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How I Got Out of a Toxic Relationship: A True Life Story of Preccy

How I Got Out of a Toxic Relationship

I’ve been in a toxic relationship before and I almost died. I was so depressed and I never really overcame the effect of the toxicity even after I broke up with him.

Hi, my name is Preccy, and this is my true life story.

I was so in love, or so I thought, and it really took so long for me to realize that I was in a toxic relationship. I feel like I was jazzed.

How I Met Him

A friend was matchmaking single people on his status. He now posted my picture. This guy then saw it and asked for my number. He called me and we clicked from the first conversation.

We spoke for hours straight and he had a really great sense of humour and was smart too. Then he came to see me in school sometime after. Then we had long intellectual conversations.

We discussed our goals, dreams and aspirations. Then we went on a date afterwards which was really eventful.

The connection was there and after he dropped me back in school, he jokingly asked me out. I kind of ignored it but we kept getting closer.

Then I visited him one day,  we were just talking randomly and he asked me out again.

That was it.

That was how I became his girlfriend.

The Toxicity

From the first month of our relationship things always had to go the way he wanted. He started acting weird; very commanding.

At first, I thought it was nothing until I really got into the relationship. Then I knew I was in trouble.

But guess what, I was totally in love with him so I couldn’t back out.

Did I talk to people about this?


Did they advise me?


Did I listen to them?


I was just stupidly in love. I thought I could make it all go away.

People stopped talking to me because they advised me to leave him but I kept going back to him.

I was obsessed, I think!

He treated me like shit. He kicked me out of his house at times

He chose whento pick and when not to pick my calls

When he will be sweet, he will be over-the-board sweet.

I practically begged him to treat me like I was human

He told me to my face that he is treating me like shit so I’ll leave. Then he will beg me to forgive him afterwards.

He broke up with me three times for no reason and begged after. He said he was not thinking right.

Let me tell you a shocker, he asked a girl out right beside me. They were on a phone call and he started a relationship with her.

The funny thing was, I was not still going to break up because he told me he wasn’t serious about it.

But after I called him countless times, I sent him a breakup text.

After I broke up with him, I was still trying to get back… I was always texting even when he didn’t reply. I woul call him, sometimes he won’t pick.

It was so bad that if he takes a picture somewhere and I wasn’t doing anything at that moment, I would go there and pretend to run into him.

I started to LOSE myself.

Was I obsessed? Maybe I was.

But was it enough for him to treat me the way he did?

I just wanted to be loved, to be appreciated, to have someone to call mine.

Was that too much to ask?

Alas, all I got was emotional abuse in the relationship.

It was a terrible time for me.

How did I get out?

I met someone who made me understand that I had self-worth. He made me see value in myself because I had lost all self-confidence and respect for myself.

Apparently, that relationship made me have very low self-esteem and I did not realize this until later.

I am a very insecure person and I didn’t realize this until late. When I got the help that made me realize my insecurities, I got out of the toxic relationship.

It wasn’t easy but I had to fight for my sanity, for my life.

Guys, finding someone who can help you realise and improve on your self-worth is important. When you meet such person, cling to him/ her. Someone who doesn’t value you will always look down on you despite understanding that you are insecure and  will hurt your self-esteem more beyond measure.

A toxic relationship can lead to your death. Get out NOW  before it is too LATE.

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