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Prayer for my Husband on His Birthday

Prayer for my husband on his birthday

Prayer for my husband on his birthday – Dear husband, on this special day of yours, I pray for you that you will be special and be greater than you are in the last one year. You light will shine so bright and you will be that special man that God wants you to be. You will become greater than last year and all you lay your hands on will prosper. Happy birthday to you, my one and only.

Amazing prayer for my husband on this birthday

2. I pray from this moment henceforth that you will find enough power in your heart to love God. I am sure he will give you all the strength you need to love him and this birthday is another opportunity for you to be thankful for his grace over your life and to love him with everything you’ve got. Happy birthday to you my husband, many happy returns.

Special prayer for my husband on his birthday

3. Open your eyes to the truth of the word of God and see what he has in his books for you. He will cover you with his blood and raise you high among your equals. He will support you every day in every way and he will make sure lines fall in beautiful places for you. Rejoice in the lord today because it is the day the lord has made. Happy birthday to you darling husband. Rise and shine.

Spiritual prayer for my husband on his birthday

4. Remember that you owe him all your thanks today, and he is sure to add to your years on earth. Remember that today is just not about dancing, wining and dining, but also to appreciate the goodness of the almighty in all areas of your existence. Happy birthday dear husband. Continue to shine in God, your tomorrow will be better than today, I’m sure.

5. I pray that God will continue to give you the desire to please him. I pray that he grants you the endurance to complete the life journey that you have started, I pray that God wraps you in eternal glory when he comes to take us away to his kingdom. I pray that you will be a better man and role model for your children. Happy birthday darling, the blessings of God will never depart from you.

6. You are an amazing man who has shown his amazing self in amazing ways. You are truly different and special. You have shown yourself as being capable enough to deal with my erratic self sometimes. You promised me for better for worse and you are trying everything within your power to make sure you fulfill that promise. You are truly great and special and I celebrate you on this special day. Happy birthday my husband and my sugar daddy.

7. Dear God, thank you for your goodness, mercy and grace over my family. Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given us to see another amazing year. It has been you and you alone. You are so awesome in this place. Thanks for all the love you have shown my husband and family. Today is another remembrance of how far you have taken us and how far you will still take us. Bless my husband and my family and let us gather together again next year for thanksgiving. Happy darling to my sweet husband, may you be richly blessed in everything.

8. God has given you the wisdom to lead according to what has been instructed in the bible, and lead you have. Oh, dear husband. May God continue to bless you and give you the knowledge and understanding to lead aright. May you be better than the last year and may you be filled with the spirit of God that shows you are his child. Dance and be merry darling, it’s your day.

9. I have never had any cause to regret this marriage. You have given me the bliss I so crave for and you have shown that you are truly capable to take charge. I appreciate your efforts over this family and I pray for the grace of God on you to continually lead aright. You are truly blessed on this day darling. Happy birthday to you my super-duper husband.

10. You are the best person in this world. The most precious gift of God to me. I will always love and I promise to stand by you through thick and thin. I have seen you at your worst and I am beginning to see you at your best. I know that great things are still on the way and I await the full manifestation of the glory of God in your life. Continue to rise and rise darling, God is with you already. Happy birthday to my King.

11. You are complete in every sense of the way. When God said he would send me a man so special and divine, I never knew it was you until you came my way. Thanks for being so gracious and special. Thanks for believing in me and seeing me worthy of being your wife. Thanks for going on this life journey with me. I would forever appreciate, love and respect you my darling King. Happy birthday to you dear husband. God is with you already. Cheers!

12. After my last heartbreak, I concluded people with a heart of gold are not in this world. But not until you came my way and showed me you are still here in this world. You swept me off my feet with your understanding, considerate and caring nature, and you made me believe in love again. Thanks for being my sunshine in all the rain and for making me see LOVE for all it is. Happy birthday to you dear husband. Rise and shine.

13. I feel so grateful to have found my love so great, true and special. I am so happy to be here with you today, by your side, as your wife. I am so lucky to have you as my prince charming and indeed I thank the almighty God for bringing you my way and making you mine forever. I celebrate this amazing day with you and I wish you all the goodness of God forever. Happy birthday, darling.

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Best Prayer for My Husband on His Birthday

1. Dear husband, today is your birthday, I am begging the Lord to please bless your new age and achieve a lot for you.

2. It is with a lot of happiness and joy that I am celebrating you today. I pray the Lord should bless your routines and protect you against all evils.

3. Thank God for this day, may the Lord continue to protect you all the time. I am wishing you a fantastic birthday.

4. Happy birthday my darling pearl, today is your birthday and I can’t even wait to celebrate you with all my strength. May this day be a mark of success to you, your success will have no limit.

5. Thank God for your life, I miss you and also want to use this opportunity to wish you an awesome birthday. May your journey be guided with divine protection, you shall smile from now on.

6. Glory is to the Lord that brought you into my world today, the Lord shall continue to protect you in every aspect of your life.

7. The Lord that gave you this success shall continue to bless you in such a manner you list expected.

8. Your eyes are full of mercy and passion, I am happy because you became a part of me. I wish you all the best.

9. Thank God, my dear love, you have been so kind to me and yet I have no means to take you to paradise to celebrate your birthday. I have a tongue to pray, so the Lord shall bless you.

10. You are plus one today, may the Lord use this day as a reason to promote you in anything you do.

11. You are indeed a wonderful father and best husband in the world. glory belongs to God for sparing your life.

12. Wishing you all the best, and thinking of you every minute has always been my joy. I pray the Lord bless your business better than ever.

13. Thanks for everything you have done in my life, the Lord shall continue to bless your hustles and everything you need shall be possible for you.

14. The very moment I set my eyes on you, it has become so easy for me to be happy forever. May we spend the rest of our lives in peace and harmony, I want to say happy birthday.

15. You are indeed the best husband in the world, the most interesting love of my life. I wish you success and prosperity.

16. As your clock a year today, may your heart desires be fulfilled for you, I wish you long life and long-lasting fortune.

17. May the Lord answer both your secret and open prayers, may the Lord bless your handwork and bless your soul.

18. Dear soul mate, you will always be the one I love the most. I will be with you for the rest of my life; happy birthday, success shall reign in your life.

19. Your success is our aim and expectation, we are using this opportunity to say happy birthday to you.

20. Whatever good you conceive in your heart shall come to pass very soon by His grace. Happy birthday.

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Trends That Blow the Mind

21. I wish to say thank you for everything you have done since the day we met. Congratulations on your birthday.

22. The eye that sees you last year will not recognize you this year due to success and better life. Happy birthday.

23. You have been so nice to me and I wish you the best of luck, congratulations on your birthday.

24. May the blessing of the most merciful continue to be with you, may the comfort you least expected descend on you.

25. The other day we wedded, I realized that I have chosen the right choice. Thanks so much and I will always be with you all my life.

26. I can’t forget you all my life, I can’t let you down at any time because you are my heart. I pray for good health for you.

27. As you clock another year, may the Lord bless your hustle and grant you the best of comforts in life. I am wishing you the best ever.

28. I pray you find endless success, I pray you begin to celebrate your success from now on. Happy birthday.

29. You are the most amazing husband I can always trust. You gave me that happiness no man has ever be able to figure out.

30. You are a brave man, and the Lord shall protect you in every way. Thank God for everything you have done in my life.

31. You are the most beloved angel in this world, you are my heartbeat, the one sent to me in this world, happy birthday.

32. You gave me a reason to smile, you gave me a vision to fulfill and I am ready to go extra length with you.

33. Thank God you finally came into my world, you are my heartbeat and the most beloved love flower in my garden.

34. If I finally able to dwell permanently in your heart, I will not leave there again. I wish you all the best.

35. My heart beats in the speed of light just because I heard your voice, I pray that your voice lasts forever.

36. May you continue to enjoy the best of this day, the Lord shall open every way for you. I wish you the gladdest birthday ever.

37. The most wonderful moment of my life is the first day I spent the night with you as my husband. I pray you find peace in this world.

38. Loving you is my happiness; I will continue to be proud of you all the time. I want to wish you great success.

39. You are my heart machine, without you beating in me, I will be dead. I am using this moment to beseech the Lord on your behalf.

40. Thank God for the gift of a blessed husband, may the Lord continue to bless you in a great way you least expected.

41. May the Lord shower His blessing upon you, and give you the hope and love that you need the most.

42. Loving you is my aim and I will always remain with you all the time. Thanks for everything that you have done in my life.

43. I wish you all the good things of life, starting from the smallest fortune to the best fortune. Thanks for everything.

44. Wishing you luck that has no limit, and happiness that has no endings. Happy birthday, dear.

45. Good morning and happy birthday. You are the best for me and I pray you to find peace and harmony in your life.

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