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Please forgive me quotes for him or her

Please forgive me quotes

You need to get back to your partner as soon as you have realized that you have offended him or her? Then these please forgive me quotes are just what you need to start with on your way to getting back together.

This is a first step to forgiveness, and it is important you know that you need to put you ego aside and do what is expected of you, and send the please forgive me quotes to your partner

You need to first confirm that you have done wrong in whatever form it is, and you need to apologize for being wrong.

This is a collection of please forgive me quotes you can begin to leverage to your partner to understand that you have put your ego aside and you are praying that he or she forgives you for your wrong.


Why not send some really honest please forgive me quotes to that special someone. May they will reconsider and forgive you:

1 There is no excuse for what I have done to you

I want you to know that I deeply regret my actions

And it is so painful knowing well I was the one that caused the pain and hurt

I never wanted to cause you pain and it was because i was way over my head

Please forgive me my love, I am sorry.


2 I don’t know what to do
I have been lost since we had that fight

Please forgive me I want to get back into your life


3 Each passing day I regret my actions

Each passion day I ask myself what happened

Each passing day, I just want to get back to you

Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you


4 It is easy to fight the whole world

What is not easy is fighting the one you love

I am sorry for the fight we had

Please forgive me my darling


5 I know I have a terrible attitude

I know I have made you cry

I know I hurt you so much

I am trying to get back to being a better me

Please forgive me for my wrongs and I am sorry


6 You are mad at me, I know

You don’t want to see me, I know

You are so pained and hurt, I know

Please remember the love we once shared

And forgive me my one and only pair


7 Please forgive me baby

I feel so sad that I made you cry

I beat myself for breaking your heart

I pray my painful act will not make us draw apart

Please forgive me for what the part I played in making you sad


8 What is I did was stupid and unacceptable

I wish I could take everything that happened back

I truly never wished to hurt you

And I never knew doing what I did was going to cause you so much hurt

Please forgive me dear

It will never happen again


9 I want to apologize for being selfish

For hurting your feelings and thinking only for myself

You are a good partner that I have come to appreciate and value

and I need you more in my life than ever before

Please forgive me and I can’t wait for us to get back together

10 I truly do not have any excuse for being a terrible partner

I truly do not have any excuse for being so selfish

I truly do not have any excuse for being unruly and difficult

Please forgive me for my acts baby, I wish you would love me again


When your please forgive me quotes comes sincerely from your heart, then forgiveness is certain:

11 Forgive me for my nonsense

As my nonsense always get me in trouble

I love you and I crave your forgiveness

Please forgive me my love


12 If you ignore me from now till tomorrow

Don’t worry I will be here and will wait forever

As long as you are still here I will wait

Please your forgiveness is all I crave


13 My heart has been trickling and aching since I hurt you

I promise to never have a reason to hurt you again

Please forgive me my darling


14 My heart is battered

My self-image is deflated

My head is hung low

I want to seek your forgiveness my love

Please forgive and love me unconditionally


15 I am selfish I know

I disregarded your cheerfulness and comfort

In order to make me happy

I am so sorry for doing this

Please forgive me


16 I made a mistake

This has shown you what an idiot I can be

Now please baby show me that you love me

And give us another shot at this

Please forgive me for my mistakes


17 I can’t believe my attitude drove us apart

When we are supposed to be like birds in the sky

Flying in pure joy and bliss forever and ever

Please forgive me my love

My sincere apologies


18 I thought I will be more perfect when I am alone

I thought I could be something without you

I thought we would be better when we are not together

But I failed

Now I know we are better together

Now I know I can not dare to be alone

Now I know I am nothing without you

Please forgive me for all my mistakes

I love you


19 Since the day I broke your heart

I know I have left your trust, but dear I have gained a lot from the heartbreak

The ability to brace up and make you fall in love with me again

Forgive me my love


When there is a tone of apology in your please forgive me quotes then it shows that you are ready to get back again:

20 I know I broke your heart

I know I was too possessive

I know it was wrong

Now I have come to apologize

Please forgive my highhandedness

I want us back now more than ever

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