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Happy Ramadan Messages & Ramadan Wishes for 2020

happy ramadan messages

General Happy Ramadan Messages

36. Happy Ramadan to you my brother. May this month of Ramadan bring you riches, glory, happiness and full joy. Allah has crowned all of your efforts with profound success. You are blessed.

37. Happy Ramadan to you my sister. As you fast and pray in this Ramadan month, may all of your heart desires be granted. May you never lack.

38. Happy Ramadan to you my Muslim brethren; may Allah send His mighty angels to visit you and your family this Ramadan.

39. Ramadan Mubarak to you! May this month of Ramadan mark the beginning of great things in your life. May Goodness and mercy be your companion forever more.

40. Happy Ramadan to you! May this month of positivity bring you greater joy than you could have ever imagined.

41. Merry Ramadan to my Muslim brothers and sisters. May you always excel in whatever you lay your hands on excellence will always be yours.

42. Happy Ramadan to you my Friend. As we go day by day into the completion of the Ramadan month. May Allah grant us all peace. Peace and rest of mind are one of the best divine gifts a person could be given. May Allah grant us such.

43. Happy Ramadan to you! May you experience much love and gaiety during this glorious season and forever.

44. Happy Ramadan my friend! As you pray and fast in this season, may you find profound peace and profound happiness in Allah.

45. Ramadan Mubarak to you. May you reap the fruits of all your labour. May Allah continue to bless you.

46. Hello my friend. Happy Ramadan. May Allah bless you with deep wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May you always rise. Have a beautiful Ramadan celebration. Merry celebration!

47. Happy Ramadan. May Allah purify your soul as you begin this Ramadan.

48. I am wishing you enlightenment, clemency, and blessings this Ramadan. May Allah bless you with all of these. Happy Ramadan.

49. Ramadan Mubarak! May you be blessed with lots of treasures from Allah. May your light shine to brighten the world.

50. Happy Ramadan to you. Be sure to reflect on the purpose of Ramadan and study Islam well.

51. As you celebrate Ramadan for the rest of this month, may you be given the grace by Allah to treat everybody nicely to relate to people with respect and be sincere in all of your actions. Happy Ramadan!

52. Happy Ramadan to you! I wish you favour from all whether young or old, master or servant, rich or poor in all your doings this joyous season.

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Amazing Happy Ramadan Messages

53. Ramadan Mubarak to you! I pray that your prayer requests be granted by Allah and all your every wishes be given unto you.

54. As you step into this month of Ramadan, lots of fun, food, drinks and fruits to break your fast. May Allah keep providing for you.

55. As we all walk into this Ramadan month, I pray for you that you shall never experience from any forms of sorrow or sadness in this month.

56. Happy and merry Ramadan! May Allah give you the strength and will to observe the fasts without relent.

57. Merry Ramadan celebration to you! Enjoy this Ramadan season with blessings, breakthrough and elevation in all of your endeavors.

58. Happy Ramadan to you! May this celebration bring you lots of heavenly joy. May joy and peace never depart from your household.

59. Happy Ramadan my dear friend. Wishing you utmost purification from sins by Allah. May your sins be cleaned of you completely.

60. As you are ushered into this month of Ramadan, may the blessings and mercy of Allah always follow you wherever you go. Allah bless you!

61. Happy Ramadan celebration to you. May sadness stay away from you and your family today and forever as you celebrate Ramadan.

62. Ramadan Mubarak to you. May the blessings of Ramadan be enough to go round for you and your family. May you always be satisfied.

63. Happy Ramadan to you. May the evil works of the enemy never have power over your life. Every evil plan they might have against you and your family be destroyed. May Allah protect you fully from the enemy because of the grace of Ramadan.

64. As you begin this Ramadan, you will walk but will not stumble. Allah will keep strengthening you so that you walk but don’t ever fall.

65. Happy Ramadan to you! May this Ramadan be a really memorable and remarkable one in your life. May you jump for joy at the kind of miracles Allah will do for you. Stay blessed!

66. Ramadan Mubarak to you my dear friend, I hope this Ramadan brings you blessings upon blessings as well as your family and friends.

67. Happy Ramadan to you. This Ramadan will make you accomplish what you didn’t accomplish in the last Ramadan festival.

68. Happy Ramadan to you all. May it bring lost fortunes to you and your family in the Almighty name of Allah.

69. May this Ramadan celebration make your helpers locate you wherever they may be.

70. As you celebrate this year’s Ramadan, may the Almighty Allah grant you your heart desires.

71. Ramadan is an happy celebration. For this reason, I am wishing you a happy Ramadan from the depth of my heart. Happy celebration.

72. Happy Ramadan to you! I will be expecting my meat and Ramadan food at my house! Cheers! You will live to celebrate many more Ramadan festivities.

73. Ramadan Mubarak! My friend I pray for you that Allah will keep protecting you from all evils this year and beyond.

74. Happy Ramadan! May Allah help you in overcoming all obstacles that could come your way this year. You will triumph!

75. Ramadan Mubarak! May your business continue to grow, prosper and flourish! May you reap huge profits in your business.

76. Happy Ramadan! May your business never go bankrupt. As you pray and fast during this Ramadan. May the Lord continue to enrich your pocket my friend.

77. Happy Ramadan! May Allah bless the works of your hands. May you never know disappointment, disgrace or mediocrity.

78. Merry Ramadan to you my dear friend. I celebrate with you today and throughout this Ramadan period. You are indeed a blessing to me.

79. Happy Ramadan! May Allah send His mighty angels to always watch over you and protect you. May Allah’s eyes never leave you and your family.

80. Ramadan Mubarak to you my friend! I am very happy to wish you Happy Ramadan today. May all of your sweats for financial breakthrough never go in vain.

81. Hello! Happy Ramadan! It is the month of fasting, prayer and reflection. I hope and pray that Allah answers all of the prayers that you will render to Him.

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Happy Ramadan Messages to colleagues

82. Happy Ramadan to you my friends and colleagues! This is the season of love! May Boundless love shine in all of our lives by the grace of Allah.

83. Ramadan Mubarak to all of my Muslim friends. As we celebrate this Ramadan, may we feel the positive visitation of Allah in our lives.

84. Ramadan Mubarak! It’s another year again to celebrate this glorious positivity! Yay! I hope you have been enjoying it so far?

85. Ramadan Mubarak to you my friend! I pray for you today that you will reap the fruits of all your hard labour. Allah will bless you.

86. Happy Ramadan! May the Almighty Allah enrich your life, the life of your family and your occupation. May you have loads of happiness.

87. Ramadan Mubarak! Allah loves you Dear. I pray for you that you will be a force to reckon with wherever you go.

88. Happy Ramadan to you dear! It’s the glorious month! May your glory shine forth into the world. May the world recognize you.

89. Ramadan Mubarak! It’s Ramadan! Allah will provide for every little needs, will protect you from misfortunes, will guide your footsteps, and lead you to a leveled path. You are loved.

90. Happy Ramadan to you! May the rest of your life on this earth be the best of your life. May you have beautiful and awesome memories in this life. May Allah keep blessing you.

91. Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah fight your worldly and spiritual battles for you. May you never be alone in this life. May Allah send His mighty angels to be your companion. Happy Ramadan!

92. Happy fasting my dear friend! I hope you are not too hungry? May Allah provide you with enough strength to be able to carry on this fast till the end. May you run this spiritual race till the end.

93. Happy Ramadan to you! I pray that you start to fulfill your destiny and all lost glory wherever they may be should be restored to you.

94. Ramadan Mubarak to you! May Allah bestow upon you and your family with mercy. May Allah hide you and your family in His pavilion, may He set you on a rock so that your enemies cannot have power over you.

95. Happy Ramadan! May you and your family behold the beauty of Allah and dwell in His place forever more.

96. Ramadan Mubarak. May you and your family have cause to jump for joy in this Ramadan season.

97. Happy Ramadan! May Allah send you heavenly gifts like boundless love, grace, provision, 24/7 protection and all round favor.

98. Happy Ramadan! May your life be blissful and full of roses. May your children never know difficulties, or any shortcomings. Allah will continue to bless you.

99. Ramadan is a beautiful celebration! And it’s Ramadan! Hope you’re excited for the great things that Allah will send to us? I’m sure you are.. Because I am. Happy Ramadan!

100. Happy Ramadan! It’s the festive period. A time to fast, eat, drink and be Merry. But don’t forget to pray for me and all of your friends and family as well. Remember to enjoy every minute of it.

Special Happy Ramadan messages

101. Happy Ramadan to you! May you experience breakthrough in all of your endeavors. May Allah give you divine breakthrough in your work, business or even home life. May you know profound breakthrough!

102. Happy Ramadan! I ask and pray that Allah sends His divine angels to intervene in your life today. I ask that Allah sends His mighty angels to visit you today. In every situation that Allah has sent His mighty angels to intervene, there is always divine turn around for such situations. So, may the angels visit your life today. By the grace of Allah.

103. Happy Ramadan!! I want to pray for you during this Ramadan period that Allah will grant you strong faith like never before. Strong faith so that you stand unflinching in Allah’s words. Strong faith to see sin and run away. May Allah grant it to you.

104. Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah forgive you of all your sins as you pray for forgiveness in this Ramadan. May Allah forgive me of all my sins too. May Allah grant us grace in this Ramadan to sin no more.

105. As we all celebrate Ramadan this year, may Allah release us all from whatever sort of ancestral bondages we might be in. May Allah allow us and give us the strength to blossom into our fullest selves. Happy Ramadan!

106. As you jubilate and celebrate Ramadan this year, may Allah provide for all of your spiritual needs, financial needs, physical needs, and emotional needs. Allah will continue to bless you. Happy Ramadan!

107. Ramadan Mubarak! Wow.. It’s that time of the year! The time to celebrate! To get close to Allah. To God. May all of our prayers be always answered. In Sha Allah.

108. Happy Ramadan! To you and your family! May the blessings of Ramadan never fly past you. May Allah bless you.

109. Ramadan Mubarak! Woooow.. It’s Ramadan again. It’s time to be self-conscious, to reflect and make personal behavioural changes. I pray that Allah grants you the grace to be able to amend character where needed. I pray that Allah grants me the same grace as well.

110. It’s Ramadan! It’s the holy month. The month of the crescent moon. The month when Allah ministered to the prophet Muhammad. It’s that month and it is a joyful month. Let’s celebrate! Ramadan is here.

111. Happy Ramadan! May Allah bless us all with long life. Both young ones and the elderly ones in the world. May Allah pour on us bountifully, the gift of long life. May we live long to see our children’s children.

112. Happy Ramadan to you. May joy never cease in your family as you celebrate Ramadan. Joy is one of the best things a human can possess in their hearts. May Allah bless us with lots of it this Ramadan. In Sha Allah.

113. Happy Ramadan! Ramadan is worth celebrating and for this reason, I am wishing you a happy Ramadan. May we live to witness many more In Sha Allah!

114. Ramadan is here again my brethren! Let’s thank Allah for keeping us till this period. The last time we had same thing like this, something like Ramadan was last year. And Allah has kept us through it all. To witness another Ramadan. To celebrate it with the world. Allah is great! Happy Ramadan to you my brethren!

115. It’s Ramadan! A time to be jolly to be Merry! To fast with family and friends to pray with them. To bond with them, to love them. Ramadan symbolizes Love. I love you like family! Happy Ramadan! May we all be recipients of blessings from Allah.

116. Today is here, may the Lord protect us against all evil, grant us joy and success in every ramifications of our life.
Ramadan, is a blessed month, ya Allah, bless us in this Ramadan and protect us from the plague in the town.

117. I am wishing my fellow Muslim a happy Ramadan. This is an opportunity to enjoy another year with pure heart.
Once in a year with millions of rewards, ya Allah, thank you for counting us among those that fast in this month of blessing.

118. If you are alive to witness this Ramadan, thank God for your life, it is the month of shiffa and barakah.
Ramadan kareem to all my friends, may Allah provide everything you need to fast this year. I wish you more of this blessed month.

119. The blessed month is here again, we wish you more successful month like. Please, make this month a month of ibadah.

120. May Allah bless your home and grant you the benefit of a month like this. I wish you the best.Allah is the most beloved deity, He caters to His creatures and blesses them with the mercy of Ramadan.

121. We hope to see you smile in the spirit of Ramadan, may you find peace and harmony during and after Ramadan in your home.

122. May the holiness of this month reach your home to bless you and your family. Happy Ramadan to my best friend.

123. May the mercy of Allah that is blended to this month be your portion, may Allah bless your day and night this year.

124. Ramadan Kareem to those that are special to me, I wish you an abundant blessing this month.

125. May Allah open the door of Jannah for anyone reading this message. I am proud of you all and will like to say happy Ramadan.

126. Thank God for a day like this, if you are alive. Ramadan is a month of blessing, forgiveness, and purity. I wish you all the best of a blessed month.

127. My beloved, how have you been? I just want to wish you the best of this Ramadan, may Allah make it a possibility for you.

128. We have observed the previous month in regards to the teachings of the prophet, may Allah grant us the strength to observe this fasting accordingly.

129. You are so nice, and I wish you many more Ramadan ahead, may the mercy of Allah be with you all the time.

130. Thanks for being a great scholar, you really strove hard and this is now a benefit for the umma. Ramadan Kareem.

131. May the mercy of Allah that is embedded to this month be a wonderful one for you? I wish you lots of success in this blessed month.

132. Ramadan is like a rare star that blossoms once in a year, may the Lord make our life easy for us to manage.

133. Enjoy this Ramadan, make your family smile with prayer and devotion by encouraging them to do the same. Happy Ramadan.

134. Try and fast with sincerity, devote yourself to Allah so that your faith will be enhanced, and your spiritual relationship with Allah will be organized.

135. Ramadan is an opportunity for a sinner to completely repent to Allah. Purify your soul as this month comes. Happy Ramadan to my wife.

136. Allah’s love and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life—Allah will be pleased with you if you observe this fasting with sincerity.

137. Thank God for this day, may the most merciful bless your home with happiness. I wish you all the best in this Ramadan.

138. Now that the doors of paradise are opened and the gates of hell are closed, may we find the Face of Allah on this special day.

139. Allah will bless you with success, happiness, and joy. Every single moment of your life will be that that brings happiness to you.

140. Have you read your Qur’an today? May Allah bless you with endless joy and the Lord shall bless you beyond your expectation.

141. May the Lord furnish your home with peace and wash your soul with faith. Ramadan Kareem to my best friend.

142. It has been long we have been together as friends. May the Lord bless your home with more success this year than ever.

143. The good spirit of this season shall favor you all the days of your life, and Allah will bless you in an extraordinary way.

144. Your opinions this year shall be uplifted by the special grace of Allah. As you prepare for the Ramadan, may Allah help you out.

145. The special day of this life is the one that promises forgiveness of sins, we hope that Allah will forgive us all our shortcomings.

146. The most merciful shall bless us in great abundance, may Allah be there for you all the time. I wish you the best of this month.

147. I really appreciate your reminder about this blessed month. I pray to Allah to bestow our needs upon us. Ramadan Kareem.

148. Wishing you all the best on this precious day, may the most merciful bless your day with love, joy, and success. I wish you the best of this Ramadan.

149. The light of Ramadan shall reach your home in great abundance, and Allah will not forget you in times of needs.

150. There is nothing that makes me happy like to have the chance to observe Ramadan fasting every year. I am glad to have witnessed this day.

151. We ask Allah to make this day a great blessing to us, may Allah bless us beyond our expectations. I wish you the best.

152. Allah will continue to bless you day by day and this month will not skip you for a very long time. I wish you the best of luck.

153. May the blessing of Allah remain in your home for long, may the prosperity of this day be yours all the time.

154. May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless your heart with the peace it deserves; may Allah bless your means of livelihood.

155. Every day of your life will be of great success and happiness, may the most merciful bless you beyond this month, paradise will be your abode.

156. Above are over 100 Happy Ramadan messages you can pick from. Pick and send it to all of your Muslim brothers and sisters.

 Ramadan Text Messages for the Umma

157. In the hope of a new month with lots of blessings contained in it, I pray you to find the Rahma of Allah easily achievable.

157. May the mercy of Allah in our life outshine every predicament that may befall us. Thanks a lot. I wish you the best.

158. Our Lord, provide us with shelter, so we can hide our head, give us shade so we can be safe from the sun and a roof for us to be safe from the rain.

159. May the most merciful bless our hustles and grant us more successful in life.  I wish you a happy Ramadan.

160. Allah in His infinity shall bless every soul observing this Ramadan fasting. He shall accept our effort as an act of Ibadah.

161. May the glowing happiness of a beautiful month reach our homes and drop a portion of success and prosperity.

162. We call upon Allah to guide us aright and bless us with the Rahma of this sacred month. Happy Ramadan.

163. Ya Allah, please bless and protect us, cleanse our past sins and admit us into your garden of bliss.

164. We hope for good things in life, may Allah bless us with greatness, joy and good death when the time comes.

165. You are the most merciful, please have mercy upon your servants, remove this plague on the surface of the earth, before Ramadan.

166. This is your holy month, please, Lord, grant us righteousness, build our hearts to do the right thing so we can earn your blessing.

167. May the most merciful God grant us success in this life, protect us with His angels of mercy and provide our family with whatever they need.

168. Ya Allah, beyond and below, you are the most merciful, heaven and earth worship you and so, we are here seeking your Face.

169. My dear friends, I just want to say happy Ramadan, may Allah bless us and provide for us when we need it most.

170. The most merciful shall make this month a blessing in our life, by His grace, we shall find endless peace afterward.

171. May the purity of this good month reach our various homes to bless us with the mercy of Allah. It should turn out black into white, our red into blue so we can live in peace.

172. As we hope for more success in life, we pray that Allah should promote us in His list of righteous people.

173. Happy Ramadan, everyone should take advantage of this sacred month and come closer to Allah.

174. Allah is the reason why we exist today, let us come close to Him so that we can recover from our bad deeds.

175. This is the month of forgiveness, a month of success and salvation, may the almighty Allah accept our worship.

176. We are tired, we are weak. Only you, our Lord is neither tired nor weak, please strengthen our household, and protect our hearts against evil thoughts.

177. We seek refuge with you from the affair of the devil the black sheep, we seek your intervention in anything we do.

178. Only you are majestic, only you are the most powerful, we seek the Face of the majesty and the help of the most powerful.

179. We are here to receive your mercy, to ask for your help in any calamity that may befall us, now or in the nearest future.

179. Our Lord, you are the gatherer of people on the day about which there is no doubt. Please, save us from the punishment of that day.

180. Our Lord, bless our worship, accept our prayers, and sign our praises. We ask for your blessing on this special occasion.

181. Today marks the beginning of a sacred month, we pray Allah should accept our fasting and protect us. We wish you all the best.

182. Forgive us, bless our hearts with your light so that light will become our desire. Happy Ramadan.

183. I wish you all the good contained in this month, I ask Allah to bless you beyond your expectations. Happy Ramadan.

184. Ramadan is a month with joy and happiness, Ramadan is one of the best months in human history. Happy Ramadan.

185. If I have offended you, please forgive me. I have forgiven all those that offended me so that my Ibadah will be correct this month.

186. Lord, you are our savior and protector, the master provided, the omniscience. Bless us this month and shower our home with the truth.

187. We ask Allah to grant us joy, happiness and above all the time to worship you. Thanks for all the best things you have been doing.

188. There is no god but you, there is no partner by your side, to you belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and to you belong all praises.

189. May the merciful God bless our family this month. I pray for your success in this month. Happy Ramadan.

190. May we overcome every pain we are into, may we have rest of mind in our home. Happy Ramadan.

191. Lord, bless me, bless my heart, bless my wife, my kids, and the entire ummah of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

192. You are the most beautiful month to me, welcome ya Ramadan, welcome the mercy of Allah to mankind.

193. God of mercy, you are the best until eternity. No one will ever be like you forever. We are happy because you gave us this month to purify our souls.

194. We ask you to guide us to the right path and reply to our request for you alone we shall ask when we are in need.

195. Ya Allah, bless my life with joy, not joy of worldly things but the joy of acceptance of my Ibadah( worship).

196. The very month we have been waiting for is here. Let us use this opportunity to thank Allah for the benefit of a sacred month.

197. Surely, Allah will provide His servants with what they need, may Allah provide us with what we need to fast in this month.

198. We are not the rich type, our trust is only on Allah, we beseech Him to bless us this month. Happy Ramadan.

We hope you have found the above messages good enough to meet your desires. Ramadan deserves to be celebrated in a grand style. For the fact that you are alive to witness another Ramadan, you deserve the Happy Ramadan greeting and one of these happy Ramadan messages! Wishing you a joyous, peaceful, happy, glorious and refreshing Ramadan celebration. May Allah do wonders in your life and the life of your loved ones after this Ramadan! Ameen!

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