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Prayer for Birthday Celebrant

prayer for birthday celebrant

Prayer for birthday celebrant. Every celebrant is always open to a birthday prayer. At least to celebrate and thank God for them on their day.

Prayer for birthday celebrant

1. I give glory to you dear God for this beautiful and amazing day. You have chosen this birthday for ‘insert name of celebrant’. You made everything in his/ her life scheduled according to your plans. Ever since he/ she came to this earth, you have protected and guided his/ her footsteps. All honour be to you. We are happy and excited that you allowed him/ her to grow in glory and strength in you.

2. We pray today for your continuous protection and guidance as you have always done. I know that he/ her will be faced with challenges as well as opportunities and I pray that he/ she is filled with your wisdom to be able understand which is a challenge and which is an opportunity. I pray for his/ her growth in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I pray that he/ she learns to commit everything situation he/ she in to your hands.

3. Send your blessings to the celebrant oh Lord, draw him/ her close to you oh Lord and let him/ her continue to appreciate you for your efforts over his/ her life. Watch over him/ her today and forever. Happy birthday and many happy returns

4. You Lord have made this birthday celebrant as precious as ever and so I want to thank you. You have made him/ her so special that the love he/ she brings with him/ her radiates to other people around him. In this young life, you have brought upon him/ her your glory and grace. I pray that this day will be extremely special and a day filled with so many nostalgic feelings many years to come. I appreciate you for the gift of life and the impact his/ her life has made in a lot of people. We are so happy because we know how fast times flies and how you have faithfully brought us to this day. We pray that the celebrant will continue to grow and mature in your glory.

5. You have brought the celebrant close to you and have made us see why living every day in you is quite important. You have reflected yourself in the light of the celebrant and for this we give you all the glory. Guide the celebrant oh God, be with him/ her. Protect him/ her from the vices of the world and let your glory continue to stay in his/ her life. Keep the celebrant from all the evil and dangers of this world. May your name be praised on this birthday.

Prayer of thanks by the celebrant

6. Thank you, king of glory, for this amazing gift of life that you have given me. It is a privilege to be born on this day and to still be alive to witness another birthday. I appreciate you God for making not just me to see this wonderful day but my family and friends as well. Thank you for planting the seed of love and not that of discord into our lives. Thank you for your blessings and mercy over us. You made us beautiful in your sight and you made me to live to see the beauty as it comes everyday. Thank you for everything.

7. Your faithfulness, support and guidance is so great that I live and breath it everyday. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ to was away my transgressions. Thank you for making him an example that all of us should live by, thank you lord for the sacrifices, I am indeed grateful to you my everlasting father.

8. As I start another year again this day, please lead me as always. I need knowledge and strength to pass through the challenges of the year as they come. As each day go by, help me with the understanding to draw closer to you. Give me the grace to know and love you more. Bless my mornings, noon and nights oh God. Make me a son/ daughter of your kingdom as I celebrate my birthday. Amen.

9. I am so blessed to have an amazing person as a birthday celebrant today. He/ she has always been a source of shining light and she comes with an aura that brings joy and happiness. As we celebrate his/ her birthday today. May he/ her enjoy this life and bask in your glory every day. Please God protect and guide him/ her and do not allow the evils of the world swallow him/ her up. We give you all praises and thanks for making us see another amazing birthday. Thank you for everything.

10. I join you in celebration of your birthday today. I pray that God fills your life with happy and joyful memories. You will never lack any good thing and your story will always be a testimony to other people. Your life will be a source of encouragement and the enemy will never hold sway in your life. You will continue to bask in the glory of God and you will never have any reason to regret coming into this world. Happy birthday to you. Rise and shine!

11. You are truly an amazing person, because I remember the day we all met. Your love, compassion, readiness to support and help is heavenly. Your words of advice, admonishment and gracefulness is amazing, and therefore I am celebrating you on your birthday. I pray that the almighty God will continue to make you flourish and increases in ability and capacity. You will live long to become a better version of your today. You will not encounter disappointments in your life journey. God will bless you and increase you from strength to strength. You will be a living testimony to all around you. Happy birthday to you.

12. Today you will be great, no harm will befall you. Enemy will never overcome you. God will make you bigger than your yesterday. You will be the head and not the tail. All that is lost will be recovered to you and you will have every reason to shout hallelujah every day of your life. Happy birthday to you. Stay blessed.















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