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Sweet Love SMS for Him

Love, that feeling.. We all want love. We all desire to be loved. It involves the union of two souls melting into each other to form one. Maintaining romantic relationships takes work and effort. You need to keep refilling your partner’s love tank with their love language and love messages.

Texting your partner cute love messages during the day when you’re apart, reminds them that they’re always on your mind and also that you’re thinking about them. Keeping the spark alive in your relationship is essential. Very essential. And little things like a simple romantic text to your partner can go a long way. A very long way.. Especially if your spouse’s main love language is Words of Affirmation. This will be like the best gift ever for them. For people like that dwell on positive words.

1. Good morning sweetheart, I bless God everyday for sending you to my life. Good morning sunshine.

2. Do you know I think about you every hour on the hour of everyday? I don’t know………. I think I love you too much.

3. I wish you were here; I want to hug you so badly! I love you darling, Never forget that.

4. My honey bunny, it’s morning! And I can’t help but wish you a perfect day ahead! Much love dear.

5. Sweetie, I have to text you this! Do you know that my heart beats for you? You are basically the reason I am alive.

6. I love you more than mere words can tell love. I freaking, freaking, freaking love you!

7. Hello, pie. I trust your day is going well. I can’t help but text you, my lover, right now; I can’t stay away from you.

8. My lover, you will always be forever in my heart. Forever in my pumping heart, you will always be.

9. Baby, every time we hug and embrace I always feel like I’m in heaven on earth. Please baby, never leave me.

10. It’s your words I long to hear, your touch I long to feel, your love I long to warm my heart.

11. It’s your love that keeps me going baby. I just thought to tell you that.

12. Good day darling. Do you know that those few hours we spend mean a thousand memories to me?

13. For every single word that you utter, I fall in love with you more and more. I love you, Pony.

14. You are worth more to me than winning a jackpot! I want you more than money.

15. Your presence in my life honey, is all the solace and comfort I need.

16. I look at pictures of us and I just smile to myself and go back to those times. Those sweet, sweet times; can’t wait to see you.

17. My love, my honey, my jackpot, my teddy bear, my fairy prince, my everything, you mean the whole universe to me.

18. I dream of you every night and the dreams keep me going when you are not around. I love it when you’re in my dreams.

19. Without you, I don’t think I can go on in life you came into my life and gave me all the love and support you could give.

20. I cherish you darling; I cherish you more than diamond, gold and silver, more than all the precious stones.

21. You are the honey in my tea, the ice frosting on my cake, the pepper in my soup, the soup on my rice, the toppings on my ice cream.

22. Baby, what I feel is so strong, I can’t explain it.

23. Love, I’m going to love you till I die. I am not going anywhere from you.

24. I’m thinking about when next I will set my eyes on you. I can’t wait to see you.

25. You are my only. My only one, my only love.

26. Even when we die in our old age, I know that there will be perfect reunion with you in heaven. Our love will continue till heaven.

27. Pony, we are inseparable. Nothing, and I mean nothing can ever separate us.

28. Cutie, your love keeps me flying like a kite in the sky.

29. I can’t control the feeling. I can’t even explain it. I just know that I…… I love you.

30. This wind of love and union between us will blow us to a place of bliss, harmony and perfect companionship.

31. Good morning my soul mate, you mean the whole world to me, I will love you to the end!

32. I promise that I can’t get tired of loving you,, of having your back in difficult times.

33. Love of my life, my destined lover, we’ll keep going into the world and conquering!

34. I feel you teddy bear, every time we converse. I never, ever want our conversations to end, they are perfect bliss.

35. I am promising to choose everyday to love, adore and cherish you.

36. Honey pot, I loooooove you so much! Enjoy your day and dream of me this night, I will certainly dream of you too!

37. You are my lover, my friend my confidante, my human diary and beloved companion. I cant ask for more.

38. Hello Sunflower, hope you’re thinking of me right now! Because I am thinking of you.

39. I care for you baby, so much that it hurts……… Even if it hurts I won’t stop caring and loving. I simply can’t..

40. Honey pot, thank you for being my rant buddy, inspirer, comforter, encourager, and motivator. I love you so damn much.

41. I want to call you all the cute names in the world. I know you don’t like some, but let me call you.

42. Good morning sugar, have this text-hug and wet text-kiss from me.

43. My cupcake, keep shinning bright and radiant you know you can always count on me.

44. Hello, playmate, you’re beautiful! You are the most beautiful!

45. You never cease to intrigue me every time! Everything you do amazes me!

46. I promise to remain committed to you. Forever.

47. My cupcake, I am wishing us more laughs, selfies, adventures and fun! Our lives shall be forever happy.

48. Where could my heart go? Where? Where could I find true love but with you.

49. I keep praying every night for angels to go watch over you while you sleep, because you need protection.

50. I can really cuddle with you on the couch forever, you know..

51. I knew God truly loved me the moment he sent you into my life. I am so grateful to God.

52. The butterflies in my stomach keep fluttering every time I see you.

53. My body, soul and spirit are in oneness with yours, lover.

54. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My heart throb. My heart beat. MY heart…

55. You really are amazing sweetheart! You are the sweetest!! Has any one told you that?

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