Real Ghost Stories That Are Scary

ghost stories

You think ghosts don’t exist? These ghost stories from the Facebook group RANTHQ will freak you the hell out. Maybe you will read to the end, maybe not! It depends on you and how you deal.

Read on:

Ghost Story 1

I am still shocked,  who said ghosts don’t exist?
I was coming back from a meeting around 6:30pm just this past Sunday, we stopped at the traffic light and lo and behold,  I saw an old friend sitting on a bike waiting for the same traffic light to change.
I asked my guy to please park after the light so that I can properly greet my old friend and just as I was talking to my guy, he (my old friend) turned and looked at me with a smile on his face, waved at me then zoomed off.
Fast forward to today,  I ran into the sister of my old friend, after greetings I told her that I saw her brother two days ago. To my greatest surprise, she started screaming.
She calmed down after some time and now broke the news to me.  My old friend that waved at me on Sunday ( 2/12/2018) died on the (25/11/2018) and was buried on (1/12/2018).
I am still in shock.

Ghost Story 2

A cousin of mine brought her husband to my father while she was pregnant. I was still the one who served the brother ghost food o. When the lady now followed him to his parent place. He told her he wanted to see a friend and describe his parent house to the ladWhenWen she got there and introduced herself as their son’s wife, she was told he died years ago. She later died after giving birth to the baby. So sad.

Ghost Story 3

My mother-in-law was in a coma for like 5days before she gave up the ghost on a Sunday which was mothering Sunday in our church. We came back crying and her friend heard the news and rushed to the house saying she saw her in the church that day and asked her why did she come to the church under the rain that she just smiled and went inside the church.

Another person said she saw her the previous day close to a bakery and dodged her so she won’t start complaining to her about her leg issues.

Three persons saw her not knowing that she had been in a coma for days.

After her death, a day never goes by without me feeling her presence in my house. Her spirit was everywhere in the house until she was led to rest. May her soul rest in peace. Amen

Ghost Story 4

My mum told me that when she was a teenager, there was this particular cousin of theirs that normally eat in their house.

One day, he came to my mum’s house asking her for food that he was so hungry. When wen my mum was dishing out the food for him, he excused himself that he wants to go buy a bottle of cold drink outside, and a car hit him. He died immediately!

Could you believe that on the day of his burial, my mum left something in the kitchen and she got to the kitchen to pick it up. She then saw the deceased eating from there pot. She fainted and she did not get herself for days.

Ghost Story 5

A friend once shared his own encounter one night like that. How a friend died in the hospital while with him.

Years later, my friend visited Delta state. He was in a bus heading somewhere. And just like the normal way a bus would stop for a passenger to enter, behold his friend ( late friend ) was going to enter the bus, and soon as they both stared at each other, the late friend refuse to enter, standing just firmly and staring.

The driver shouted and zoomed off because he won’t enter. And him my friend was speechless, confused, and surprised. Goosebumps all over him that day. He even said he felt his head was bigger than his body that day.

I had to pass the night in his house after he told me the story.

Ghost Story 6

A woman went to visit her sister in town everything about her was strange.

When she left a strange breeze blew lightly in her room and both her calendar and some other things fell. That was when she realized something was not right. She quickly called home and was told she died that morning before coming to visit her.

And I saw my own at a mortuary gate. You know when you like following a shortcut instead of the main gate. We never knew those people sitting by the gate were ghosts. We greeted them and they did not respond to us. The Mortuary attendant now called us and told her in the local language that did we know those people we greeted at the gate were ghosts? I had to fly to the bus stop on hearing that.

Ghost Story 7

Who said ghosts are not real?

A woman and her 3 kids died in a fire accident in Molete, Ibadan, Oyo State, some years back. A few days later she went to liberty junction to buy recharge cards from a trader telling her that she and her children are hungry she said her husband will come and pay since she is a customer, the woman sold it for her.

That same day the trader told the husband of the woman about the sales on credit only for the husband to break the news of her death the day before. The Trader fainted.

Now, you see that ghost stories are real? Or you know this already because you had a similar experience? Then why not share in the comments below.


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