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50 happy new week inspirational quotes for your love

happy new week inspirational quotes

Great Happy new week inspirational quotes

41 There is no elevator to success. The stairs is what you will need to climb to get to the top of the building of eminence.

42 You can never go far in life and become what you want of yourself if you fail to take responsibility for all that has befallen you and keep blaming people for what has happened to you.

43 Always learn to be yourself. Do not ever lower your standards for people. They will not like you, who cares? Set your eyes on the prize and those that will reckon with you are all that matters.

44 A lot of your friends have money yet they remain poor. They remain poor because the only item of possession for them is money.

45 When people tell you they love you, don’t believe them. But when they show you that they love you, then those are the real people you need in your life.

46 The best friends are the ones who were with you when you were up and also with you when you were down.

47 You need to risk something to succeed in life. If you don’t risk anything at all, then you risk everything.

48 Attaining success is not a walk in the park. You need to strive to attain it. Success does not come cheap, you need to make sacrifices and walk the mile.

49 Everything single thing that has happened to you is preparing you for the great moment that is on its way. The life changing and defining moment of your life.

50 No matter how many mistakes you made while trying. You are still far ahead of someone who never tried at all.

Happy New Week Wishes

Happy new week beautiful people, it’s a new week with new beginnings and new opportunities. How will your week pan out? Thought about it? Or you just look forward to the week and intend to take it as it comes?

Believe me, having a pre-planned week makes a lot of sense and also checking up on family and friends helps keep you in shape for the week ahead.

Truth is you are not alone in this world, and as long as you keep chasing the hustle and your dream, there are others in your shoes as well, and even less in your shoes. There are certain people who don’t have dreams to chase. They are just lost in their own miseries and trying to find themselves yet, some are even on the brink of giving up on their dreams. That is why you checking up will go a long way to keep them on their way and push them back on track.

A happy new week text, SMS, call or even long message will make a lot of sense, don’t you think?

Happy new week to you, your family and friends! Check out the texts I have here and maybe you will see a couple that you can share!

Happy new week wishes to family

51. The new week comes with starting a new morning, a new day, new work activities and new possibilities. I pray that the new week comes with positives for you as you go about your daily work. God be with you. Happy new week.

52. Happy Monday to you and your family. As we move steadily into the new week, I pray that God will do all that you cannot do and he will finish what he has already started in your life. Have an awesome week ahead. Happy new week.

53. When God makes favour work for you, Everything that has to do with labour is suspended from your life. Then the glory of God will radiate through you to the world. Your week will be filled with testimonies and you will sing new songs in the new week. Stay blessed, happy new week.

54. With God in your week, nothing will be impossible. There is possibility in everything you do, all you need is to see the positivity in it. Dream big and hope for the very best. God loves and cares for you, he truly has not forgotten you. I wish you the best of the new week as you start this great week. You will be the next in the line for celebration. Happy new week.

55. The greatest of God that rules everything in the heavens will pour more grace and blessings in your way and direction in this new month. It shall be well with everything you lay your hands on. Have a great week, God is with you. Happy new week.

56. As we commence another new week today, I pray that your abilities and capabilities increase in all spheres and ways. I pray that God will give you he energy to end the week with same passion that you have started with. Happy new week.

57. I pray for your peace, your joy, your happiness, protection, safety, and health as you start the new month. The good Lord will guide your ways and path in the new week. God is with you already. Happy new week.

58. Whenever I know that you are far away from me and my hands may not reach you, I make sure I touch your life prayers to God almighty. The grace of our lord Jesus Christ will be with you and your family. You will always enjoy God’s great and everlasting grace, in wealth and prosperity. Happy new week to you.

59. May you week be filled with good health, blessings, grace and the everlasting love of God. May you be happy today and forever. May the enemy never find a way to reach you and pull off the grace of God in your life. Happy new week to you and family.

60. May you see less troubles and more blessings in this new week. May you find happiness every step of your way, and may joy come through your door every day. God is with you. Happy new week.

61. I pray that you have an easy start to your work day today, and today will be a day of love, happiness and joy. God will make a way for you in the places where you think there is no way. You will achieve every set out objectives in this new week. Have a blissful week ahead.

62. Sorry for the interruption, I am only here to bring my Monday morning and happy new week greetings. Your happiness will be everyday and not on schedules in Jesus name, You will encounter greatness this new week and God will conquer every obstacle that may want to stop you from flying in glory. You are blessed already. Happy new week.

63. I pray your week rocks today. I pray that God guides you this week, and I am sure your blessings is about to be unwrapped by God. Have a great week and an awesome weekend.

64. Good morning dear family happy new week to you. I hope you stay calm, visible and happy, and I pray that God will remind you of all the tools you need to make your week better, safer and calmer. Go forth and conquer, God is with you. Happy new week.

65. In this new week, may sure you have a hand on distractions and procrastination, because these two steal time a lot. Everything will definitely go right so far you believe and deal with the two things I have mentioned above. Have a great week, free of distractions. God is with you already.

66. Rise and shine for the glory of God is in your life. Make sure you eat well, exercise properly, write or read a book, stay organized, keep up with family and friends and stay happy. The choice you make of life is yours alone. Happy new week to you.

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