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Have a Blessed Friday and Weekend

have a blessed Friday

Have a blessed Friday to my love

91. May this Friday favor you as you wish; may your heart be at rest at any moment.

92. Happy Friday to my love, you are special, interesting, may the spirit of this day favor you and your family.

93. Your entire dream shall be fulfilled for you this Monday by God’s grace and you will not have to struggle to get it right.

94. I wish you a Friday of love, passion and interesting happenings. May you find it easy to get things done.

95. Happy Friday my dear angel, you are my only hope this day, I pray for a prosperous life for you this morning.

96. It is already evening, may your heart desires never hard you to achieve. Have a blessed Friday, my love.

97. I love you from the nooks to the cranny of my heart and pray that the Lord bless you with endless success.

98. Have a great Friday ahead, I am sending you all the blessings that it has in it. May you succeed in what you are doing.

99. May your dream come true today being a blessed Friday; you shall not find it difficult to achieve your heart desire.

100. I just want to wish you a beautiful day, may your excellent effort to become great in life be fulfilled for you.

101. Friday is a blessed day, I ask God to direct the entire blessing to your doorstep and draw you close to Himself.

102. Have a wonderful Friday. Put a smile on your face and never give up on whatever you pursue.

103. Happy Friday my sweet love, you are always on my mind, may your face shine like sunshine. Have a nice day.

104. I am seriously missing you, you are cool and calm, and may you find peace in your heart always. Have a blessed Friday.

105. May you be happy all your life; may your journey to the land of success never pass you by. Have a blessed Friday.

106. You are indeed, a great impact in our relationship, for this reason, I pray that your hand touches the best in this world.

107. You are extremely wonderful, your voice is awesome, and everything about you is mind-blowing. Be blessed today.

108. May your strength never betray you; may you smile on this day until the end of time. Happy Friday friend.

109. You are peaceful, lovely, cool and nice; I wish you a precious moment with lots of joy. You are the best.

110. Surely, goodness shall follow you for the rest of your life, you shall be blessed better than you expected.

Have a blessed Friday to him or her

111. Have an awesome faith-filled Friday, always be happy with yourself and never rely on what is not clear?

112 Good morning from my heart to your home, happy Friday to the best lady in town, I wish you a fantastic Friday.

113. As you head into the week, may your days be filled with beautiful happenings and be blessed with love and passion.

114. Thank you, Lord, for another Friday, as you woke us up today to witness the sunshine, let the world benefit from our talent.

115. I pray with all my heart for the blessing and favor of God to rest on you this morning and bring lots of joy to you.

116. Thank God for getting us through another week to sign in to another week. Bless our hustles with your righteousness.

117. You are special, may you find special happiness in your life now and forever. I wish you all the best.

118. Thank God for everything in your life, it is not easy to find a good job this day, as this Friday is favor upon you, may your newly secured job be a glorious favor.

119. Have a fabulous Friday, may your home be filled with blessing and the shower of love and passion will fall upon your life.

120. May the Lord supply all your heart desires and bless you with what you need to be happy in this life.

121. Take care and the Lord will strengthen you and crown your effort with love, joy, success and everything you need.

122. I pray that this day is an amiable Friday that will bring blessing to your home. Have a wonderful day ahead.

123. You are special, nice sweet and precious, may your day and night never fail you anytime any day. Happy Friday.

124. May the Lord count you among the riches and bless you with his love that never ends so that you will become great in life.

125. Hello, darling happy weekend, it is another Friday, may your blessing continue to rise forever. Have a wonderful Friday.

126. Let God fill your heart with passion; grant you all you need, make you happy for the rest of your life.

127. Have a beautiful day, weekend and love from all that you do today, may your heart be filled with much love.

128. You shall be blessed with anything you want, you shall be loved by God in anything you are doing.

129. Have a blessed Friday, you are the most handsome person in this world, may you find peace and rest of mind.

130. Smile and put a smile on others face, today is Friday, enjoy all the coffee alone, and have a nice weekend.

Have a blessed Friday to my boyfriend

131. Shine your eyes to see the blessing of the day roaming around you, grab it and enjoy the weekend.

132. Thank God is another Friday, enjoy every bit of it in a sea of blessing that promises a good life ahead.

133. Much love for you today, may the shower of success and prosperity never lack in your home. Happy Friday.

134. Good morning, happy Friday and be blessed in an abundant way you can’t imagine. Have a blessed weekend too.

135. Have a lovely Friday full of blessing that you can’t swim. I love you and pray for a wonderful day for you.

136. Hello boyfriend, have a warm Friday, may God bless you with joy and grace and put a smile on your face.

137. More blessing to you this wonderful day, may your face be dominated with a smile and your heart with happiness.

138. May you be blessed this morning; you are a flower of passion, so fresh, lovely and smell nice, and have a blessed Friday.

139. Cheese! Today is Friday and I am wishing you the best. I love you so much and pray for endless joy.

140. Let your dream come to pass, you are the best, you are fantastic, may you have peace of heart. I wish you all the best.

141. Wishing you the best of luck, may your heart be lighted with the peace of mind, may you never regret why you come to this life.

142. Friday is one of the most important days in the week, if you pray and devote your heart to God, will surely be blessed.

143. What do you really hope to gain on this day? There are lots of love in it, lots of opportunities you can’t take for granted. If you can do the best this day it will become a blessing.

144. A blessing is when you have everything you need to enjoy the bliss of a day, be content with what you have and smile on this blessed day.

145. I cannot tell what you really need or want but I can assure that if you believe in yourself, this day will mark the beginning of your success in this world.

146. Ensure that you are happy always, you are just the best person in my life, I wish you a great Friday that comes with lots of joy.

147. You can enjoy every time, you can be happy every day, you may need to relax and then find out you can but the joy Friday gives is different, you can just beat it down.

148. Whenever it is Friday, I don’t bother to look at the calendar I know through the excitement written on your face.

149. Friday must favor you whether you like it or not, it is already my prayer, and any prayer said is already answered. Have a blessed Friday.

150. You shall be served well this Friday and the reason being that you are pure in your heart and everyone wants to emulate your beautiful character. Have a nice Friday.

Have a blessed Friday to my Girlfriend

151. Since I have a girl like you in my life, I don’t think I need anything like chocolate, strawberry or those sweeteners, all I need is you.

152. If you want to be happy always, you need to wear a smile on your face so that people will be happy with you. Grab this Friday; it is an opportunity for a blessed day ahead.

153. Well sometimes we don’t even know why we made it a day, yeah, it is the blessing that cannot be taken for granted, thank God today is Friday.

154. If I can wish you a beautiful Friday, it means we are both already enjoying the pool of blessing running in it.

155. What every man needs is called rest of mind, the only time I relax at home; resting on my balcony is when I am sure you are fine because you are my rest of mind.

156. Nice guys entertain their girls on Friday because it is closer to the weekend, if I am reaching out to you now, you don’t need to ask how nice I am. Have a blessed Friday.

157. I am pleased with myself because I have you in my life, this means that I chose the best choice the other day I set my eyes on you.

158. Wishing you the best of luck, remember, you are just too fantastic, beautiful and precious, you are my greatest friend and lover. I hope you will have a blessed Friday.

159. There is no doubt that if you meet the right person, you will always be happy, it is nice to have met a super girl whose aim is always to make me happy.

160. What am I supposed to do, what is the meaning of life without the person you love? This is the reason why I have to reach out to you every day. Have a blessed Friday.

161. Friday is free and I won’t lie about this because it is an open secret. Freedom is the most beautiful thing that a human mind should have, Friday is a glad tiding of a weekend ahead. Have a blessed Friday.

162. If you can find rest on a day, I don’t think it is bad to take the advantage. Have a nice Friday and may the blessing of the Lord continue to be with you.

163. It has been a normal routine for people to be happy whenever it is Friday, I don’t use to understand why. Now that I enjoy the blessing that comes with Friday, I nodded my head and say it worth being called a blessed day.

164. Already, I know I cannot cause a permanent joy in your heart but I always wait for Friday to come. You know why? It is full of blessing that will make you happy forever.

165. Every single soul should understand that Friday is not just there; it is for blessing and happiness. Have a wonderful Friday.

166. Wishing you all the best on this wonderful Friday, it is all the best I have for you to enjoy until another day.

167. I don’t think I need to remind you of how beautiful today is, it is a kind of special day created for people that matters, do you know you are important to me at all? That’s why I am saying happy Friday and have a blessed weekend.

168. It is good to have wonderful people in your life, they remind you of how wonderful you are, you are just the best forever. Have a blessed day.

169. You are just the best for me and I will always be yours for the rest of my life, you are cute, beautiful, your type deserves lots of accolades and blessed Friday.

170. I am wishing you what no one can wish you before me, I mean it because I am going to work towards ensuring that I will always be the first person to wish you a blessed Friday every day.

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