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21. Sometimes I wish I knew magic, then I’d make us disappear. Far far away, to a place where the roses are redder and the waters are stiller. We’d live there forever and never grow old. I’d take you hand each morning and kiss it like a gentleman would. So sad I’m not a magician, but my love for you would never grow old.

22. With my hand to my chest, and the world as my witness, I pledge to love you and only you till the end of my days. I promise to make our days the best of our lives. I pledge to have eyes for only you till the day my heart stops beating. My heart is yours, always and forever.

23. All the best love songs in the world are second rate to the song my heart sings for you. All the love poems in the world, can never describe the things I feel for you. I love you is too cliché for what I want to say to you. You are everything to me and everything you’ll forever be.

24. Today I heard my heart speak, it said you’re the one for me. It said I’m everything because I have you. I believe it because a piece of you lives in my heart. I love you.

25. I was a broken soul before you can my way. You fixed me. I still don’t know how you did it but I’m grateful I found you. I’m grateful I found you, you mean the world to me.

26. Have you ever wanted to fly? Just elevate and soar the sky. Stare at the clouds endlessly and take back a souvenir. That’s how you make me feel. Like I can soar the skies anytime because you love me.

27. Each day you walk in, I wonder how the room suddenly seems brighter than it was. Your smile lights up my entire life. You set my heart on fire and it oozes flames of passion. I love you.

28. Nothing can stop the love I have for you, nothing can change the things I feel for you, they are endless. Each day I find new reasons to love you more. I want nothing more than to be the one you spend the rest of your life with. I love you.

29. Is it crazy to say my love for you is a mystery? Till this day, I can’t explain it. You do things to me no one has ever done. The way you get to me makes me feel too easy. I love you and that’s all I want for myself.

30. I spoke to the wind today, I told it to tickle you till you laugh out loud. I told the birds to write you a hit song, one only you would understand. With you I can do the impossible. I adore you.

31. Unwavering Love

Whether the sun rises or sets, my love for you will always remain the same. You are the one who gave me light during my darkest moments. Thank you for loving me differently.

32. Love oh love!

I’ve read books, seen movies, heard gists and even tried to feign it all because I admired and fantasised about a love that belonged to others; formed in my subconscious within the confines of societal rule but you my love broke all boundaries, took all pain away and even made realize that a wait would have been worth my while.

33. The Missing Piece

The missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle, you complete me like no one else has and I’m glad that we chose to embark on this journey together, to love like earth itself hasn’t witnessed. Walk with me my love! I’m your and yours only! I love you now and always.

33. Thanks for holding my hands

As hunters are to Guns, herdsmen to their rods, farmers to their hoes, weavers to the bamboo, so has your love and guidance been effective in making me a better person. Thanks for holding my hand and taking these baby steps with me into love, I solely hope and pray that together we shall be forever

34.  Your warm love

Body strikes body as the blacksmiths hammer strikes iron, sparks fly as a meteorite shower on a bright August day, I knew from the first feel of your warm smoke that these weren’t mere sparks but a confirmation that cities of lies and deceit have began to burn under the energy of our love

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