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One Year Anniversary Ideas for Him

one year Anniversary ideas for him

Thinking of the perfect one year Anniversary ideas for him. Anniversaries are quite important in lovers lives. Asides the fact that you get to experience new places and ideas, you get to reminisce, connect and bond.  

Your fiancé, husband or boyfriend is celebrating an anniversary, and you need to get him one of the best gifts out there or you need a sure way idea that will make him love you the more, but you discovered you have no single idea how to go about it. don’t worry, we are going to handle that for you. We have provided several ideas for you to put a smile on your man’s face. He is going to appreciate you because that’s for sure. However, it is very easy to get access to where you can get gifts to buy for your partner or suggest some outings but the truth is that an idea sort from the expert can’t be compared with what we think on our own.

You may like to visit big websites such as amazon, Ebay, Konga, or Jumia or Aliexpress where you will find a variety of gifts for men and women, children, boys, and girls. I still bet you may not know the idea of what your man will appreciate when presented or suggested to him. This is the reason why this article is being written to solve that problem for you.

Talking of other anniversary ideas such as going out to amusement parks, hotels or restaurants where you can have fun together as partners, the ideas are not skipped in this article. Your choice, already, is our number one priority. We have been able to study human behavior and drew a conclusion to what a person will like when done to him. This is what gave birth to the ideas below:


Great one year anniversary ideas for him

  1. Have some dates together: it may sound funny that after marriage can someone still date? Of course, what will be more romantic if you date your own wife? This will refresh your memories to recall those days you were single. You will find the time to discuss some other issues that are bothering your mind in the marriage.
  2. Buy your wife some flowers: your wife is your partner. You can still make her happy in the formal ways you did while planning to marry her. She will actually appreciate the fact that up till this time, you are still romantic and respectful to her. Such is the power of these kinds of actions on marriage.
  3. Go out to a love garden and entertain your spouse: find a nearby garden where you can camp and entertain each other. Especially if you can play guitar a little or very well, this will do well. It will connect both of you together before the anniversary day.
  4. Select a day and visit your old friends: in order to have more time together, you can travel together to pay a friend a visit. Remember, if you inform your friend about your visit earlier, he is going to prepare well for you and entertain both of you very well. You will have fun together with your friend and then learn new things.
  5. Go to the museum together: the Museum is one of the most interesting places to visit. You can go there and see historical ornaments and arts together. As you are having fun together, your relationship will be growing better than it is.
  6. Sing together in your bedroom at night: this sounds romantic, or better put, it is romantic to sing together with your spouse at night. Provided the song is to make your love stronger. All that you are doing unconsciously is that you are forming a kind of romantic rapport that will be of benefit to you in the nearest future.
  7. Find a day and discuss your differences: now, you are preparing for a new phase of your marriage, it will be better if you can resolve the issues pending. If possible, invite a professional counselor to look into the issue and then guide you on what you are supposed to do.
  8. You can make some meals together and then feed each other: I got to understand that women love this part of romance when I tried it with my ex-girlfriend and a female friend I was eying some months back ( the hired writer referring to himself). They both responded in a similar way. They were both excited and formed a strong connection with me. Feed your wife and the next emotional response will be that she will get closer to you.
  9. Try new things together: the strategy of a counselor in building communication skill between the couples is by creating the opportunity for them to spend more time together. You can learn from this method by selecting from the variety of things out there you can learn together. If possible, invite a reliable expert to your home on what you want to learn together with your wife.
  10. Go to the gym with your spouse: If you are the one more interested in gymnastics, invite your partner to come with you to see your skill. Psychologically, you will like to impress your spouse with your abilities and if you eventually succeeded, you will gain more love and respect from them.
  11. Buy the clothes and shoes needed for the anniversary: if you are the big man type, and you are planning to invite people for your anniversary party; it will not be well for you appear so shabby. You need to look neat and saint nice. Kill them all with the best dress you have that day.
  12. Go out for weekend fun: you are already planning a big day ahead, why not just enjoy some weekends with your family and friends? This is another way to form social life with your loved ones.
  13. Go out for gulf: you may want to have some fun before your anniversary; one of the best places to visit is gulf pitch. It is not necessary that you must know how to play golf, you can still watch the professionals doing it. It is funky too.
  14. Meet new Friends before your anniversary: one of the things that give respect for a man is when he has people around him especially during occasions. Though this depends on your cultural background. For instance, in most African countries, if you don’t have many people attending your party; it is a sign of respect. Apart from this, you will have added number of audiences if the anniversary will be involving a party.
  15. Write a love letter to your Husband: if you are not that used to writing a love letter to him, as your marriage anniversary is approaching, begin to send those romantic words to him. This will make him happy and will be willing to celebrate the anniversary with you to the fullest.

 One year anniversary ideas for him from her

  1. Buy him some sneaker: men will appreciate it if you get them some hot gift for their anniversary. If you can get your man a gift like a sneaker, he will love and appreciate it. This will create a nice memory.
  2. Get him a glass photo frame: how do you feel when someone gives you a surprise of your picture well framed in a beautiful glass? Exactly, that’s how a man will feel too. They love surprises too, so you can make his anniversary an awesome day if you can do just this.
  3. Get him a traveling bag: remember it is part of the romantic culture to travel together as a preparation for your wedding anniversary. If you can get him a new bag for traveling, he will really appreciate that gesture.
  4. Surprise him with a perfume he once wishes to get: most of the times, we wish we can get something for ourselves but due to either lack of time or finance, we may not be able to get them at that certain time. If in one way you once heard your man wishing for a perfume he could not get, you can use the forthcoming anniversary as an excuse to get it for him.
  5. Go for a romantic weekend trip with him: it will be nice you give him that romantic moment he has been waiting for. After all, he is your man, so it is not a big deal going out with him on a special weekend to enjoy yourselves. This will help you get used to each other before your anniversary.
  6. Get him a smart shirt: depending on the taste of your guy about dresses, you can get him a smart shirt and tie to celebrate the anniversary in it. Don’t you think it is romantic to do so too?
  7. What of sun shade glasses? Wow, some men cannot do without sun shade glasses, they see it as food. If you are lucky and your man is the type, why not look for smart glasses and purchase for him as a gift? This will give him that assurance that you are an observing wife. He will respect you more.
  8. What about getting him a notepad? You know what, this is not the matter of pride, if you can afford a notepad, it is not a crime to get one for your man as a gift during the preparation for his anniversary.
  9. Does he like wrist watches? One natural thing about men is that they generally love gadgets. This big point for every woman. If you want to buy something for your man, make sure that a gadget is involved. You can get him a computer wristwatch or an analog type that looks smart on his wrist.
  10. Buy him a special pen: if you search amazon, aliexpress or ebay, you will find varieties of special pens you can order for him. Not just a man, every human loves anything whose feature is technological. This can be scientifically proven, in the case of smartphones, everyone loves them.
  11. Get him a stylish jacket: I will not deny this; I love jackets, especially the white armless designed with some dreadlocks. You understand what I am saying. In general, what I’m saying is that, some men will appreciate a stylish jacket. If you can afford one for your man before the anniversary, it is okay.
  12. Buy him a gadget like Bluetooth Turntable: one good thing about a gift is that no matter how small it is, a good heart will appreciate it. It is not until you buy a plasma TV for your man before he understands that you really are serious about your relationship. However, if you can afford to buy the whole world for him no problems.
  13. Buy him Car if you can: depending on your status, you can buy your husband a car as a gift for the celebration of your wedding anniversary.
  14. What if you get him a photo album: photo album to watch your sweetest moments together is not bad. You can get your spouse a photo album as a means to spend more time together watching the pictures of your romantic moments together.
  15. Get him a smart headphone: especially, if your spouse is a young man, you can buy him headphone. Beautiful one in fact.

 Romantic one year anniversary ideas for couples

  1. Remember the first meal eaten on your wedding night: what a great memory you are about to revive. Remember, many romantic things happened on your wedding night. These events are remarkable. They are mind-blowing, if you can recall them before your wedding anniversary, it will be a good idea to start with.
  2. Go for a new date: why did I call it a new date? I consider your dates before marriage as expired now, so for you to reopen a new feeling, an advanced way to show romance to each other, you can relive your date again. Go to the exact place you met each other before your previous relationship that led to marriage.
  3. Make a personal photo shoot: it is romantic when you have a personal photo shoot. In the photo, you pose different postures. Ensure that you have great times together shooting beautiful pictures. In no time, your emotions will be mixed to prepare you for that special day of your wedding anniversary.
  4. The earpiece method: this came to my mind during the development of this article. I recalled a day I was listening to a song along with my little sister. We were sharing one earpiece and this really connected us. I realized she was responding positively to that beautiful moment. She loved it when we shared the earpiece. Same will work with couples. You can share one earpiece listening to a long song together. Your body will touch each other. In fact, you can hug and kiss each other during the process. Note, I didn’t say I hugged or kissed my little sister. Haha…
  5. Can you fly parachute: I feel like it is also romantic to fly parachute together. You can invite an expert to help you do that. Ensure it is in the evening so the day will be a bit dark and cool since the flight should not take more than 20 minutes. Eat and drink, feed each other and do some romantic things as spouses before the landing of the parachute. This is also somewhat remarkable.
  6. You can craft an image together: I choose a pot. Pot in this article symbolizes love. Remember, if you love your spouse; you will cook his delicious with a good pot. Nice one, I’m sure you are getting my point. Spend time together crafting a muddy pot. It will keep both of you busy while through it, your communication skills will be developed.
  7. Give him a surprise: yeah, surprise really worth it. Give your man a fantastic surprise. it could be buying him something you know he will be shocked that you bought as a gift for him. Something like a customized book for him.

There are many ideas on anniversary; however, we have just presented a few of them here for you to see. You can practice any of the 37 one year anniversary ideas for a better connection with your spouse.

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