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Jummat Messages For Family And Friends

Jummat Messages

Jummat Messages For Family And Friends: Jumu’a is the name of a blessed day in a week according to the belief of the Muslims all over the world. It was coined from the root word ‘jma’ which means to gather. It is also believed by the Muslims that Jumu’a is the best day of the week because it contains a lot of blessings. It is the day the first ma on earth was created and the day this world will be terminated by Allah. Muslims were advised to purify their heart and body on Jumu’a before going to the mosque to receive sermon and then say the two rakahs of the Jumu’a prayer. Some Muslims also recite a chapter of the Qur’an called surah al-Kahf, which they believe when the first ten chapters are recited, they will be protected from an anti-Christ called al-Dajjal in the Arabic language. However, if they recite the entire verses of the chapter, they will be protected from a Friday to the next Friday.

Of recent, some Muslims have adopted the tradition of sending good wishes messages to each other every Friday in form of prayers. Though, it is believed that Jumu’a is a small first in Islam compared to the two major festivals called Hid-al Ahad and Hid-al Ftri respectively. So, we are presenting you these messages today to send to your loved ones.

Great Jummat Messages

1. Oh Allah, charm us with the beauty of Iman, bless us with the garment of Ibadah, clothe us with the light of al-Islam and make our footsteps match that of the prophet until will enter Jannah.

2. Oh Allah, bless us with the wisdom of the knowledge of Islam, accept our prayer, lead us to the straight path and make our Ibadah benefit us.

3. May Allah answer your secret prayers, wipe away your tears and sorrows. May Allah continue to guide you to the path of ultimate success.

4. Lord, accept our prayers, listen to our cry, rescue the entire Muslims in the world from the ambush of their enemies.

5. Protect our home, grant us with children with iman, bless our children and make them prominent among their peers.

6. Our Lord, we seek forgiveness from you. Save us from the punishment of the Hell, let us meet you in good mood with us and bless with your Jannah.

7. O Allah! You said we shouldn’t die except we are Muslims, this is amazing and almost impossible, please let us die as a Muslim for we can’t achieve that by our own selves.

8. We are weak ya Allah, please give us strength. Ya Allah, make the Muslim ummah unite once again so that we can stay stronger against our enemies. Let the world understand that we are not bad.

9. Jumma muffeedah to my entire family member, may you see the next one coming; may we be counted among the companions of the prophet on the day of resurrection.

10. Ya Allah, all praises belong to you, all honors abide by your rules, whatever is in the heavens and earth bow down before you; Ya Allah, we call upon you to admit us into your paradise.

11. O Allah, we ask for your favor today been the best day of the week. Count us among the ummah of the prophet that will benefit from it.

12. Our Lord, Ya Allah, accept our call, accept our worship, make us a stronger Muslim so that we will be more devoted to your service. Jumma Mubarak.

13. We seek refuge from the Satan the outcast, you alone we worship and we deny every other deity. Bless us and admit us into your pleasure home on the Day when there is no pleasure other than yours.

14. O Allah, I am your servant, the son of your servant, the son of your female of your servant. My life is in your hands my actions are seen by you. I err every day before you. Forgive me and clear my sins.

15. There is none worthy of worship but Allah, there is none worthy of worship but Allah the Lord of the magnificent throne, lift us above the punishment of the Day of Judgment.

16. Ya Allah, only your face we seek, only your response we want for there is no other helper like you. Protect my family and bless my entire household.

17. We honor your presence in our life, we are your servant and slaves, we surrender our life to you to manage for us. Jummah Mufeeda.

18. O Allah, direct our affairs to the right course, give us the ability to worship you all our life; do not turn away our heart from your religion.

19. You named us Muslims, please accept our Ibadah, forgive our parent the ones that are alive and the ones who have died. Admit all Muslim Ummah into Jannah.

20. Ya Allah, do not let our body be touched by Hell, purify our souls to be answerable to your service. Bless us in an abundant way.

Special Jummat Messages

21. Give our parents the source to take care of us. Give us the wisdom of understanding and make us the patient ones.

22. Lord come and defend our home and properties against destruction. Ya Allah, come and bless our children so that they all shall become the memorizer of your book.

23. Our Lord! We are your humble servants, accept our jihad. Help us conquer our greatest enemy which is ourselves desire. Prevent us against the influence of Satan and make us a good Muslim.

24. Bless us with the understanding of your religion; make the love of the Qur’an reign in our heart. Do not let our effort about this religion go in vain.

25. O Allah, our major concern now is not us but our coming generation. Do not let them go astray, raise for them a comforter who will continue to guide them to your part until they completely accept your religion.

26. O Lord, put your Light in our hearts so that it will shine with your remembrance, cause our heart to be softened so that we will take heed of your warnings.

27. We beseech you, Ya Allah, to bless us with the understanding of the Qur’an and then make this greatest day of the week a blessing upon us.

28. O Allah, we ask for beneficial knowledge, a good provision and deeds that will be accepted from us. We ask for beneficial children, well-mannered children who will take the footstep of the prophet (P).

29. There is no other deity but you, I bear witness that Muhammad is your messenger, I bear witness that there is power other than yours—take control of my life and that of my loved ones.

30. To you belong the west and the east. To you belong the north and the south. You alone whatever is in the heaven and the earth bow to. Bless us the Jummah and protect us against the trial of al-Dajjal.

31. My Lord, I seek refuge with you from the punishment of the grave, prevent my family and friends from distress and misery of life and hereafter.

32. You alone we seek protection from and we shall not share your glory with anyone. We will worship you till eternity.

33. Ya Allah, you are our strength and our Support. For your sake, we match forward and for your sake, we match backward. For your sake we live, bless us with your protection.

34. O Lord, accept our prayers and our fasting. Lead us to the way of your beloved one, guide us and prevent us from the trial of fornication.

35. Lord, let us stay purified this day and accept our rakataini Jummah. Grant us the entire blessing that comes with it.

36. Ya Allah, I am asking from you of what is good for every one of us, we pray that Allah should bless us and make us happier in our life.

37. I am asking for great provision from Allah upon every one of us. I am begging Allah to protect our business from destruction and increase our iman in standing firm in the truth.

38. Ya Allah, you are the most powerful. The greatest and the one in whose Hands my life and affair are. You created me and then provide for me. May your blessing spread all over the life of the entire ummah.

39. Ya Allah, protect my nation from falling, remove the evil ones from the cabinet that decides our national affairs. Bless us with a government that will have the people in the heart.

40. We worship Allah and praise Him above all another deity. He is the truth and the reality; may this jummah be of benefit to the entire Muslim ummah.

Beautiful Jummat Messages

41. There is no other God save you and I am from the wrongdoer, Lord forgives me and then bless me and my loved ones with abundant success. Jummah Mubarak.

42. Ya Allah, bless us with your pleasure and paradise this day. If we die, let us meet you in good condition with us. Remove fear from our heart on the Day of grievance.

43. May Allah bless us with love, joy, and happiness? Give us the strength to be grateful to those who were kind to us. Bless those who fed me and those who gave me drink.

44. All praises belong to Allah. All honors belong to Him, all adorations belong to Him, and all worship belongs to you alone. Come to our rescue and protect us against all evil.

45. May the protection of Suratul Iqlas be upon us, protect our family and friend by the leave of Allah. May the guidance of suratul Fathia work in our life.

46. May the Wisdom of Allah descend on us, may the perfection of His power rule over our lives and make us strong in His course.

47. Lord, upon your perfect words we rely on. Upon your guidance, we want to live and upon your way, we want to lead till the end.

48. I seek refuge in the perfect Name of Allah, in your presence the evil ones run away. Protect me and my family and the entire ummah.

49. May Allah magnify your success, and make perfect your engagement in life, and forgive your sins of the past and present.

50. Verily to Allah belongs everything, He takes away what is His, and give out what he wills. Whatever has been taken away by Allah shall be replaced with a better thing.

51. Ya Allah, your female slave and the daughter of your male slave are in need of your attention. Grant her heart desires, you are not in need of her suffering, remove all her life affliction.

52. O Allah, to you, belong all praise, and with you is all praise and from you is all praises. Bless us with your mercy so that our life will be filled with endless joy.

53. We worship you, O Allah, accept our Ibadah. We call on you, please accept our prayers and save the poor Muslim ummah from the hands of their enemies.

54. Ya Allah, with you, is the protection of the heavens and the earth, protect our territory away from the wicked ones. Do not let them have power over us.

55. O Allah, we beseech your mercy in our life, we ask for your forgiveness and pray that everything we need should be granted upon us in ease.

56. YYa Allah, your male slave is sick; he is the child of your female servant, the child of your noble slave. Forgive him and restore his health for him.

57. Has there not been a time when a ma nothing worth mentioning? We urge each other to humble ourselves before God. May Allah make it easy for us.

58. O Allah, may your mercy reign in our life; may your blessing continue to shower upon us; may your holy name be a great conviction in our life.

59. Ya Allah, only you, we want to worship forever. You are the most blessed and the most wonderful the creator of the noblest and the creator of the richest.

60. To you we direct all our life affairs; we will not do what you didn’t ask us to do. We will not say what you didn’t say and we will leave what you ask us to leave.

61. Ya Allah, we ask you to strike the neck of our enemies so that they will not have upper hands against us. Win them for us so that we will come out with a victory.

62. Ya Allah, you alone we worship and you alone we supplicate to. You alone we prostrate. Let our heart be directed your service and hasten me to your way.

63. Ya Allah, your promise does not change and we are scared of your punishment. Protect us against the punishment of the grave and that of the hereafter.

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