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Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

Wedding anniversary ideas on a budget

Wedding anniversary ideas on a budget: Your wedding anniversary is here and you are looking for anniversary ideas that are within your budget.

I remember asking a Travel Consultant friend of mine whether I can travel on a budget to the Benin Republic since traveling out of the Country for Vacation is still a dream for now. He responded in the affirmative with the statement that Traveling on a Budget is dependent on the *Budget* and that it is possible to travel within means.

That brought about this post. Whatever your budget is, I am sure you will find something here to celebrate your wedding anniversary in grand style.


1. Call each other often reminding each other of how caring you have always been in your relationship

This is one of the key ways to enhance the love between both of you. Your partner will be happy that he or she has a spouse that really cares about them.

2. Text each other romantic messages or poem

This is another good idea when preparing for your wedding anniversary. You should make sure that good rapport occurs between both of you before that day. This will serve as an emotional booster in favor of your wedding anniversary.

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3. Often go out together at a specific day selected

You can as well go out together to enjoy yourself in preparation for your wedding anniversary. who knows maybe you will make some new friends that will add to the colorful day ahead? Remember, if you are always in your comfort zone, you will not easily meet new amazing people.

4. Buy a gift for each other before the special day

Gifting each other in a marriage relationship is a special way to build the love that exists between the couples. If this is already your culture in the marriage, you can still maintain it in a new dimension before the day of your wedding anniversary.

5. Watch your wedding videos together

Remember memory is really connected to the heart. You can rebuild your love for each other by watching your marriage videos. You may, in fact, see some funning things both of you were unconsciously doing together. This will make both of you laugh and happy together.

6. Be together at night on the beach

You can go to a safe beach in the night to enjoy each other with a dim light around you. Make sure the beach is secured. Through this setting, you can discuss your old life and a new one together. It is part of the romantic ways of preparing for your wedding anniversary.

7. Stay together for a day

You can choose a particular day before the wedding anniversary to spend a long time together. Play games together, watch videos together and also tell each other lots of romantic stories.

8. Visit an amusement park together

You can both go out and enjoy yourselves in the park. Take some ice cream and enjoy the evening as couples.

9. Have a candle night meal together in your bedroom

Yeah, I know the tradition is to eat on the dining table, but sometimes, we need to try out new things. You can both have romantic times together eating your favorite meal.

10. Have some pillow play together

I have come to realize that pillow play is one of the best ways for a male and a female to connect. We have been doing this naturally since the childhood days, and I know how I connected emotionally with my sisters. This also will work for us in our marriage. Your wife will be happy that she has a husband that plays.

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11. Take some selfie together with your kid

Perhaps, your wedding is just a year old and you already have a kid. You can take his or her shot along with yours. Call a professional photographer to do so. It is also an effective way to connect with your spouse emotionally.

12. Prepare your favorite meal together

You can set aside a day to prepare your favorite meals together. This will remind you of how important your wife is and also you will be seen as a responsible husband that supports the family.

13. You can become overnight inventors

Sit down and think out something that can be named after both of you. On your wedding anniversary day, it can serve as a center of attraction by placing it where everyone can see it.

14. If you can swim very well, go out for it together

Swimming is one of my favorite sports, so I can’t forget it as a point. Go and swim together. This is also a means to prepare your mind for your forthcoming wedding anniversary.

15. Go and watch a football game together

All this you do to keep both of you in touch for your wedding anniversary. This attitude will reconnect your heart together and take you back to the days you were dating. Indirectly, you are rebuilding your love together.

16. Play the piano together in your room

You own your room, set out a day to play the piano together. You can sing all sort of songs together especially love songs. This is a way of reviving the passion and closeness between you.

17. Dress up your little kid together

The mark and sign of your wedding anniversary is your newly born baby boy or girl. As part of a mutual and emotional feeling, you can both bath and dress him or her together. After all, you both own them.

18. Do hide and seek games

Hide and seek is not for kids alone. This kind of gain refreshes your heart and then you will laugh as kids do. Especially if you have some little grown-up kids say 4, 6 and 10 years old; play the hide and seek game together for the benefit of a happy family.

19. Dance together at home

Depending on your cultural view, I prefer couples to dance at home rather than in the public. Play sweet songs together and dance to them. If you have a song recorded for your wedding, play it and dance to the tune together.

20. Go and clear the garden together

Although, you may have a gardener, tell him or her to step aside for that special day. Both of you should do some gardening job. This will give you the time to spend together. This is a romantic way to communicate.

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21. Set aside a day to ask yourselves some questions

In one way or the other, there might have been some conflicts between us and our spouse. We can use the opportunity of a forthcoming anniversary to ask some questions about our expectations. Through this, we may figure out how to avoid future conflicts after the anniversary.

22. Take out your family

You remember the movie home alone? This time, it is the opposite; you don’t need to leave any of your kids behind this time around. Go out with them all along with your wife and enjoy your day together.

23. You can go and watch wrestling together

Depending on your location and financial capacity, you can go and watch the wrestling matches together. This will open a fun time for both of you like a nice preparation for a wedding anniversary.

24. Go to restaurants together

We know your wife is a good cook, in fact, an awesome cook but this time around, we don’t need her skill, we need her romance for you. Both of you should go and eat together in a restaurant of your choice. You can order for any kind of food or snacks. If you have a kid or kids, take them along and enjoy yourselves.

25. Go cook with your kids

Wow, I love this part, especially when you have one funny little daughter. I bet you, she is going to be the best entertainer throughout the cooking feast. If she has an elder brother who is a little bit older than her, just intentionally add their own part together. You will see the drama. Record the scene and enjoy later.

26. Have some sweet shots with your kids

Put a smile on your kids’ faces. Snap some shots with them. Let them feel the power of the love you have for them. Never let them feel bored at any moment that day. This is also a nice method for preparing for a wedding anniversary.

27. Try new food together

As long as both you and the kids are not allergic to a particular food. You can try it together as part of a family get together game before the wedding anniversary.

28. Bake your own cake together

Some home may have a caterer as wife or husband; you can call your spouse and bake the wedding anniversary cake together. This will bring you both together as one. You will find all the opportunities to enhance your communication skill with each other.

29. Your kids can also partake in your wedding anniversary

Ask your kids to make a video message for both of you in their own opinion. Don’t worry, you will see funny messages, that shouldn’t be a big deal since they are kids and they give their opinions with sincerity. This method adds to the pleasure of the wedding anniversary ahead.

30. Ask your kids to cook while you guide and watch

What keeps family in touch is when they sit together having gist about life. Cooking is also part of life. You can tell your kids to come out for a cooking competition. Organize it in such a way that it will look official than expected. However, don’t announce the winner to avoid indifference between your kids. This means you will encourage them with good words of encouragement.

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31. Have an anniversary party

You can call your friends and family members to have a party with you. Enjoy together and appreciate everyone that comes with one or two gifts.

32. Go and learn a simple skill together

Remember, your wedding anniversary date is fast approaching, so for fun and future benefit, go and learn a simple skill together, probably how to make a snack. This is also a means of showing romance to your spouse.

33. Go to the beach together as a family

You can enjoy the beach together as one family. Encourage your kids to love each other as brothers and sisters and also make them see nature.

34. Go to the zoo with your kids

Nature is one wonderful discovery in this world. You can take your kids out to the zoo to see different kinds of animals and their features. This will not only serve as a romantic out for your wedding but also a means to educate your kids for a future challenge either in school or on the street.

35. Go and visit your parents together

Family is one respected setting in this world, especially when you have kids. You can add respect to the values of your parents in their neighborhood if you pay them a visit along with your beautiful kids.

36. Go out for the second honeymoon this time around with your kids

You can search for a decent place that can accommodate you and your family. Enjoy your normal life as you do at home for as long as you want. The difference between this honeymoon and your normal marital life is that you are out of your original home. You can travel to Dubai or any other amazing places to enjoy this method.

37. Reunite emotionally

How do you do this? You are already too familiar with each other. It is time to separate a bit. But this separation is temporary and beneficial to the marriage. Both of you can travel to a different place. The only means to hear from each other should be a phone call. This will make you both miss each other. The past memories will be revived once again.

38. Give your spouse a portrait

This will be perfectly carried out if you both practice the session above about learning simple skills together. Although, learning to paint is not that easy but it worth it. You can make the portrait painting of each other.

39. Carve your names on a tree in a tourist location

You know how romantic this act is? I used to write that I can cast your name on the platter of gold. Yes, this is the platter of gold I was talking about. Carve your both name on a tree to show how much you love each other.

40. Travel to a new city together

We all have different purpose of moving from one place to another. You can decide to make it a plan for your wedding anniversary to travel together to another city to do some shopping for your wedding anniversary. Ensure that what you shop is not something that will spoil before you travel back to your city.

Here are different types of ideas for you to prepare for your forthcoming wedding anniversary.

Love our wedding anniversary ideas on a budget? Do let us know.

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