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What Does A Promise Ring Mean From A Boyfriend

What Does A Promise Ring Mean From A Boyfriend

What does a promise ring mean from a boyfriend

When a boyfriend wants to signify that he is committed to a relationship, he offers his girlfriend a promise ring, this describes a promise ring as a symbol of sincere commitment between two people in a serious relationship. It is a sign that the couple is truly in love and will like to take the relationship to the next level. As we proceed, you will surely learn more about the promise ring.

Unlike a wedding and engagement ring, a promise ring is different both in meaning and style. A promise ring can come in the form of varying stones ranging from gemstones and diamonds.

Why men give their women a promise ring?

There is always a reason why humans do what they do. This is a natural phenomenon no one can deny. As for this promise ring matter, here are some of the reasons why men honour their women with a promise ring:

Early Relationship

Two people that are truly in love with each other and yet are afraid of losing each other may want to strengthen the relationship so that it will hopefully end in marriage, can come up with the idea of a promise ring.

This is normally done by a man to a woman in order to keep her mind at rest that he is not going to betray her. Once this is done and the man is serious about it, then the lady will accept and believe that he will not betray her no matter the condition that may arise later.

2. Young age

Perhaps the couple is not ready for marriage and yet in deep love with each other they may want to make a way out to put more commitment to the relationship until they are fully ready to get married. So, this need may warrant that the male lover gets a promise ring for the female as a symbol of sincerity and commitment to the relationship to any length.

3. Financial Capacity

If you observe carefully, point two above has to do with emotional and physical capacity. However, this point three has to do with financial capacity. If the couple is not buoyant enough financially to get married, the male is allowed to get the female a promise ring before engagement or wedding in as much as they are both truly in love with each other.

4. Distance between the two

Some couples may be scared of losing each other due to the distance between them. Perhaps they are in different cities but still want to declare their commitment to each other. If a promise ring is involved, there is no blame on both of them. The man is only strengthening his trust in the lady.

5. A place holder before the real deal

A promise ring tells other men that the lady is already committed to someone else and that it will be hard for anyone else to penetrate into such a strong and serious relationship.

In other words, a promise ring means ‘don’t bother to come for a trial, I am committed ‘.

Your Focus and consideration

You must have a focus before getting a promise ring. What is your focus? Your focus is those things must consider before getting a promise ring. Those factors have to do with a true commitment to the relationship. I will outline the focus immediately:

  • Ensure that you are serious about the relationship and commitment: one major mistake young generation make these days is that they don’t know the real value of a relationship, they don’t actually understand that the issue of a relationship does not joke because it involves the matter of heart and emotions and any mistake can lead to the worse case. Before you promise a lady as a man, you must ensure that you understand what you are doing and that relationship is all about commitment, no a joke at all. In fact, I will advise people to put zero jokes into a relationship commitment but can joke in it.
  • Be clear and crystal: you must ensure that the lady understands that it is a promise ring, not an engagement or marriage ring. This is very necessary to avoid expensive misunderstanding between the couple.
  • Be casual: you don’t need to make the promise ring a public surprise or going on your knees. Let it clear that you are not proposing to her for the wedding yet, but you are committed to staying in the relationship until you both get married.

What finger should I wear a promise ring

There is no specific finger or hand for a promise ring, it is your choice to choose any finger you wish to put the promise ring. I am going to do the review of some of the promise rings right away and I’m sure you will be glad I did.

What are the promise rings you can buy?

Let us look at the following promise rings to see which is the best for you. Though, they are all going to be fantastic rings you can get for your amiable lady.

Clara Pucci Promise Ring

Merely looking at the ring, you will see paradise in it, so pure nice and shiny. This kind of a ring, for sure is going to win the heart of your woman, it will burst her heart there is no doubt.

I think this ring can also be named honorary ring because giving it to a woman as a promise ring means you are really committed. Here is the summary of the features :

  • Clara Pucci’s AAAAA ideal cut Simulated Diamond Stone
  • Solid 14k White Gold designer Jewelry
  • Finest Russian Simulated Diamond
  • Elegant Clarapucci’s Box Included
  • Designed, manufactured and sold by Clara Pucci in the United States


Brilliant Round Cut Solitaire three-stone promise ring

This is another Clara Pucci promise ring, it is quite expensive and will be a very good promise ring. It will actually make your woman completely throw herself into the relationship wholeheartedly.

It is a brilliant round cut solitaire three stone with accent best quality you can ever find. Here are some of the features for you:

  • It is made of the highest quality  moissanite Clarity VVS1 Color D Ideal cut
  • The entire Side stones are all Clara Pucci’s Highest quality conflict-free Simulated Diamond
  • It is a solid 14k gold designer Ring that should represent a real step to display relationship commitment.
  • Designed, manufactured, and sold by Clara Pucci in the United States.
  • All items sold by Clara Pucci includes a limited warranty.


14K heart Gold Diamond Promise ring

That special moment you hope to be an everlasting memory, that single moment you don’t want to joke with is that moment you wish to promise a woman how much you can wait for both to be ready to get married. This promise ring can make such a moment and memory possible.

It is the right choice for couples that are really committed to their relationship. The natural Aquamarine heart-shaped 6 by 6 mm, 0.75 carats is the choice that can bring the bond between the two parties t9 a balanced level.

This should be your favourite ring from now on. Here is the summary of the features:

  • Natural Aquamarine, Heart Shape, 6×6 mm, 0.75 Carats
  • Natural Diamonds, 2 pieces, Round Brilliant Cut, 0.02 Carats Total
  • Ring is in 14 Karat White Gold
  • Perfect Gift for Christmas, Mothers Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary
  • Includes Gift Box and Money Back Guarantee


Art Carved Love You Too Sterling Silver Simulated Birthstone Ring

For a memorable, remarkable, and outstanding promise moment, get this ring for your lady. One thing I understand about a promise ring is that the more expensive it is, it more communicative.

An expensive promise ring communicates your commitment louder than an inexpensive ring. In some cases, if the woman realizes that you are not yet financially buoyant to get her an expensive ring, she won’t mind if you get her even a plastic ring, in as much as there is true love between you both.

Summary of the features:

  • Set in pure sterling silver
  • Durable precious metal
  • Can be worn all the time
  • Designed for an excellent piece in any jewelry collection
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Celebrate the special woman in your life.


1.49ct Heart Cut Irish Celtic Claddagh Solitaire

This is an eye-catchy ring that will build the confidence of your special woman when she wears it. I am really sure that you will enjoy this wonderful ring as far as I am concerned. The colour is pink and that’s the women’s general favourite colour.

It is of high quality and as such the price is expensive. If actually, you want to show your woman how much she means to you, go for this ring as a promise ring and she will be glad that she has you in her life.

The shape of love is communicating a lot of possibilities in the relationship; the pink colours tell your woman that she is your favourite, while the love shape symbolizes how much you love her.

Summary of the product:

  • Highest quality White Created Sapphire Clarity VVS1 Color D Ideal cut
  • Side stones are all Clara Pucci’s Highest quality conflict-free Simulated Diamond
  • Solid 14k gold designer Ring
  • Designed, manufactured, and sold by Clara Pucci in the United States.
  • All items sold by Clara Pucci include a limited warranty.


Final words on What Promise ring means

A promise ring is the meaning of your commitment in a relationship, before you get it for a woman, ensures that you truly love her and that you can wait for her no matter what the condition looks like.

You must also be focused before buying a promise ring for a woman. The various promise rings above are specially selected to strike a lasting memorable experience in the life of the woman.

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