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Sweet Love SMS | The 300 Most Amazing Collection Ever


35. You raised me up

When I was at my lowest ebb, you raised me up. When I felt like tomorrow will never come, you raised me up. When I thought that all was lost, you raised me up. Thank you for raising me when I am down. You are the best, I love you.

36. Hold my hand

Hold my hand, take my into the warmth of your loving embrace, tango with me in this rhythm of our harmonious love, keep me on my feet all night without feeling the pressure because your love is a soothing balm, stay with me my love, even when the rhythm becomes only a distant flutter.

37. Sail with me

Sail away with me, on this endless ocean of our love, filled with possibilities yet illuminated by the beams of our honesty, a gem so rare that a drop into treasure island might yield nothing in this world full of deceit!

38. You are simply the best

Through all the tears and pain my love, I found the one who makes my heart race like a well fed horse determined to save it’s injured master from the throes of war! You my love! Bring out the best there can be in Me.

39. I miss you

Hello love. I miss your hugs. Can’t wait to feel your warmth, Come closer, let me feel the fire of love in your eyes. You’re as tall and strong as an iroko tree and I love your chocolatey goodness. Come, let’s stay where the wind will whisper love’s messages to us

40. You are the fire in me

Baby come closer and give me something light. Your eyes make the stars look like they’re not shinning. When I see your face there’s not a thing that I would change. You are my fire, you’re my ginger.

41. You kissed me

The moment you kissed my lips, my heart stopped pounding and then I realised, breathing wasn’t that important. One day, my lips will let go of your touch and that day I’ll breathe again.

42. I will crawl to you

Someday I want us to dance in the rain, get engaged on the beach , have dinner on the mountains, crawling into each other’s arm under a tree in the middle of the woods.

43. Me and you, together forever

Let’s walk together and fall down together, holding each other and travelling the world. I’d brake a thousand times to make you whole.

44. There is a huge difference between want and need ayanfe mi and I want you so much to the point of need. I need you baby, I need you by my side, every day every moment loving you till the sun gives way to the moon.

45. You were my choice now my decision and I decide to stay with you every day and love you in every way regardless of how many times you push me away or how often you say to yourself that you are not good enough. I love you.

46. If I was to give a reason why my pupils grow wide when I see you or why my heart flutters when I hear your name or why my tummy lurches at the sound of your voice I would fail woefully at giving one because I don’t know why I love you so much and my heart has no mouth to say why.

47. There isn’t another hand I want holding mine, or another lips touching mine. There isn’t another that makes me smile every time you wander in. whatever you do… never let your scent leave my pillow. I can’t wait to have you back here with me. I love you.

48. Take a kiss from me. No take it all every single damn one, I became yours from the moment you said hi and now I’m never letting go.

49. Today I wore your shirt, the one you left behind, or I stole from you and then our song came on and your call came in and I swear I was never more convinced that our love was approved by the universe. Come back soon. I have a whole buffet of love to serve you.

50. When I was a kid I used to play this game where I’d strike out names to see love statuses, very silly I must say but today with our palms linked and you fast asleep I played that game again in my head and you know what it said? It predicted we would be “lovers forever” and I stamped it with an “amen”.

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