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50 happy new week inspirational quotes for your love

happy new week inspirational quotes

Wishes for the week

100. These wishes for the week can also serve as good week wishes, new week message prayer, new week prayers, prayer to start the week right, happy new week quotes, positive quotes to start the week for you. Check it out:

101. People will think you cannot succeed in whatever you lay your hands on, but when you make them see what a mighty God you serve, they will know that God is with you and will make you fly through your success. May this new week bring you more opportunities to be successful. Happy new week.

102. As the starts, may all the sorrows of the past week never follow you. May all sickness and afflictions never be your portion. God will bring in fresh air to wipe away all the foul smell in your life. He will make your week a fulfilling one. Have a happy new week.

103. Only God can make your life perfect and I pray for all the perfection that comes with being a child of God. You will rise above all your enemies, and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will forever be with you. You will not have any reason to be shamed. Have a blissful week ahead.

104. The most amazing week is the one that brings joy, happiness, contentment and hope to all of us. In this new week. Joy, happiness and hope will be yours. Where everyone has failed you will succeed. The grace and blessings of God will never leave you. Happy new week.

105. In this time and as the year comes to a close. God will be with you and protect you. You will never be lost in the middle of all the chaos. God will bring you light to illuminate all darkness and he will take you to a safe landing. You will never regret being a child of God. Have an amazing new week ahead.

106. Where others fail, success will be yours. Where others are pushed to disbelief, you will find motivation. The joy of being God’s own will always follow you. You will be praised for good. Have an amazing new week ahead.

107. For being a child of God you will never lack. You will never miss your glory in life. You will never fall into temptations. When God wants to bless and surprise you, you will never be found wanting. The grace of the almighty will follow you everywhere you go. Happy new week.

108. Life is amazing when it spills happiness. But life is amazing in a different way when you are the cause of people’s happiness. May you always enshrine happiness into the lives of others. And as you make others happy. God will make you happy as well. Happy new week.

109. I am so excited that the new week is here, and I pray that the joy of being alive to see a new week will always be yours. All that you put your hands on will prosper today and forever. You will not be taken away abruptly from the place of your blessing. God will locate you in whatever situation you find yourself. Happy new week to you.

110. You don’t have to wait for happy moments. You can start your happy moments from now. May you be happy all the days of your life. Happy new week to you.

How do you see these happy new week inspirational quotes and greetings? Do you have more that you would like to add? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Have a great week ahead.




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