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50 Valentine’s Day Surprises For Him Or Her

valentine's day surprises


26. Decorate the bed with sweet smelling flower petals

27. Order their favorite type of cake. The two of you sit and eat it together. Top it with palm wine

Weird but can be fun!

28. Give them a sweet smelling bouquet of flowers.

Yes, flower giving doesn’t seem like the most Nigerian thing to do. But that is why it will be more surprising. Because it is rare. You can also explain to them how to preserve the flower to ensure it remains fresh.

29. Buy them a new gadget they don’t have. Or replace the old one with a much better new one.

30. Give them a printed vest of their favorite cartoon/TV/ movie character.

For example, if they love Teju Baby Face’s show, you can print out a picture of the TV show host on the vest and give it to them. They will cherish it a whole lot.

31. Print one of your best pictures together on a vest and wear it to visit them on Valentine’s day

32. Get an artist to do a pencil sketch of them in their natural look and present it to them on Valentine’s day

33. You draw a funny caricature of them and present it to them

34. Play their most favorite song in the world so loud that it is what wakes them up from sleep

35. Get a makeup artist to give her a perfect face beat on Valentine’s day

36. Print a picture of them on a customized mug and use it to serve them tea in bed

37. Write them a poem

38. Buy them ice cream and put an added fabulously delicious toppings

39. Take them bowling at a mall

40. Take them to watch a really thrilling 3D movie at the cinema

41. Kiss them in public

42. Buy them a jewelry they’ll love

43. Hug them for more than FIVE minutes in public

So that people will look in your direction while hugging and wonder about your love life. Hugging is a form of bonding and who doesn’t love a hug?

44. Take them on a shopping spree

Now, I am not saying you should spend all your money on someone and have nothing left. Instead, look at your purse and plan the shopping spree according to your budget.

45. Give them a whole lot of cash on Valentine’s day

46. Hand feed them their breakfast

They might refuse because it makes them seem like a baby. But, you insist that feeding them their breakfast is very important to you. Then they will let you feed them.

47. Start a pillow fight on Valentine night

48. Organize a speed boat and give them a water ride treat

Water rides are superb. Like, they are the perfect presents. Very thrilling!! Plus the two of you get time to bond one on one through the ride. Trust me, this surprise will knock them off their feet. It is just the right present for Valentine

49. Compose a song entirely by yourself for them.. Whether horrible or beautiful. A song is a song

50. Write a top 20 list of what you love about them, then give it to them

Pick any of the above Valentine’s day sur ideas and try them. They are fun and are guaranteed to have the desired effect of throwing your partner of their feet. You think you’re head over heels in love with them right? Try the above and watch them fall HEELS over HEAD in love with you!! Life is about the love. Spread love where ever you are.

The relationships we form actually mean a lot to us. If we lose our spouse by any means, it could have profound negative effect on our lives. So, that is why we need to make every moment we spend with them memorable. As memorable as ever. Not only on Valentine should we surprise them, but also every single day we spend with them. That is the joy of it.

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