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Happy Anniversary To Us – Messages, Quotes, SMS

Happy Anniversary to us

Happy Anniversary to us: People used to celebrate the anniversary of the day they were born or the age of their company or marriage. People send messages on these special days of their life.

We have such messages for you in bulk and wish you could find them interesting to send to your loved ones.

Happy Marriage Anniversary to us

1. Today we make it peacefully to one year of our successful marriage. Happy anniversary to us. I wish you all the best.

2. Our marriage shall continue to be the best in the neighborhood. We shall die living a good legacy behind.

3. We are still together today because we have a deep understanding of each other. Let us still make more effort to make things better.

4. As we have been together since these years, let us enjoy the love we have for each other in a great peaceful coexistence.

5. I am happy for this special day of our life; we shall be celebrated more than this every year. I love you, my dear wife.

6. Since the beginning of our marriage, you have been supportive and loving, I am lucky to have you as a husband.

7. I wish myself a splendid marriage anniversary; we are for each other till eternity. Take good care of my children until I’m back again.

8. As we celebrate this anniversary in love, may the spirit of love guide our children to the right path and show them the direction to their success.

9. I love my life because you partake in the love that shines in it. Happy anniversary to all my beloved ones, I cherish you all.

10. Have one of the most precious time on this special day of our life; your thought is always on my mind because I love you so.

11. Wishing the love of my life long life and prosperity. Your joy, happiness, and success will forever reign in your heart.

12. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all odds of life and make you one of the most interesting people in this world.

13. Let us be happy that the Lord has given us the best of marriages since the day we met, I love you so much then you can think.

14. I cannot stop thinking about you because there is no joy when you are not part of my life. I will love to spend the rest of my life with you in good health.

15. Your smile is a great impact in my life, for over ten years we have been together in this marriage, love has been my favorite.

16. I thought I could live without you when we met and then finally realized that throughout our three years together, I couldn’t sleep without you.

17. We don’t know our limit in searching for the right person until we find our missing rib. You are indeed the treasure that I hunted for and now that you are with me, I will never let you go.

18. My heart will beat for you until my last breath. I will love you with sincerity until the end of my life. I love you.

19. We are so much in love with each other, our passion for the wellbeing of each other amazes me that I cry in secret for a good wife I have.

20. When I met you in this world, I realized that true love still exists, you are the truest angel I met in my life. I miss you. Happy anniversary.

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Happy Friendship Anniversary to us

21. Don’t forget that today is our fiftieth year as good friends, is this not an amazing phenomenon?

22. A friend like you is yet to come to this world, maybe after my death, I will find another friend better than you are.

23. Whenever I remember those sacrifice you made to make me happy in life, I burst into tears, loving you is my life.

24. I have been in a friendship with you all my life, I will never stop until there is no more life on this earth. Happy friendship anniversary.

25. Many years of love, joy, passion, happiness, sorrow, fight and reconciliations. We are friends forever.

26. I bless my friendship with you with the love of God that exists between us. I love you for the sake of God. Happy anniversary my friend.

27. I was seated today and then remembered that today is our tenth year of successful friendship. I love you, my friend.

28. I love you so much and need you all my life. You are simply the most ideal friend I have ever met in my life.

29. What is bad when a true friend sacrifice everything for you? Thank God you are an understanding friend.

30. Our stay together makes this life alive paradise, I enjoy every bit of my moments with you. You are a cool superstar.

31. Thank you for everything, you have been a hand holder and your hands are full of comfort and honor. I miss you.

32. I just want to celebrate a good friend today, hope you will enjoy every bit of your day today. Happy anniversary.

33. I am so much in love with our friendship because I value it; you are also special to me and I value you too.

34. I have promised never to betray you for any reason. Thank you, my good friend. We have been together for five years now.

35. Hello, silver jubilee to my Ideal friend. It is not easy these days to remain friends for 25 years. What a wonderful friend you are.

36. For many years I have trusted you, accepted your ideas and still, you never betray me for once. I wish you a good healthy life.

37. Happy anniversary to a friend that really matters to me, your happiness will never be ruin in any form. Have a wonderful day.

38. I want you to put a smile on your face and enjoy the bliss of this wonderful day in our life. Remember today marks our third year of friendship.

39. I do celebrate my friendship because I value all my friends. Thank God you are alive to enjoy this golden moment.

40. Have a wonderful time with your spouse and be happy with every single moment you share with your kids.

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Happy Anniversary to us in Our Business

41. Today is the fiftieth year of this blessed business, may we find it easy to enjoy the grace it has caused us since the day it was started.

42. A successful business involves great people, every one of you is fantastic I love you all. You are a great set of people.

43. Happy friendship anniversary to each and every one of you, may our income never decrease again.

44. What a wonderful day of this year’s anniversary, it is my pleasure to have you people as my colleagues.

45. Thank God we are alive to enjoy this celebration together. I am so happy as though today is my birthday.

46. I love you guys so much, as our company celebrates her fortieth anniversary, I enjoin every one of you to patronize our products in love.

47. We can’t reach our goal without the effort of each one of you in the team. We want to thank each one of you in the board of directors for your impact in the development of this company.

48. Today we smile because we were able to work in a team, love each other, respected our work and cooperated when necessary.

49. You are my greatest workers; your diligent attitudes towards your works and the will of God keep this business moving.

50. We are so much interested in the development of our country and then established this great business ten years ago; if not for your patronage, perhaps this company will have crumbled.

51. I love you guys, come and share this great joy with us, we are happy to have you all around us as great partners and customers.

52. Never get yourself involved in things that do not benefit; we are for each other, let us fix our difference and become one in moving this company ahead.

53. We wish everyone in this company an awesome anniversary, you guys are the brain behind the sustenance of this great company, and God bless you all.

54. You may not understand the joy I used to derive having you guys as my colleagues. I love you all and wish you a great achievement ahead.

55. Lots of joy in my heart today, our company has scaled through 20 years of ups and down and still standing firm—no shaking.

56. Wishing all my amiable staffs a wonderful anniversary, may your life be filled with lots of success and you participate in bringing this business to this current level.

57. We are happy for everyone for your effort will never be forgotten for any reason; you are the best of businessmen ever met.

58. This great day in our company will forever be celebrated, I wish myself one of the most interesting days in this our great company.

59. It is not by our power that we make it to this point in our business, many companies began as we did but are now burnt in the tin air.

60. Happy anniversary to my junior and senior colleagues, I love you all for the love you show in developing our dear company.

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Happy Anniversary to us on our birthday

61. Today is our day, the day we were born and the day we cried first. I am happy to celebrate it with you.

62. When you don’t have someone that looks like you, the world will look like another planet you don’t understand. Happy 30th birthday twin brother.

63. I never believed we will get to this age due to the condition of our health, but today we are one of the best in good health.

64. I wish you a profitable day ahead, on this 50th birthday; we will always love each other for the sake of God. I love you.

65. My namesake, my friend, my age mate and birthday mate, today is another year in our life. Have the best out of it.

66. Good to have you as a friend, I love this coincidence in our life. Happy birthday to my gentle friend.

67. Today is a golden jubilee to you and me, this is the most interesting day in a lifetime. I am so happy.

68. Who else can make me happy as you do? You are a gorgeous sister, a blessed angel. You share the same age as me. What an amazing incident.

69. Wow, I am 25th today, though older, I still have hope in the good things the Lord can achieve for me. Happy birthday to me.

70. I wish myself all the best; you are a great man, you are the best in this wonderful moment of our life. Have a great fiftieth birthday.

71. We are one on the same lane, we wish each other a great journey in life; may our day be blessed with endless joy.

72. Wishing you all the best on this our precious day, it is not easy to reach this point in a lifetime. Happy birthday to my twin sister.

73. I have been searching for a reason to celebrate us together and then finally find one today. Remember we were born on the same day.

74. What makes me happy most is the coincidence that exists between us; we are so amazing, two good friends, same month, same year, and same age.

75. What will be better than having a good reason to smile? If I am tired, I quickly think of you and find joy in your thoughts.

76. The fiftieth birthday to the most gorgeous women on earth, you are a wonderful person that should be loved forever.

77. I have told myself never to depart from you in any condition; you are great, loving, intelligent and above all a good role model.

78. Having realized that we were born on the same day, I decided to formulate a special day to mark our birthday anniversary.

79. Good looking angels used to have awesome things in common, you are a special person in my life and I will always be grateful for having you. Happy 30th birthday.

80. I want to be celebrated all my life, so when I searched, I realized you are my birthday mate, will you celebrate this day with me?

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