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Happy Eid Ul Fitr Wishes to Family & Friends

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes: Happy Eid ul fitr wishes: this is another fitri message article you can send to your loved one. Wish them all the good things in life. Encourage them to enjoy the service of their kindness in return. This is the reason why we have compiled these messages for you. You can send to your family and friends.

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes for family

  1. Eid is here around the corner; I am wishing my entire family members all the best. I pray for your success in duniya and akhirah.
  2. Ya Allah, anta rabbuna, wa anta maolana. Fi asmauhuka baraktana: O Allah, you are our Lord, and you are Master. In your Names we hope for our blessing. Eid Mubarak.
  3. I just want to say a big eid Mubarak to my parents and siblings. May you all see the light of the honor of Allah.
  4. Ya Allah, your mercy is the only true one. Please, have mercy upon my family and make this fitr an act of ibadah for them.
  5. My wishes for you this time are that Allah should remove the veil of his mercy for you to excel in life and to grant you rest of mind in all you do.
  6. Ya Allah, protect us against all evil minds. Do not let their plans work against us. Happy eid.
  7. May we find peace and harmony in all we are doing. Ya Allah, bless us in all we are doing.
  8. You are the master of the Day of Judgment. Ya Allah, protect us against the affliction of this world and the horror of the Last Day.
  9. May your mercy never end in our life. May you always be praised by our tongue. Eid Mubarak to family.
  10. Dear sweet family members, you are the sweetest people in the world. May your desires be achievable for you soon.
  11. Ya Allaah! Taqabal niyanaa. O Allah, accept our heart desires for good. Bless us and put smile on our face.
  12. May we find endless peace in all we are doing; may the entire ummah of the holy prophet be admitted into Jannah.
  13. Ya Allah, only your mercy can gain us ticket into your Jannah. We beseech you this blessed day to make it easy for us.
  14. I wish my entire famile members all the best in life and hereafter. May we meet in Jannah someday.
  15. May the Lord of mercy and grace shower our family with all we need. You shall all be blessed abundantly.
  16. I ask Allah to grant us the ability to protect ourselves from the evils of our minds and the iniquities of our hands.
  17. Ya Allah do not accept our souls until you are completely pleased with it. Bless us and have mercy upon us.
  18. Ya Allah, you are the most merciful. Bless us with all we need and protect us against the punishment of the grave.
  19. The most merciful shall bless and give us the freedom to a good life in this world and on the Last Day we shall be at the right hand side.
  20. Ya rabbi. O my Lord! Do not forsake me. Do not write my name among those that will be punished in Hell.

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes for the entire Muslims

  1. Ya ummatu Rasul alaikum barakqllahu. O the ummah of the Prophet (p) upon you is the blessing of Allah.
  2. Ya Allah! I am in awe of your majesty. I am your servant, the son of your servant. I ask you to grant protection to the entire Muslims in the world.
  3. O Allah, there is nothing that looks like you and you are the all-hearer and all-seer. I beseech that you make you ummah unique before the entire nation.
  4. Ya Allah, count me among those the prophet (p) shall intercede for on the Last Day and put smile on my face the day all faces are in fear.
  5. Bless us with your shade on the Last Day. We worship you alone. Accept our fasting from us.
  6. The reward of the patient ones is Jannah and good life. Ya Allah, as we rejoice on this day, count us among your people.
  7. Your Judgment is just and there is none that can escape it. Please, let us stand well on our feet and do not judge us. Have mercy upon us.
  8. Ya Allah, your mercy is sufficient for us in this world and the hereafter. Do not take it away from us.
  9. You are the gracious Lord. Your mercy in our life will continue to be appreciated. Allah, your Names shall reign in our tongue forever.
  10. We are servants of the most merciful. We humble ourselves before you with our tears and awe in you. Grant us relief in our pain. Eid Mubarak.
  11. On this special day, may we find the ease to be happy for the rest of our life. We call upon God to protect us forever.
  12. Indeed, Ya Allah, bless us. Forgive us and have mercy upon our life situations. You alone we worship.
  13. May the most merciful put smile on our faces and give us the ability to change this world altogether.
  14. Your success will always be the focus of Allah. O ummah of the most beloved. I pray that Allah blesses you this day.
  15. We are happy today because Allah has made it a day of celebration for us. I ask Allah to accept our sawm (fasting).
  16. May the owner of the most precious throne have infinite mercy upon us; may He bless us abundantly.
  17. The true reason why people are not excelling in life is that they have no relationship with Allah. Ya Allah, bless us and accept our ibadah.
  18. I wish the entire Muslims in the world the best the world can offer under the supervision of Allah. Happy eid to you all.
  19. May the world celebrate each and every one of you as this eid is being celebrated all over the world.
  20. Ya Allah, we call upon you to save our brothers and sisters in Palestine and other places. Let this eid easy for them.

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes for family and friends

  1. Our family and friends are the closest people to us, I am wishing them the light of Allah. Happy eid fitr.
  2. Ya Allah, protect those that are close to me from Hell. Bless them with what they desire in this world. Eid Mubarak to my loved ones.
  3. May Allah be pleased with us. May He bless us in a way we never think of and put endless smile on our face.
  4. The blessing of Allah shall reign in our life forever. We call upon him to bless us with the gift of Jannah.
  5. There is no gift as valuable as the of Allah. Ya Allah, we beseech your holiness. Bless us with good health, success in this world and on the Last Day.
  6. Do not count us among the accursed ones. Do not curse us and let your anger distanced from us. Eid mufeedah.
  7. Today is Friday, a great day in the history of mankind and it is also eid fitri day may Allah benefit us with both.
  8. As we celebrate eid, may we find joy among one and another. May the harmony that is infinite descend upon us.
  9. Allah is the most merciful, show us your mercy this day and bless us with what we less imagine.
  10. Your greatness is not of this world but of you might and power. O Allah, we ask you to bring upon us your mercy and bless us for a good life.
  11. You are the best and the most merciful. You are the truest and the most powerful. I beseech that you count us among the people of Jannah.
  12. Friends, let’s celebrate this wonderful day together. May we find peace in all we are doing.
  13. Ya rabbi, ini a’huzhu bika min kalimatun al fasha wa al kadhibin. O Lord, my Lord, I am seeking refuge with you from the words of evil and the disbelief. Bless my family and increase the wealth of my friends for good.
  14. May the Lord the highest the One on the Mighty Throne rescue the entire family and friends from trials and tribulations. Happy eid fitr.
  15. Allah is the most merciful. Ya Allah, bless us and grant us all the blessings in this world. May we find peace and harmony.
  16. You shall be protected in all you are doing. You shall succeed. Your blessing will never cease to flow.
  17. Ya ubangiji mai rahma, mai girima, muna roko ka, ka sam mu yi murna. O Lord the merciful, we ask you to make smile in the end. Bless us with your love.
  18. You are the one I will always run to when things are good and when situations are worse. You are the best.
  19. May the Lord on his Throne of power bless the entire family and put a smile on my friends’ faces. Eid Mubarak to Muslim Ummah.
  20. Ya Allah, the blessed and the merciful. Your love for humanity should spread over us and gain our ticket into Jannah.

Happy Eid ul Fitr wishes and prayers

  1. I wish every single soul reading this message all the best in this world. May we find peace in all we are doing.
  2. May we never regret coming to this world in the hereafter. May we be admitted into Jannah of Allah.
  3. As we enjoy the mercy of Allah on this special day, we pray that he should continue to be merciful to us.
  4. Ya Allah, you are the only true God the most merciful. We beseech you to bless us with all we need.
  5. Let your love be appreciated in our life. Manifest your work in us and make us your khalifah of peace to the human race.
  6. May your mercy always dwell in us. Protect our children from the evil ones and bless us abundantly.
  7. God the most merciful. You are the best and the most beloved. May your mercy continue to shine until eternity.
  8. I ask the Lord of the true Throne to bless the singles with good wives and husbands and the married ones with pregnant and children.
  9. Happy eid to my beloved sister, may you live to witness more of it with us. We wish you all the best.
  10. Ya Allah, protect us against the punishment of the grave of the Hell. Let us be among your servants you are pleased with.
  11. You are marvelous, you are blessed and the most merciful will continue to protect everyone in your family. Happy eid fitr.
  12. May you find endless peace in all you do. May the blessed God have mercy upon you now and forever.
  13. The most blessed God shall protect you and put smile on your face. You will never be forgotten all your life.
  14. The God of honor and joy will not be tired of you. Your day and night shall record peace and harmony in your life.
  15. I want to say happy eid Mubarak to you and your entire family. May your success be drawn near to you.
  16. Ya rabbana. Our Lord. We ask you to protect our interest and give us the privilege to be among the ones you are pleased with.
  17. May the Lord in his infinite mercy make this Sallah a blessed one for the entire Muslim ummah.
  18. I just want to say happy Eid Mubarak. May the entire brothers and sisters in Islam find things easy for them.
  19. Ya Allah, your Names are the most marvelous, greatest, precious. May the Lord protect you always and forever.
  20. I beseech his holiness upon the entire family today. I ask him to put a smile on our faces and bless us with all we care about. Happy eid Mubarak.

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