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The fourth day of the week is here. How has the working week been? Challenging or Amazing? I am sure you are already looking forward to the weekend since Friday is almost here. Instead of feeling grateful and happy that weekend is here all by yourself. Why not wish all friends, colleagues, your partner and even your family happy Thursday by sending these collection of happy Thursday messages, quotes and SMS to them!

Happy Thursday Images and Happy Thursday Messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages


happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

happy Thursday images happy thursday messages

Happy Thursday Messages and Happy Thursday SMS

1 Get at it. Continue to strive. The work must not stop. Happy Thursday to you.

2 May the almighty continue to give grace over your life
May you have every reason to be thankful this season
May all your rivers of blessings never run dry
May you remain happy for the rest of the year
Happy Thursday to you

3 When you smile I am filled with tremendous strength
When you feel bad I feel so sad
When you are on top of your game you motivate me
I hope you stay positive as you work hard this week
Happy Thursday to you

4 I wish and pray that God be with you today
As you strive to be better than the previous days
Your time of blessing is just along the way
Happy Thursday to you and yours

5 Remember to thank God for everything
Your promotion, your class and your wealth
All belongs to God and not you
So be kind as you go about your daily affairs
God will be with you in all your ways
Happy Thursday to you and your colleagues
God be with all of you

6 The sun never leaves the sky
Your glory will never go away from you
Happy Thursday
Trust you are well

7 All our problems of life will be clear
If we can converse with one another
Instead of keeping situations to ourselves
Let us learn to protect and love
And our Weekends will be fine and great
Happy Thursday to you
Have a great day!

8 Remember to speak your dreams to yourself
Talk about the positives in everything you do
Remember God and pray about all that you need
And all you ask will definitely become yours
Have the most amazing Thursday ever

9 Friday is tomorrow
Weekend is here
Where we think about all the events of the past week
And try to find solutions to what will happen in the next week
I pray that God will continue to guide your thoughts and decisions
As you look at the possibility of making a way where there is no way
God will make everything possible for you
Happy Thursday
My best regards

10 Be good, be kind, feel great
It is an amazing Thursday
Go ahead, have fun and breathe out
Happy Thursday to you
Be the best at what you do!

11 You should never bother about tomorrow
The Lord that created yesterday also knew what tomorrow will bring
He will shower his blessings upon you when the time is right
Keep trusting and believing him
And your stars will shine
Happy Thursday

12 When you pray for the strength to endure an difficult life
You will find out that the rest of your life becomes so easy
And you begin to develop the grace to withstand your life
And everything about you becomes happy

13 May peace and love follow you everyday in every way
I wish you a very good and nice Thursday
God be with you
Happy Thursday to you

14 We find joy in everything we do when we learn to reduce all our complaints
We find joy when we remain thankful and grateful for the little blessings that comes
In a lot of ways
It is Thursday today, remain joyous and hopeful
Happy Thursday to you

15 Good  morning this beautiful Thursday morning
Be thankful for the life little gift that you just received
And be hopeful that tomorrow will definitely be better than today
Stay blessed
Happy Thursday

16 Be kind, generous and compassionate
Be sincere, honest and selfless
And your tomorrow will be better than your today
Happy Thursday

17 People will always gossip about you
Do not worry about you
Worry about yourself
And continue to work hard and pray
Soon enough blessings will come your way
Happy Thursday

18 Stay blessed and keep doing the right thing
Remember that one day
The blessings of the lord will come your way
Have a very happy Thursday
Enjoy today

19 You will get everything out of life
When you remember to put everything in you to situations
There is reward for passion and diligence
Have a glowing Thursday

20 Remember to be the eyes for people
Remember to be the ears for people
Remember to have the heart that cares and forgives
Remember to have the mind that overlooks what people have done to you
Remember to never lose faith in the almighty
And everything will happen for good for you
Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Messages and Happy Thursday Wishes

21 This is the day the lord has made
We should rejoice and be glad in it
The day of blessings is just upon us
We should remain thankful for the blessings of God
Happy Thursday

22 Stand up, feel renewed
be thankful and be positive
The glory of God is upon you
Now is your time to shine
Happy Thursday to you and yours

23 The weekend is coming
It is the time to rest and be grateful
For everything that God has done from the beginning of the week till now
It is the time for positive reflections and realization that the world is ours
If we take it to be so
Happy Thursday to you and family

24 I know you are anxious
I know you are not sure about tomorrow
Everything looks bleak and uninteresting
And you feel like you are losing it
You think things will not happen the way you planned it
And that maybe God is punishing you for your wrong doings
You only need to be calm and be prayerful dear
Tomorrow will sort itself out
In as much as God is still sitting on the throne
Your tomorrow has started already
All you just need to do is continue to work hard
And cry out to God to perfect all that concerns you
Have a Happy Thursday
Stay happy

25 Are you scared of tomorrow?
You are not sure what may happen when tomorrow comes right?
Not to worry, God will take care of you
And your tomorrow will be greater than your today
Have a great weekend dear
Happy Thursday

26 You give me strength when I am weak
You give me hope when I thought all was hopeless
You give me joy when I am sad
You give me life when I thought all was lost
I am grateful to you almighty God
That should be your prayer to God everyday of the week
Happy Thursday to you and your family

27 Remember to spend sometime hanging out today
It is Thursday, Friday is near
Happy Thursday to you

28 Continue to be happy
Continue to smile
And one day, life will give up
And start doubling your happiness for you
Happy Thursday

29 There will be miracles in your life everyday
Happy Thursday

30 Happy Thursday to you at work
Make sure you have a Bea-YOU-ti-full day today

31 It’s Thursday
I am happy
I breathe so well, and I am alive to tell the story
What about you?
Happy Thursday

32 Keep hanging in
You are almost there
Tomorrow is Friday
happy Thursday to you

33 It is thankful Thursday
Can you tell me just twp things that you remain thankful about?
Quick about now, Let’s go!

34 It is a brand new Thursday
It is a wiped clean wiped slate to think new things
And look at new possibilities
Happy Thursday to you.
Enjoy the rest of the week

35 It is not grateful people who are happy
It is happy people who are grateful
Happy Thursday

36 I can smell Friday just around the corner
Happy Thursday Whoo-Hooo

37 Oh boy, It is a day to Friday already
You better start packing your bags
The weekend is here
Happy Thursday
Rise and shine

38 You need to be in charge of your feelings
You need to stay happy for everything
It is Thursday already and the weekend is here
have a blissful Thursday
In anticipation of the weekend

39 Look back to your past and be proud of how far you have come
Look at your future and be happy for what is yet to be achieved
Happy Thursday to you

40 The best way to commence and end a Thursday is to have a
Thankful and happy heart to receive all the b;blessings of the weekend
Happy Thursday to you

Happy Thursday Messages and Happy Thursday Prayers

41 Friday just sent me a text
She will be here tomorrow
And we will have lots of fun together
Happy Thursday to you FAM

42 Good Morning this morning
Good morning this Thursday morning
Your days will remain as great as it is
Happy Thursday

43 May God bless you with the soul
Full of joy and happiness
Happy Thursday to you

44 You need to have faith
And let God be in absolute and total control of what you do
Happy Thursday to you!

45 No one knows what tomorrow will bring
But everyone knows who is in charge of tomorrow
Put your trust in him and all your days will remain happy days
Happy Thursday

46 Do not despair and think it is over
Listen to me, the enemy will always bring up trials and temptations
To block God’s blessings that is imminent on your life
Just keep trusting God and your days will be great
Happy Thursday dear

49 Wakie Wakie
Be in the knowledge that today will be great
Because you are the son/ daughter of the living God
Happy Thursday to you

50 Your blessings will be so immense this week
That you will open your mouth in shock
And gratefulness for the things God will perfect in your life
Happy Thursday to you

51 Count your blessings and name them one by one
Count your blessings and you will be surprised
At what God has done
This is Thursday and you will still have more blessings from God
Do I hear an AMEN?
Happy Thursday to you!

52 It is either you worry if you want to worry
Or put your faith and belief in God
You cannot do both and expect favour from the almighty
happy Thursday to you!

53 Leave everything to God
Do not lose hope and faith
He timing is perfect and will astonish you
Beyond recognition
With him, there is nothing like it is too late
His time is different from ours
Just continue to have the faith and be patient
It will be worth it in the end
Happy Thursday to you

54 Our life is like a paragraph
God is the owner of the book
He open the pages and read out the next paragraph
You only need to be patient as he will read your paragraphs
God always read the whole book
Happy Thursday

55 Remember to thank God for everything
From the little gifts to the huge ones
Always remain thankful
He is in possession of all the gifts
And he will still continue to bless you with more gifts
Happy Thursday to you

56 The plans that God has for your life
Is way bigger than the obstacles that you face during the day
Happy Thursday

57 Stay positive dear
One small positive outlook to the day can change your whole day
Happy Thursday to you

58 Good morning today
Never forget how amazing and special you are
Happy Thursday

59 Happy Thursday
may God bless you and your family
May God protect you and everyone attached to you
Even me
Have a blissful and happy Thursday

60 God has invested so much gift in you
You also need to invest so much in yourself
You will be great again
Happy Thursday

Now that you have seen our happy Thursday messages you need. Thursday messages with images, Thursday love message, Thursday greetings quotes good morning Thursday messages, Thursday funny greetings, good morning Thursday sayings, Good morning Thursday photo, happy Thursday wishes to your friends, It is time for you to start sharing with friends.

Happy Thursday to you!

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