position

Then you squat over to thrust your penis into the vagina slowly in order to avoid stressing her neck. However, while thrusting in, make sure you don’t place all your weight on her. Penetrate deeper for an awesome sensation but thrust in slowly and gently to avoid a cramp on your partner’s neck.

6. The Brute Position

This sex position allows your partner to lie on her back and bring her knees towards her stomach and chest. Then you squat downwards and slowly penetrate into your lover. The penetration should be deep but done with great care so as to avoid injury or pain.

The brute style

In this position, you have to be very careful while penetrating because you’ll be going deeper and thrust should be done slowly to stimulate your lover. Make sure not too press too much on your partner’s thighs with each thrust.

7. The Helicopter Position

Helicopter positionThis position doesn’t allow deep penetration but it can be fun when done well. You and your partner have to face in the bed with your legs towards each other. While you’re trying to get into position to penetrate, your partner must stay still so you can get comfortable with thrusting in and out.

While you thrust in and out gently, raise your hips up a little bit (not too much)to stimulate your partner’s clit with your penis. Your partner can gently gyrate her hips too once you are comfortable inside.

8. The Bent Spoon Position

To perform this sex position, you need to lie on your back and have your partner lie on top of you with her back so that you are both facing the same direction. Then try to penetrate into your partner’s vagina carefully.

Bent spoon style

Your partner has to spread her arms outwards to keep themselves steady while you spread your legs to keep yourself balanced.

When you are both steady, your partner needs to rest her feet on top of your knees for extra support. Also, your partner should arch their back perfectly well while performing this position to make penetration deeper.

9. The Down Stroke Position

One of the great things about the Down Stroke position is that it provides a lot of stimulation to the G-Spot when the thrusting is done right.

When performing this position, your partner needs to start by lying on her back on the edge of the bed or couch with her legs raised in the air, pointing towards the ceiling.

Down stroke position

Here, you will be standing and facing your partner. Also, you need to grab her legs and pull her up towards you so you can penetrate deeper while standing up almost straight.

However, you must hold your partner quite well and raise her thighs upwards while you give the strokes.

The beauty of this position is that it enables eye contact and, allows your partner to drive you wild with dirty talks while you give the strokes hard.  Another benefit of this position is that it allows you to stimulate your partner’s clit with your hands while you thrust in.

10. The Viennese Oyster Position

The Viennese Oyster is quite an unusual position that needs you to have a large amount of flexibility and suppleness.

To perform this, your partner needs to lay on her back, raise her legs and spread them while also pulling them backwards.

Viennese Oyster

Your partner has to pull her legs back so far that her knees will be touching the bed or almost touching it on either side.

Here, you have to be on your knees then move your knees closer or further away from your partner’s knees. Also, this position allows you to change how deep you go and what angle you’re penetrating at.

Nonetheless, in this position, make sure you thrust slow, gentle and pay attention to your lover’s countenance. You need to be careful with your first few thrusts so that you don’t go too deep, which is very easy in this position.

11. Poles Apart

The Poles Apart sex position is definitely not one that you have tried before with your partner. It provides a lot of G-Spot stimulation without deep penetration.

Poles apart style

Here, you would be doing the same action you would do in the spooning position.

Your partner’s head must be in front of your feet and her feet by your head. You have to gently thrust into your partner to give yourself some grip and leverage.

Also, holding onto your partner’s legs in this position enables deeper penetration.

This position allows you to kiss and massage your partner’s feet while thrusting in. It creates the kind of sensation that will allow your partner orgasm fast.

This makes sense to you, right?

12. The Ape

Here is another great position you need to try out with your partner. To perform this, you have to lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. Your partner sits on you facing away while you rest your feet on their back and penetrate deep.

Ape position

Also, your partner must use their feet to balance and control the motion.

However, the ape position is great for deep penetration thereby creating full orgasm.

13. The Suspended Scissors

This position requires lots of strength and plenty of balance.

Your partner needs to lie right on the edge of the bed with her feet touching the mattress for support.

Scissors style

In this position, your partner needs to find balance on the floor with their left arm. You would stand astride their left leg and raise their right leg with your hands.

It can be a bit tricky, but not so difficult once you’re in the right position.

14. The Kneeling Wheelbarrow

To perform the kneeling wheelbarrow, your partner needs to lay on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off.

Kneeling wheelbarrow

Then you position yourself between their legs and lifts up their hips and thighs to allow penetration, while she creates support with her elbows.

Just like the standing wheelbarrow, the sitting wheelbarrow also requires a great deal of strength and flexibility.

15. The Bridge

The bridge position is an exotic one which is only suitable for extremely strong and flexible men.

To perform it, you will need to make a bridge, while your partner straddles you.

Bridge position

She can then move up and down, gyrate her hips by pushing off the floor with her feet.

Nonetheless, in as much as this position can give orgasm when done well, it is not for the faint-hearted.

16. The CrissCross

Here, your partner lay on their side facing away from you with her legs slightly parted.

Crisscross position

You also lay on your side, but at a right angle to your partner, and then slides in between her legs to penetrate.

This position allows you to use your hands massage your partner’s bum while you thrust in slowly. You can control your thrust speed to reach climax.

17. The Y Curve

This is quite a tricky position which requires strength and balance from you and your partner.

To achieve this position, your partner lay face down on the bed and lets the top half of her body hang off the edge.

The Y curve

She may need a pillow to rest her head on to avoid straining her neck.

Then you lay between their legs to penetrate gently. While doing this, endeavour to push your body up so you won’t be laying on your partner’s back.

18. The Stair Master

Stair master position is a good way to spice up your bedroom game this Valentine.  However, you will need some stairs for this sex position.

Stairs position

You have your partner kneel on one step while you stand on a couple of steps lower and penetrate into her from behind. Your partner can use the step in front of the bannister to help  for balance; while you can simply hold on to her hips as you penetrate her.

Just like the common doggy position, make sure you grab your partner’s hips very well while you give the strokes the way you want it. This position allows you to hit the G-Spot easily and penetrate deeper.

19. The Right Angle

This position is a very stimulating position if your partner can squeeze their pelvic floor.

Your partner lies on her back, with her bum at the edge of the bed or table. Then you penetrate while fondling her breast and nipples.

Right Angle position

The right angle position also works well without thrusting if, your partner can hold you tightly by crossing their ankles behind your back; and then when you press yourself against them, the pressure will mount, giving the both of you intense pleasure.

20. The Slip

The slip position allows you kneel down and lean back while supporting yourself with your hands behind you.

The slip position

Your partner lies flat on her back, then tilts her hips towards you to aid penetration, while positioning her legs to either side of your hips.

This is a relatively easy position, which is highly erotic with deep penetration.

21. The Hinge

This position requires good balance, but it is great for depth control.

To perform this, you kneel behind your partner and while leaning backwards, you use one arm to support yourself.

The hinge position

Your partner kneels in front of you and supports themselves with her elbows; this makes her thrust back onto you.

Also, this style allows you to use your spare hand to massage her bum.

22. Cow Girl

Cowgirl is one of the best position you should try out with your lover this valentine. It gives full orgasm and in-depth penetration.

Cow girl style

It allows your lover to be in charge of the sexual activity and, also gives interesting sensations. You can lie chest to chest with your partner for in-depth connection and full thrust. While your lover is doing the cowgirl style, you should caress her breast and fondle the nipples as this helps her reach orgasm easily.

23. The Hot Seat

Hot Seat is another great position which gives good G-spot stimulation. Here, you sit on a chair or at the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor and; have your lover sit between your legs while turning away from you.

Hot seat style

This position allows both you and your partner be in control of the sexual activity, you stimulate her nipples while she stimulates the base of your penis and both of you get to reach climax easily with full orgasm.

24. The Shoulder Holder

This sex position allows for great and full penetration. It enables you to target the G-spot.

Shoulder holder style

It sometimes brings discomfort to the woman if you thrust in too fast. Do it slowly, use your penis to stimulate the clit very well before thrusting in. Give the strokes slowly and pay attention to your lover’s countenance while doing that to avoid pain.

25. Doggy

This is a popular sex position that gives deep penetration.  This style makes the G-spot more accessible and; as you give your lover those amazing strokes from behind, you get to see the erotic view and sometimes stimulate their nipples as well.

Doggy style

Doggy makes you get full control of the sexual activity, makes you get full control of your lover’s body and, makes you reach orgasm so fast. For your lover to enjoy doggy style, your strokes must be fast and slow at the same time. Know when to go faster, and know when to do it slowly.

26. The Standing Dragon

The dragon position is similar to the doggy position. It makes you reach climax faster if strokes are given slowly and romantically. It allows in-depth penetration.

Standing dragon

It is a great position for G-spot stimulation. It makes you see the full curves of your lover’s rear and, gives you the ability to grab her buttocks and lift it up for full penetration.

27. Spooning

The spooning position enhances good sleep after sex. While you thrust in from behind, use your hands to stimulate your lover’s nipples, kiss her neck and shoulders and, also use your hands to stimulate the clit for a full orgasm.

Spoon style

This sex position also allows you to communicate with your lover in a more romantic way. She pushes her buttocks upwards towards you and this gives you easier access to the vagina.

28. Missionary

This is a common sex position which gives full penetration and strong intimacy. It allows you to communicate with your lover in a very unique and romantic way. This style can be done with more variant. We have the open missionary and the tucked missionary. 

Missionary style

The Missionary style enhances good body contact between lovers and, gives intense friction.

With this position, you reach climax faster but it can be quite difficult to hold off ejaculation because of the deep thrusting. However, this position allows you to kiss your lover romantically while you thrust in slowly and deeply.

This style is very cool because you can control the penetration depth and speed of thrusting. Also, if you’re thinking of impregnating your lover this valentine day, I will suggest you do the missionary style.

29. The Horny Mantis

The horny mantis position is a relaxing position with deeper penetration and increased intimacy.

The horny mantis style

It enhances the great connection between lovers because of the full-body contact. Also, this position can make your lover feel safe because of the way they wrap her legs around your back.

30. The Pillow Driver

Pillow driver enhance good upper body exercise. It makes you thrust in fully while you raise your lover’s buttocks with a pillow underneath.

The pillow driver

Here, you can control the depth of the penetration and thrust speed. Place your hands on the bed in a push-up position to support your thrust speed. Also, while doing this style, try to lower yourself a bit to kiss your lover teasingly.

31. Heir to the Throne/ Head

This sex position is popularly known as “head”. It helps you put your lover in the mood and prepare them well for sexual activity.

Head style

This is one of the best sex position used to stimulate the G-spot and act as a turn on for many people. Also, when you do this well with your tongue, your lover reaches orgasm faster and can’t wait to have your penis inside of them.

32. The Aerial Dancer

The Aerial dancer sex style is one of the best styles as it allows deep penetration and joint orgasm. Placing your hands on your lover’s buttocks to assist with her body movement gives an ultimate sexual pleasure.

The Aerial style

In this position, you have the chance to see your lover’s facial expression to know if the act is being enjoyed or not. You can also try this style by leaning against the wall for support.

33. Reverse Cowgirl

Unlike the direct cowgirl position, the reverse cowgirl gives your partner access to direct your penis to where it feels best for her. It allows for longer and easier riding. This position offers great mobility and comfort.

Reverse cowgirl

In order to see your lover’s buttocks very well, use a pillow underneath your head as a support to raise your head a bit so you can get a better view of your lover’s bum.

However, for more sexual satisfaction, you can decide to spank your lover’s buttocks romantically while she is riding you hard. This spanking would make her want to go faster and thereby causing a full orgasm.

Conclusion on Interesting Sex Positions to Try out

Don’t be a boring lover, spice up your bedroom game with these amazing sex positions and watch your lover wants you more after every round of sex.

Communication is one important thing in sex as well. Always communicate with your partner during sex. Make sure they enjoy the position as much as you do too.

A good sexual position helps in reaching climax faster and also gives full orgasm to you and your lover.

Now that you have gone through these mind-blowing sex positions to try out this Valentine, we are sure you would try one or two, if not all the positions mentioned above. You think you can? Get on with it then, but before that tell us your favourite sex positions.

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