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Anniversary Ideas for Her

Anniversary ideas for her: You are thinking of what to prepare for your anniversary and then you got stocked not knowing what to do? Don’t worry, we are here for you. We can help you generate some ideas for your anniversary. These ideas, we are sure will give you an overview of something similar or close to what you will actually do in the end.


1. Get her a phone as a gift

Anniversary ideas for her

Your girlfriend is about to celebrate an anniversary and you don’t know what you can give her as a gift so that she will appreciate? Why not get her an android or iPhone depending on your capacity?

2. Take her out for shopping

Your girlfriend is planning to mark her tenth year anniversary, it means this day must be incredible. What do you think you should get for her to make her day a memorable one? This is a good question. If you take her out alone, she will be happy and then buying her favorite clothes and shoes will make everything more fantastic and romantic.

3. Get her an expensive makeup kit

One thing I know about this kit is that it is like gold to women. They so much love it that they can’t even joke with it with you. So this will be a good idea to buy her the makeup kit especially if she is the makeup freak.

4. Buy her female wrist watch

She is your queen. Isn’t that what you tell her? Lolz. Yeah, you get what I am saying. You can get her exotic wrist watch for females. This will blend with her beauty pride which will make her happy and prepares well for the anniversary.

5. Go to the Beach together

Anniversary ideas for her

Going to the beach together will get you both close to each other. You will have time to discuss both serious and funny matters. What you are doing is not more than building rapport and communication skills.

6. Buy her a laptop

Anniversary ideas for her

What if you buy her a laptop? She will actually appreciate it. You are already perfect together that’s what I guessed. Remember, being a girl you truly love, she deserves such a gift for you.

7. She will also appreciate a bag

You know ladies can do without the bag, especially that black shining beautiful expensive bag for her. She will hug the life out of you and make you feel like a prince if you can get that for her.

8. You can get her some female shoes

Anniversary ideas for her

Female shoes are one of the most expensive products in the market. This is always in line with their nature. That gorgeous nature, sweet and beautiful princesses. That’s exactly what you should let her know.

9. Take her to a special place

What is a special place for you? You should be able to define a special place in line with what you know she will like. Remember, women are complicated, so you have to be careful while choosing a place to take her to. Some people can take their girls to the beach, some to a museum or zoo to have fun while some will go a long way traveling out of the city or country with their girl.

10. Learn something different

Anniversary ideas for her

There are many skills out there now. You can learn the code with your girlfriend. But that will work only if she is the type that loves anything related to mathematics. There are girls like that. Take, for example, Sophia of reacting—a programming language. She is very good at coding. You can tell your girlfriend to emulate her too.

11. Make her cake a day before her anniversary

Anniversary ideas for her

It is not necessary that you should be a caterer before you can make a professional cake for your girlfriend during an anniversary. You can also purchase an expensive one for her.

12. Go for a special trip together

Anniversary ideas for her

Yeah, it is nice to go on a special trip with your girlfriend. All in all, what you are trying to do is to impress her. You can make her feel like a queen before her anniversary. That’s a good idea to build a good relationship.

13. Sing for her or dancer for her

Anniversary ideas for her

You could be the Tubaba type or P-square when the crew was still together. Make special videos for her. Sing her beautiful love songs containing powerful words that will make her happy. Dance for her in the video so that she will have it as a memorable experience. The video could be played as a surprise on a projector on that anniversary day.

14. Go to the cinema with her

Anniversary ideas for her

It depends on the kind of anniversary she is about to celebrate. It could be your relationship anniversary, watch love movies together in the cinema so that it will remind you what you already know about the relationship and also teach you new things.

15. Take her to the saloon and make her hair

Anniversary ideas for her

She is gorgeous already we know but you still need to add up to her beauty. Make her beautiful hair. Prepare her very well for the anniversary so that she will look outstanding on that day.

16. Give her a video surprise

Anniversary ideas for her

If you are both married, you can replay the video of your wedding day. This will remind her of the journey so far. She is a woman so her emotion will speak for you that day. You will drive her to tears.

17. Buy her a necklace

Anniversary ideas for her

There are varieties of necklaces out there you can purchase for your wife or woman for an anniversary. It could be of a different type, e.g. golden, silver, bronze, or diamond depending on your capacity. She will appreciate this gift and keep it as long as possible.

18. What if you buy her nose ring

Anniversary ideas for her

That’s if your wife uses a nose ring, you can buy her one or more. She will be happy that you actually value her appearance and it will also give her the idea that you love her look.

19. You can get her a full-sized gold lace crown

Anniversary ideas for her

Isn’t she your queen anymore? Common, get her that beautiful crown. She loves you and so you need to make her enjoy the fruit of her labor. Crown her with woman pride for beauty.

20. She will not avoid nice perfume

Anniversary ideas for her

Your wife could be the perfume type. She will love it if you surprise her with that sweet perfume you know she loves the most.

21. Couple Pendant necklace

Anniversary ideas for her

Wow, I love this; it is like when couples dress in uniform. This shows their togetherness. On the anniversary day, you wear yours and she wears hers.

22. Folded book art

Anniversary ideas for her

I just come across this of recent. It is also a romantic object to by for your woman before her anniversary. It will make a good memory with her.

23. Buy a New Guitar and Play for her

Anniversary ideas for her

You are already a musician, why not promise and buy a new guitar to play for your woman on your anniversary day? Firstly, she will be happy that you bought a new guitar for her sake and then will appreciate that you dedicated a song for her too.

24. Buy her cultured black pearl pendant necklace

Anniversary ideas for her

Search the name online as I wrote it down. This is another valuable product you can buy to cheer up your woman on your wedding anniversary. Surprise her with it and she will be very glad you did.

25. Stay together and tell some stories

Anniversary ideas for her

Stories are amazing discoveries. You can use it to draw your closeness to each other nearer. When you are together for long, you will get to know each better.

26. Go for a basketball show

It is part of fun before or after the anniversary, to cheer yourselves up. Remember, a basketball game is of fun, you can have that fun together, it’s your day.

27. Buy her a book to read

You are both couples, you can buy her a book on a relationship, recipe or other books full of ideas of how to maintain a relationship especially marriage. This is also a good idea for a gift for your loved one.

28. Buy mini chocolate flower cupcakes

Anniversary ideas for her

You may want to say what a woman will do with chocolate flower cupcakes. It is far beyond that stunted thinking. What we are saying here is not physical but emotional. The woman mind will appreciate anything romantic. She will not drop your hands.

29. Buy her Unicorn Planter

Anniversary ideas for her

This is another gift she will actually appreciate if you can give it to her. You can browse how unicorn planter looks like. So sweet, beautiful and may come in different color and flower. I saw one, the vessel is pink. You know the best color or romantic ladies of course.

30. She will equally appreciate nail polish

Anniversary ideas for her

Beautiful ladies mostly don’t ignore their looks at all. If you have such a lady as your wife, don’t hesitate to buy her nail polish. Your wife’s nails will be shining on your anniversary that’s for sure.

31. Go out together and buy her new mattress

Anniversary ideas for her

After all, you are changing a new chapter of your marriage or relationship. If you buy her new mattress, it is not bad. She will be happy that you really care about her.

32. What of a Music Pillow

Anniversary ideas for her

This is actually trending now. Your marriage or relationship is beyond any gift but as a sign of love and appreciation, before or after the anniversary, you should give out a gift to each other. A music pillow is one of the interesting gifts you can give out.

33. Photo Frame Keepsake Box is not bad

Anniversary ideas for her

Women love pictures so much. In occasions, they might have snapped a dozen pictures they may like to keep for the future. If you get your woman such material like this box above, I am sure you will be the happiest that day as she will give you all you want that day. Just request anything but I can’t tell the end result of anything as a request.

34. What about a personalized jewelry box

Anniversary ideas for her

Women with their love for jewelry. They just can’t do without it especially when they have the money or a caring husband that can buy it for them. Personalized jewelry box is good for women as it can accommodate as much jewelry as possible.

35. Body massager

Anniversary ideas for her

Your woman is human, after several hours of dances and jubilations during your wedding anniversary; she could need someone to massage her body for her. You can take this as an advantage to buy her a body massager machine after the anniversary as a gift. This will be romantic to her.

36. Slush puppies machine

Anniversary ideas for her

If you know candy crush you will have guessed right what the function of this machine is. Get one for her as a gift for a successful anniversary. this product is not common. It is found with special people. Get one for your woman and she will appreciate you.

37. Take her to a big boutique

Anniversary ideas for her

It is not necessary that you must buy her the gift alone. You can both go to the boutique to get her some dresses and shoes.

Romantic anniversary ideas for her

Apart from the gifts above, we can equally do some romantic things with our woman or spouse before or after the anniversary. Here are some of the romantic things we can do with or for them.

38. Play puzzles together: I mean play puzzle games together. Through this act, you will learn how to add heads together to find solutions to your marital problems. Apart from that, you will find much time with each other.

39. Find time to talk about your expectations and opinions about your marriage: The anniversary is another opportunity for both of you to redefine your mindset and attitude towards your relationship. This is exactly what a marriage therapist will ask you to practice if you invite him or her.

40. Make a DVD slide of the pictures showing your best moments together: With a cool music background enjoy your moments together. You own each other so you can enjoy every moment as you want.

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