Top 20 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Tips for Beginner Bloggers: The Likes count makes a big difference for you, and the latest notification about new subscribers makes your heart beat faster. Are you sure you still want to be a blogger? If this is all about you, let’s go further.

The most popular internet platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are replenished not only with a new post but also with a blog every day. The following helpful information deals with these vast social networks.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 1. Your blog is interesting for yourself

Being a blogger is not an easy job. If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to make beautiful content every day. Some bloggers prepare content not just for one post, but up to ten posts a day. Of course, successful bloggers dedicate themselves to their content and are delighted not only with popularity but with getting some money as well. It could be payments from less popular accounts requesting to advertise some of their products. If the subject of your blog is not attractive, even for you, you will not go far.

It’s like writing a lot of not new papers or essays for college, so better ask for its unique service of essay writers although there is no such service for bloggers.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 2.  Your blog is interesting for others, as well

And we are not just talking about the general audience, but your particular audience. This step is essential on how to conquer the enormous amount of subscribers with the same interests. Your main task as a beginner is to stick to one idea for your blog: knitting, tattoos, cycling, traveling, planting, or whatever else.

Try not to mix them up, not to lose the interest of your primary audience. To make it clear, use the next point.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 3. Find your audience

You guess the fact that the interests of a 20-year-old student from the New York Film academy are quite different from the interests of a 50-year-old owner of a pharmacy corporation. The same issues work with your blog. Pay attention when attracting new subscribers on your blog.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 4. Consider the time of posting

When you choose your primary audience, find out where they are living. Remember the time gap between the U. S., Europe, Africa, and Australia, which can play one of the leading roles in the promotion of your blog. For example, people might be active on your blog on Friday from 8 to 10 p. m. Take this time for your main activity as well, for example, online translations or new posts.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 5. Research other bloggers

If you choose the main idea, which you are ready to share every day with your subscribers, find out how others do it. How are they speaking to their subscribers, and are they brave enough to talk about something more intimate? Also, how are they working with visual content? However, don’t overdo it and lose your style. Be friendly and ready to cooperate with bloggers in the future.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 6. Plan your every post

Try to update your blog with consistency. The idea of the next post could catch you in the transport or on the morning run. It is better to note your new ideas while you are inspired. That concerns the script for your video, as well. Write the date and image or video content you will attach to it. Be prepared so that next time, releasing posts is much easier and faster.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 7. Call to action

Try to finalize your posts with questions. The same concerns videos. For example, ask your subscribers about their opinions of what happened and write the answers in the comments. This kind of interaction will attract people’s attention. Be creative, engaging people in the process of your blogging.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 8. Invest money and time

Even if you have interesting information for your subscribers, you have to reach your audience. Use the preferences of paid advertising to open a wide range of new people who will visit your account. There are a lot of functions for it on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And if you are a beginner, try to concentrate on your blog as long as you can. In the beginning, you should have a primary source of income. This job can not always concern your current blog. So, be patience to manage your time correctly. And money as well.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 9. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge.

The life experience of one person is different from another. That’s why blogging is so popular now. We are interested in the lifestyle of other people. Some of them are inventors in many other spheres.  Why don’t you try to give some information out of the box? It will make you even more interesting than the others.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 10. Write a conspicuous headline

The attractive headline quickly catches the eye of the reader. Try to squeeze all the subjects you deal with within the content in a short and enticing heading. One brief sentence is enough to prepare readers of what they will find inside your post or video. And don’t forget to speak the language of your audience.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 11. Be brief

Imagine that the guest of your blog has just 1-2 minutes to read the information from your post. The maximum you can show in this case is 300-400 words. Do not overload little thoughts into a big “elephant.” Try not to overestimate the length of your speech in the video, as well. It is essential to appreciate the time of the people visiting your blog.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 12. Focus on paid domains

Sooner or later, you will make your website. This act confirms that you are a serious blogger and want to do some business. In that case, you want to do it slightly earlier, and then later, create a website that helps you to collect necessary information in the future. Perhaps it will help to present you even as a brand.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 13. Be strict to yourself

Try to be better than you are in making blogs. The main idea is to achieve your goals. Learn every day to make new good habits as exercises, such as meditation, or candle making, or origami. It can be something that inspires you. To look at it in another way, it will be interesting for yourself and your subscribers as well. Maybe, this is the primary recommendation. Following it, you will make your blog exciting.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 14. Do some experiments

Resort to conversations with brands and more popular bloggers. Give yourself a try in mass-following, mass-looking, give-away campaigns. Sometimes these ways work well in building your audience. Also, use the appropriate hashtags. Don’t ignore them. There are a lot of practical applications for creating hashtags for your picture or video. Anyway, the beginning of your blogger’s path is the best time to experiment.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 15. Be understandable

To write an excellent script for video or text for a post, follow the main idea of what you want to say. Prepare some theses that encourage you. Connect them to bright content like photos, video, or animation. Please do it yourself.  People appreciate it when they see the author’s content. If it is complicated for you in the beginning, start simple and don’t get caught up in making a masterpiece. Just remember the main point of what you want to say.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 16. Work with a camera

You don’t need to be a professional model, but knowledge of the basics can save you from inconvenience in front of the camera. Even if you are only using photo content on the internet, you can find a lot of helpful tricks to know how to pose and not to be shy.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 17. Appreciate Copyrights

Find stocks of pictures and music with a free license. If you want to monetize your channel or blog, be ready to pay extra for using the author’s content. Otherwise, use sounds from the free YouTube audio library. Take a note of some free stocks for photos and pictures such as Freepik, Pexels, or Unsplash. Audio content you can find on Taketones. There you can choose sounds by the mood, or genres, or instruments. Easily use these soundtracks in non-commercial posts.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 18. Prepare basic equipment

If you don’t have enough money to buy a high-quality camera, microphone, or light system, use budget tools. Read some tutorials on how to take professional photos only with your smartphone. Also, there are a lot of extensions and applications to process pictures. Learn how to work with tools for editing video and sound like Premiere Pro and Audition. When you learn more, you develop fast.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 19. Cultivate the right reaction to negative comments

If you are polite with your enemies, your subscribers will appreciate it. Try not to be as rude as your haters. This behavior brings a bad reputation. It is better to understand this reality before you even start. Treat it like intentional provocation and learn to ignore the negativity around. Otherwise, you may follow your emotion, and then it will be too late to change something with the image of your blog.

Tips for Beginner Bloggers 20. Don’t give up!

Be patient. At first, you are not working just for popularity. This time will help you understand whether blogging is your real passion or not. It is so vital to believe in yourself and the importance of the information you bring to your blog. Remember that real success is not easy to get. Just truly working hard can show you great results. And now – enjoy the process!

As a conclusion

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have evolved from entertaining social networks into useful marketing tools. That is why starting a new blog sometimes means starting a new career. Now give it a try!

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