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Benefits Of Dating a Plus-Size Woman

Benefits Of Dating a Plus-Size Woman

I’d have loved to jump directly into the telling you what golden chance life has thrown your way if you have found a chubby, plus-size woman to play Romeo and Juliet with-the ones that don’t die in the end-BUT I realize that there are certain assumptions guys make about plus-size women. That is because these rather popular assumptions are as safe as going for volcano surfing with a rubber board, Suicidal.

Being plus-size is not a disease, don’t try to cure it.

It is alright if you ask her to hit the gym so she can burn some calories and keep healthy but it is very wrong to ask her to go to the gym so she can lose her plus size. Some women are big-boned and others are naturally plus-size, it’s their shape and it is not a disease or disorder or mistake you should walk about trying to correct.

There are a lot of men on the lookout for plus-size ladies, myself inclusive, and trust me, dating a plus-size woman is fun and while I do not have enough chance to meet plus-size women offline, I have resorted to leveraging online, since I am always online anyway.

What I know about plus-size women and what you should too

They do not like you to rub it in

You absolutely don’t need to become a liar just so she feels good. She’s plus-size. She knows it, let it be. How many times have you told a skinny lady she’s skinny? Almost never. You see skinny as being normal, regular, then you should also see plus-size as a norm, a regular.

Not a condition you have to check on every time. You can comment on her dress, but definitely don’t need to comment on her size. We live in a society that makes a victim of things and people it doesn’t consider good enough for its time because there was definitely a time when plus-size was the modeling standards, surprisingly that time is now. You just didn’t know.

They love to cuddle

Plus-size girls love to be cuddled but they don’t all find being carried about like turkey for thanksgiving an interesting thing to do. Unless your woman is absolutely comfortable with it, you might want to steer clear of that prank. They can support their own weights you know.

Assuming they’re eager to talk

Plus-size women are assumed to be eager or anxious to talk. Breaking news! They’re not eager, like, they are not the ‘camel wants to drink water after a long walk in the desert’ eager, to talk or meet people.

They’re open to it, willing to be involved but they are certainly not dying for it. Do not waltz into a plus-size woman’s space someday and expect her to drool over you in the instant, your disappointment would be a plus size.

Missionary only

People think, that during sex, all a plus-size woman does is sleep like a throw pillow while the dude does all the work. Tada! That is a sweet old mistake. You should tell your partner if you think there is a new position you want to try and please, it is sex not a yoga session.

Fetish, and Fetishes

Don’t approach a plus-size woman because she suits a particular fantasy of yours. “I’m seriously into BBW”, like seriously? You can not be serious at all.

You should love a person for who they are and that is the total sum of their person, not part of it, not the size which would reduce with age. So, you might want to reconsider treating a plus-size woman like a glass of martini you like shaken not stirred. She wouldn’t find your compliment nice at all. It might betray your true feelings.

Meanwhile, If you’re interested in meeting with a great community of plus-size women and implement the new lessons that you have learned, you may want to go through a list of plus size dating sites to meet the woman of your dreams.

A  dating site where dating becomes fun. You meet beautiful, plus-size people and form new sized relationships with them. And there is also have a support team that takes out members who are not who they say they are or who harass other members.

Now that we are clear on that, we can ask the big question.

What are the benefits of dating a plus-size woman?

Some people don’t really like to differentiate or attribute qualities to other people based on their ‘size’ or ‘looks’. While it is a very noble gesture from them, how a person looks actually plays a significant role in how they think, see the world, their habits, schedule, self-esteem, and how they relate with others!

And this is why, my compadre, a fat woman is very much different from your regular skinny, ‘figure eights’, model shape women. A number of reasons have been covered, not all, but definitely good ones.


Big women are cuddly people, and they are this way because there is a lot of body to wrap you with *winks*. They have a lot of warmth to share when it’s cold.

They take up more space too. You could do so much with chubby women. Many chubby women are beginning to value who they are instead of trying to compare themselves with regular-sized women.

They always try to understand you and they see it as an opportunity to help someone who isn’t them. They are not egocentric, wasting all their time on maintaining their shapes.


Plus-size women are like the rest of us, they have a life to deal with too.

Yet it is they have a propensity to care deeply, and mostly very emotional. Consequently, you can bring your troubles to them, there’s a lot of them to go around. So loving, every inch of the flesh a plus-size woman has is filled with affection and they want to share it with you.

They are so tender and understanding. And, they don’t hide it at all. Bonus! You do not need to watch out for any green light, you might as well be color blind, you’d still feel her affection.

Self Esteem

Most narratives about body shapes have changed. Like we already said, plus women are owning their thing.

Many plus-size women have ten times the self-worth a model shaped woman has. No room for arguments at all.

Plus-size ladies know they are fat, and they also know that people have varied and numerous opinions about them, but they still walk and live their life anyway. Have you ever seen a plus-size woman saunter past a slimming tea shop? Such complete bravado!


It must have something to do with their size but plus-size women usually have strong characters too. They make bold and concrete decisions.

They barely ever go on the offensive, such calm and collected people. They have kept quiet enough to know what is wrong and what is not.

Which is why many fashion houses now make dresses for plays sized women. Coordination

Yeah we know some big people waddle when they walk but when was the last time you saw a plus-size woman get knocked down?

That’s a rare phenomenon. While out in a date shell hardly trip over the table cloth and fall. I mean, these are people who have spent a lot of time thinking about things other than their own bodies. They’ve had time to study, improve on themselves, reflect on people’s characters and lives, get skills and better, gather experience from their daily lives. It may also be about their being confident.

Snob? We don’t do that here

Plus-size women are not snobs. People say they are always eager to meet new people, I say no. Are you eager to meet a new person? Yes, no? In as much as you say no there’s someone that’ll say yes.

Plus-size women are not ‘eager’ like thirsty ‘eager’ to meet new people BUT they’re always willing to give it a shot. It all part of the calorie-burning process for them.


Two women are under a shield, one is…well…a slim model. The second is a Plus-size. You fell into a ditch, who would ruin her makeup and dress to save you? I leave that to you. Skinny is good, don’t get me wrong, but big is better. Like we say these days, it is what it is.


Plus-size women usually have big busts and filled out upper bodies. Hugs and embraced are some of the perks of dating a plus-size woman. Rock yourself to sleep while laying on her body – if you are an average body-sized guy, that is.


You think she can’t lift her body? You’re as right as the pilot who flew into the red sea thinking it was the sky, okay, maybe not as bad as that but very close.

Have you tried out a new sex position with her and she broke in two? She is an all-rounder, the absolute package! Give that idea of yours a shot.

Better sex

Yeah, you heard that right. It’s a known fact – not backed by popular research yet but soon – that plus-size women make better sex partners. Now I’m letting y’all in on a secret here, with a plus-size woman, you have no issues with dryness because they lubricate just fine. We’re talking drops here. If you are in the know, tell those who aren’t.

There’s that for now, it’s not all, there’s still so much more. Treat them as you would treat your own soul, and practice all you have learned today.

What are your thoughts on dating plus-size women? How has your experience been?

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