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Sweet Love SMS for Boyfriend

1. Deep Love

My love for you goes deeper every single day and just when I thought I couldn’t love you more, I surprised myself again

2. My imperfections

Knowing your imperfections only made me love you more and sincerely you are perfect for me with all of your imperfections

3. True Love

My love for you is so true, it isn’t dependent on anything you do, even when you’re not doing anything, I still love you

4. You discovered a new me

And when I thought I knew myself, you helped me discover a new side of me- the side of me that’s capable of feeling so much love

Good Love SMS

To love is one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to mankind. To find someone you love is quite lovely but to be loved back by the person you love is probably the most beautiful feeling in the world. When two soul mates find each other and their hearts share one peace, the soothing understanding that only they can understand, a bond forms and the strength of that bond can never be rivaled by anything else in the whole world. Love is a beautiful feeling, it is both enviable and contagious.

For some, falling in love is as easy as tying their shoe laces, while for others, it’s quite like solving very challenging forms of calculus. But when people love, they love with their entire being. Some say, women are the only ones who love with every bit of their essence; well, I say men do so too. What else would bring a grown man down to tears? Money? Well, loss of money does sometimes, but not like lost love hits them hard. I would know.

Love SMS. Hmmm. Sometimes I wonder what King Solomon was thinking when he penned “the songs of Solomon”. That’s just love on a whole other level. Deep love. Very deep love. Mississippi deep kind of something. Lol. Many times I wonder if that kind of love still exists. So raw, open and vulnerable like the baring of souls. That’s what love should be; that’s how it should feel, indeed breathtaking. Love messages are like messengers to the heart. A love text can do much more than a dinner date could ever do. Love messages translate to words like; “I’m lying here thinking of nothing else but you” even when that’s the opposite of what the writer is doing.

A lover who cannot compose sweet love SMS to the love of his/her life, is that one a lover? Lol. Every person in love should know words that melt the heart of his soulmate. Isn’t that what love is all about? Knowing every single detail about your other half. Like I said before, to love is a beautiful feeling and once it hits you, there’s no going back (although I can’t speak for divorcees).

Enjoy these sweet love SMS, you could send them through text, or email, to show your lover how much they mean to you. They are composed and compiled for your use so feel free to use to brighten your lover’s day. Enjoy.

1. My mornings make no sense, absolutely none if you’re not next to me. My evenings mean nothing to me if you’re nowhere in sight. The thought of you strengthens my heart the way it also weakens it. How can you be both my drug and my poison. I love you with every bit of me, I’m reduced to nothing with you. You are my everything.

2. When Adele sings “bring your heart, I’ll bring my soul” I fear her lover would never stay. I could never give you just my soul, I’d give you every bit of me, my heart, my soul, my body. I’d even reduce myself to nothing just so you’d know how much I love you. You complete me and I you. I love you.

3. If my entire being was made up of just three parts, I’d give you two-thirds of myself and keep one. If I had just two lives, I’d give you one of it just so you never leave me while I’m alive. If we slept and woke up in a war, I’d give my life to save yours, you should know my life means nothing to me if you’re not there, I love you with all of me.

4. When the sun shines, I think of you, how it hits your face, how your lashes hide your eyes from its gaze. When the moon glows, I shut my eyes and imagine, imagine how you shadow draws the sexiest figure on the floor, imagine how your beauty is enhances under its glow. Both the sun and the moon, no matter how harsh or mild, have nothing on you. You are my heart and I love everything about you.

5. Today I bought a diary, I bought a pen too. I wrote your name and I wrote mine too. I drew an arrow from your name to mine, I also did it the other way round. It felt like something a child with a crush would do. I didn’t mind about that because you make me feel young. I love you.

6. I felt love was simply having affection towards people until the day I met you. That day I knew it was so much more than that. My love for you became the definition of true love for me. I’ve understood that love is deeper than affection and stronger than likeness. I love you so much and I hope you know that.

7. I don’t believe in fairy tales but I’d write one for you. I’m not a scriptwriter but I’d write a romantic movie for you. You’d appear on every scene and you’d be the only star of the story just like you’re the star of my heart. I’d even write an entire novel with your name on every page to put my love to words. I love you.

8. If the devil came to me today and give me two options; have true love for just one day or have all the money in the world without true love, I’d choose the former. I would rather love you for one day than have all the riches of the world without you there. I’d cherish memories of you everyday even without a dime. You complete me.

9. Today my heart skip a beat, it was the worst one second of entire life. I thought of losing you. In that second I hated life without your love. I dreaded me without you. I understood how miserable I’d be. My whole world revolves around you. You love is my life line, I love you.

10. I feel alive when you’re there, I could scream my longs out with all the joy in my heart. I’d reduce a mountain to nothing just to be where you are. When you smile at me, my whole world stops and I hear my heart beat for only you. I love you more than anything else in the world.

11. Let’s do some role playing, I’ll be Marilyn and you’ll be Joe. You’d walk out in a little red dress and I’ll strut in in a suit. We’d hold each other’s gaze as the world fades away. Our eyes would speak tons because we understand each other With you everyday is a movie with a happy ending. And it always ends with you in my arms. I love you.

12. I don’t like math but if you were an equation I’d solve you any day. I know nothing of economics but I know if you were a commodity, you’d be Priceless. If you were a subject, I’d learn you all the days of my life. The thought you makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. I love you.

13. If I wrote a song for all the ways I love you, the album would be called obsessed. I am both fascinated and intrigued by you. I could literally count the freckles on your face. That’s how much I know you. You never bore me, every day with you is a true adventure. I love you.

14. The day I realized I loved you a new day dawned in my life. I saw things different, I felt like a new being. The day I knew you loved me back my whole world hit reset. I am not who I was before, I am the man you love and who loves you back. That’s a new me, and I’ll never stop being him.

15. I bless the day you came into my life, it should be a holiday. I bless the moment I felt your love, it should a moment of rest. I bless the first words you ever said to me, it should be a daily mantra. I cherish every moment spent with you, it’s everything I ever wished for and more.

16. My heart wants nothing more than to love you, my hands do not rest till they get to hold you, my eyes were blind till the day they rested on you. Every piece of me reacts to you and only you. I love you with all the blood in my being. Always and forever.

17. If only you knew, the way you make me feel, if only you heard the songs my heart sings everyday I spend with you, if only you felt the shiver you send down my spine each time you touch then you’d know how much I yearn for you when you’re not there. I love you so much.

18. I would die a million deaths to keep you here with me, my life would mean nothing if you weren’t in the picture. I would fight a thousand wars for a victory that is you undying love. The way I love you is barely legal. I cherish you so much more than you’d ever know.

19. I’m the fastest talker in the world but I run out of words when you’re there, I’m the fastest runner on earth but my legs never move when your gaze rests on me. You break me down to tiny piece and your love builds me back up piece by piece. I love to love you.

20. You’ve got a way with words, they kill me each time you say my name. I go crazy when you talk, it washes over me like rain. I am nameless until you call me. Only you can say my name right. I love you.

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