Great Friendship text messages

41. Sometimes I thank karma that I did something good enough to deserve a friend like you.

42. A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.

43. Your friendship is sweeter than honey.

44. A ring is round, it has no end. That’s how long I will be your friend.

45. Our body is widely designed we can neither pat our back nor kick our ass. For this, friends are needed.

46. Friends like you are hard to come by.

47. You were someone I never expected to get along with, but you’ve turned out to be one of the best friends I have.

48 You deserve an award for being the best friend I could ask for.

49 If I could pull down the rainbow, I’d write your name on it so the whole world could see colorful my life is with you.

50 Wherever you go, whatever you do, may God’s angels watch over you.

51. Not a day passes by that I’m not grateful for a friend like you.

52. I hope our friendship will last until an apple grows on an orange tree on the 30th of February.

53. I’ve searched and know that your type is rare.

54. The most precious gift I’ve received is that of your time and attention.

55. In this world that everything seems uncertain, one thing I’m certain of is that we’ll always be friends.

56. In the cookie of life, you’re the chocolate chip that makes it sweet.

57. Every empty thing needs something to fill it up. Thanks for filling up my life.

58. You are my everyday delight.

59. The best antiques are old friends.

60. You are my umbrella when I’m out on a rainy day.

61. My riches do not lie in material wealth, but in friends like you.

62. Like a candle illuminates a dark room, a good friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of our friendship.

63. You are the compass to my life. Like a compass, you always point my life in the right direction.

64. Alone I smile, but together we laugh and celebrate. This is the magic of our friendship.

65. True friends are the nicotine in the cigarettes which stay in the health till death.

66. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d realize how special you are to me.

67. God sprinkles tiny wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day. I caught one, and it’s you.

68. You are a gift divine.

69. If you ever jumped off a cliff I wouldn’t jump with you, I’d be at the bottom waiting to catch you.

70. Friendship is a network that needs no recharge, no charging, no roaming, no activation, no validity, no signal problems. Just don’t switch off your heart.

71. Just like a shoe, you have fit perfectly into my life.

72. False friends like leaves are scattered everywhere, but your friendship like a diamond is real and rare.

73. You are a pillar of strength always providing me with the support I need.

74. Friends are like thorn and roses. Some are thorns in the rose of life, but you’re a rose in the thorns of life.

75. I cannot take away the fact that tears in the eyes are important and what you say from your lips as well, the heart that also loves is beautiful but life with friends is the most wonderful.

76. If friends came with price tags, I wouldn’t be able to afford you.

77. Your friendship is a non-current asset in the balance sheet of my life.

78. Our friendship is unbreakable.

79. Angels exist sometimes, but they don’t have wings. Instead, they come as good friends like you.

80. Our friendship is the cement that keeps us together.

81. They say too much of something is bad for you but how can this much love be bad?

82. The flowers on this earth require sun to thrive, violets are all for the dew to survive, and all angels in heaven know that I need you.

83. Each morning when I open my eyes, I bed God to please provide everyone else with friends like you. With you, why should I suffer

84. I hope we’re friends till we die.

85. Always remember that in my life, you’re no first slice of bread.

86. You’re a friend I never want to lose.

87. Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe called life.

88. You are my lucky charm when I feel unlucky.

89. One injection of trust, one injection of care, one ingredient of attention, one drop of understanding. Take 5 times a day for the health of our friendship.

90. Being your friend is the second best thing that ever happened to me. Finding you is the first.

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