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Happy Wedding Introduction Message(s)

happy wedding introduction message

Hello Everyone, welcome to another collection of amazing happy wedding introduction message(s) that you need to share with family and friends that are getting introduced. Whether you are able to make it to the introduction ceremony or not. Sending your introduction messages mean that you are happy for them and you have gone the extra mile to show your happiness.

Enjoy the collection of these wedding introduction message(s) and send away!

Happy Wedding Introduction Message(s) for you to share

1. I may not be there physically to celebrate with you on your day but know this that I am happy for you and I thank God for bringing you two together. The grace of God will never depart from your home. Happy Introduction.

2. To the latest introduced couple in town. Happy celebrations. may God almighty support you from now till the wedding day. Congratulations once again.

3. In the name of God, I pray that you find joy, sweet love, and all the beauty of marital contentment as you commence the journey to fruitfulness and everlasting togetherness. I am looking forward to your engagement and wedding already. Have a blast!

4. I am so sorry that I won’t be there today, but I know that spiritually I am there with you. I pray the company you have both found in yourself will give you both amazing joy, contentment and happiness that will last forever. You are such an amazing family. Happy wedding introduction day.

5. Marriage is not all about the romance and the wuzzy attraction, but it is all about the friendship that is built on a rock that is solid. You have definitely found satisfaction in yourself and I am so excited for you both. May you continually revel in the joy of your togetherness. Happy celebrations.

6. I am so happy that eventually, you are getting together. I wish that this bond that has been created already will last forever in your lives. Remember that you owe each other the duty of complete care and togetherness. Congratulations.

7. Marriage is a blessing that should be appreciated without limits because it brings two together, two different minds, two different families, two different backgrounds, two different humans as one; it is an opportunity to test our leadership ability and the level of our patient for humanity. Happy marriage introduction to everyone.

8. You are both fantastic and it really impressed me to realize that you both finally summoned the courage to become one; you guys are extraordinary and I will always respect you for such action or a rare move you took to reach this new height in your life; happy marriage introduction.

9. You know, sometimes distance cannot stop us from doing what we are supposed to do, but this time around, I regret for not being able to be around as you arrange for this wonderful occasion. I never knew you are this brave; though I never doubt you for once, Thank you for making the family proud.

10. Sometimes, we may see things have been too difficult for us to handle, whereas it is not always true the way we think. It is just prayer and a least expected action that change things in our life; today, I am so much happy for both of you as you are joined together. Enjoy your wedding introduction.

Happy Wedding Introduction Message(s) for people you love

11. As you finally hook your life partner, wish I was around to cheer you up even better; it really pains me whenever I remember that precious day. Anyway, the wedding date has been fixed and I will try all my best to make sure that I attend. Happy marriage anniversary.

12. If life does not go the way we plan, it doesn’t mean that we are the greatest sinners in the world, it only means that we have many reasons to thank God just like a failure is to success—you need to fail before your succeed. Thank God you are now joined together; at least a part out of your dreams has been achieved.

13. When two minds agree to spend the rest of their life together, it means that they enter into a life serious contract which is marriage, and both of you will have to tolerate each other’s attitude and then search for a good measure to make your marriage work in favor of both of you.

14. I was actually overwhelmed with joy when I learned you will be doing your wedding introduction this week, so before coming to attend, I will have to shower you with this colorful message. Never mind the fact that I am not around to do some arrangement for the introduction, I have some special alternatives in bulk for you and sure, you will like them.

15. Your achievement today is that of men with a strong mind and great faith in God and their own selves; they are those kinds of humans that will inherit the greatest achievements because they never look down on themselves and never give up on whatever they believe in. So, make these pieces of words that made one meaning a life lesson. Happy introduction.

16. Many are born but few will re-make themselves into great leaders, I used to tell people that leadership is not only by leading a large congregation of people but to be able to lead your immediate family successfully with patience. You are no longer a child so act like a man because the truth is that, it is not easy to handle any woman.

17. Don’t worry about the status you are today, the most important thing is that you are now a would-be husband; a new man. Always understand that this life is not always as easy as you may think, so don’t allow setbacks to turn you against your wife. Love her; cherish her, live with her with peace and understanding.

18. Thank you so much for reminding me of this wonderful day of your life; though I didn’t forget still it is a great honor for reminding me.. Happy marriage introduction to you. I pray that the Lord should protect your journey to your wedding.

19. This day is a special day in your life, a day of joy, happiness and a precious time that will last forever. I wish I am here for you, to celebrate you forever. You are special, and my joy for you this day is highly powerful; I pray for a successful married life for you. Happy marriage introduction.

20. You are a special friend and this is the reason why I am overwhelmed with joy this outstanding day of your life; I wish you all the best, my dear friend. I want you to take this introduction as serious as you can because it is a big journey to a bigger one called marriage.

Happy Wedding Introduction Message(s) for someone you care deeply about

21. This is an opportunity for you to build your heart better for a complex relation whom you will need to handle with a sense of maturity and responsibility. Have a blessed moment in this wonderful day of your life and never panic in this new achievement of your life because it is the beginning of a new journey in your life. Happy introduction.

22. I want to wish you a wonderful moment of your life as you carry out the ceremony of this wonderful wedding introduction. My regards to your parents and siblings, may you find joy in the new journey you just embarked. You are a great lady and we are proud of you. Happy marriage introduction.

23. I will always wish you the most beautiful things in this world; I will always thank you for making me share this part of the joy. Happy marriage introduction. You are a good friend and that’s the reason why I want to celebrate you especially on this wonderful day of your life.

24. Happy marriage introduction to you my beloved sister, may the Lord continue to protect and guide you away from every mistake that may cause trouble in the new journey you begin. I pray that the Lord should always be with you for the rest of your life. Happy wedding introduction.

25. I wish you know how much you mean to me; a day like this will always come to our way and we will never come to console you of an evil that befalls you. This new day of your life will forever shall joy and happiness upon you and there will be no cause for alarm as you plan to enter a new home.

26. In as much as I am happy for you, I will always be sad because someone else is taking you away from me; I will miss you so much. Thank God for your life for a good day like this. Happy wedding introduction to my beloved sister and I will miss you.

27. To my lovely sister, I want to wish you a blessed wedding anniversary, I appreciate your effort in making sure that you finally become a wife; my advice for you is to make sure you are an obedient and a good wife for your husband. Congratulations on your wedding introduction.

28. May the Lord bless your new union; and make you one of the most successful couples in the world, may He lead your new union to a happy married life; merciful is the Lord, I pray that He showers your stay with each other with lots of peace and harmony, children and properties that will benefit you.

29. Have one of the most beautiful wedding introduction, I still can’t believe that my little sister finally finds a husband to marry her; a lovely angel and the most amazing sister in the world. I pray that the Lord bless you abundantly with lots of love and promotions. Have an awesome day with your fiancé.

30. May the Lord be pleased with you and give you rest of mind in your new home, as this special occasion took place in your life; may the Lord honor you with many other beautiful occasions that will make you happy now and forever; may He continue to bless you until eternity.

Happy Wedding Introduction Message(s)

31. You have finally found your husband, and whoever God has joined together, no one can separate them. Feel this cool love atmosphere with your lovely wife and never find much fault in her; take care of her, correct her leniently when she goes wrong, she is a woman and a woman should be treated softly.

32. It is a great pleasure to have met someone as special as you are in life, I am always happy whenever I see two young people trying to be responsible; in fact, you really make me proud and the special respect I have for you now can never be overemphasized. I love you and wish you a good married life ahead.

33. May the Lord be pleased with this beautiful union; may He bless it abundantly with children, rest of mind, good home, good properties, and true love. I am so fascinated with your new move and pray for a good thing of such in our family always. You really make me proud, congratulations.

34. Can I say a big congratulation to a lovely friend that surprised me with a big move? I hope you will always know how much you have put joy in my heart as you set to embark in a good journey in life; have one of the most beautiful moments in your life; pray for the success of a better tomorrow with your husband.

35. I just want to wish a good friend a very wonderful moment in life as you celebrate your wedding introduction, as the blessing of the Lord descends on the earth, may it find no reason not to branch your home; happy newly introduced the best couple in the world. You are so amazing and I am so proud of that.

36. Thank you for including me in the share of a new joy that came your way, we pray to experience many more of it in life in peace and harmony; we beseech the Lord to continue to bless us more than we can ever imagine. Congratulations to the one I cherish with my heartbeat.

37. Thank God you finally find a good husband to spend the rest of your life with, this is my pleasure in this world that a beautiful and amazing sister will soon become a wife and probably a mother. I wish you all the best now and forever and pray for a better tomorrow ahead,

38. Hey! Congratulations my dear sister, I just want to wish you all the grace in this special moment of your life; truly, it wasn’t easy the way you suffered to become a would-be wife at last; I pray that the day of your wedding is achievable and remarkable. Happy wedding introduction.

39. I ask the Lord to benefit your new union with endless peace and replace it with a better ritual called wedding; may your marriage be blessed with the fruit of love between a male and a female; may your destiny fits into what every good marriage requires. Happy wedding introduction.

40. As the Lord finally replaced your sorrow with happiness today, may He continue to follow you up with His blessing and mercy; may He take care of your home for you and bless you with things you never think of in your life; congratulations on your wedding introduction.

41. I believe now that your face will be overwhelmed with joy and this is how I have ever wanted you to look. Sorry, a great lady; you have really established lots of patients and the Lord heard your bleeding voice and saw your crying heart. Congratulations my surest friend.

42. I love it when I finally realized that my good friend got engaged, and now I am happier to realize that she is now celebrating her wedding introduction; dear blessed babe ever, congratulations on this special occasion in your dear life; I really love to hear this.

43. It is my pleasure to thank God for the achievement of this creamy day in your life; I pray that lots of its kinds come our way now and till the last generation of our family; I pray for a total blessing in your home and also wish you all the best now and forever. Happy wedding introduction.

44. You are a blessing to the family and this is the more reason we wish we can always see you through our prayer is to finally see your off to your husband home; thank God the journey has begun and we are happy for ourselves and you; may you finally land yourself in a good and compatible home.

45. Wishing you the best in this special day of your life; I pray that every single setback that will bring a problem to you in your husband’s home be abolished from this day on; I wish you all the best in this special occasion in your life and pray for your lovely promotion.

46. Praise be to the Lord who blessed you with this wonderful occasion, may He always have you on his mind forever as an honored servant. May He always remember you in good fortunes and prosperous life; happy wedding introduction to you.

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