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Happy 30th Birthday ShoutOut to Omobolanle Awoyemi

happy 30th birthday shoutout to omobolanle awoyemi

Happy birthday Shoutout to Omobolanle Awoyemi – You are such an inspiring personality and this is evidenced by the various messages and shout outs on your page on Facebook.

You are a woman worthy of emulation:

An Inspiring woman was born 30 years ago this day
In the womb she danced and alive she came
Supporting, loving and helping people along her way
From the hay days of the University
To the full blown woman that you have become
We celebrate you today as you move gradually into life
Aging with grace

You are not perfect but you will glide in perfection
You are not Bill Gates but you will grow richer physically and spiritually
Your unborn kids will appreciate God for having an awesome woman
What you have sown in tears, you will reap in happiness
You will also be an amazing wife to your hubby
As the years roll by, you will be more of the woman God wants you to be
From all of us at DeeDeesMedia, we celebrate with you on this amazing day.

Rise and Shine Omobolanle.

Join us in wishing Omobolanle Awoyemi a very many happy returns of her day!

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