Happy Relationship anniversary messages for boyfriend or girlfriend. From being flirty, to being drop dead romantic, from being witty to being funny, why not send your happy relationship anniversary messages to the man or woman of your dreams.

Have you really goofed when it comes to sending him or her the good morning messages, good night messages, hot love messages, happy new week messages, or the weekly Mondays to Fridays messages? Now is the time to get yourself up and wish your man/ woman the happy anniversary messages to make him or her feel special.

You know what? Why not write it on his/ her social media pages? It becomes a memory that lasts forever. Remember Facebook has dated reminders of birthdays, posts and even anniversary messages. You may decide to even go traditional by pushing all your romantic happy anniversary messages on a card. This can also be kept forever! You know?

After sending your happy relationship anniversary messages to him or her. Either party can now decide to take one another out on a date. It does not not necessarily have to be the guy to take the babe out, the lady can also take initiative. There is nothing truly wrong with that. Is there?

Have you seen my first date ideas, or anniversary date ideas that I wrote sometime ago? This will also come in handy when you are thinking or planning on having a romantic date with your man or woman on your relationship anniversary.

You know it is never easy to having to trudge on the jealousy, never easy dealing with all the fights, all the pangs of possessiveness, that comes with being in a relationship with your man or woman. It is never easy to stay so long in a relationship really. You need to considre how you both have matured and the long way you both have come. Never easy you know?

Why not celebrate your anniversary then!

Remember that little things count. If you can deal with relationships by celebrating your  happy relationship anniversary then, wedding anniversary would become a ceremony for you guys!

For me though, I would play my part and share my happy relationship anniversary messages with you that can help you forge a perfect day with the partner of your dreams. Don’t you think that will be nice?

Happy Relationship anniversary messages for boyfriend

1 My life was dark and void until you came around and came my way. You have lighted my sky, my cute and handsome Boo. I know we have had our bad times, but we have always waxed stronger. You are a blessing to me. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

2 No matter where you are. What matters is that our love plays in each other’s heart. Happy Relationship anniversary to us.

3 From the cool guy just around the corner to the guy who made me drool and touch my banner. From the hottest guy around to the sweetest guy who I am come to love. From the guy who I always day dream a lot about to the guy who decided to stop me from walking too much along the round-about. From the guy who I thought was not really right, to the guy who has come to love and hold me tight. I can’t just stop saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ today. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

4 What are we going to do today? I am excited darling. The thoughts of it exhilarates me a lot, but you know what excited me the most? the day you asked me for a relationship. I knew it can only be you! Happy relationship anniversary darling.

5 I don’t want to go clubbing, I don’t want you to call your friends for a party. All I just want is to lay cuddled in your arms as you hold me tight and whisper sweet nothing into my ears. Happy anniversary Bobo, you are the best.

6 Every day I think of you, Every night I dream about you. I just hope and pray that I don’t run mad, because now it has dawned on me that you are the best boyfriend every. Happy anniversary baby!

7 If I look back to the day you stole my heart, the thoughts still takes my breathe away. You are breathe taking darling and I am grateful for being your girl and you, my man. happy relationship anniversary to us.

8 If I am to think about how much and how crazy in love with you that I am, I would over think because I have no idea where I should just start from. You have taken a huge dive into my heart, and I am sure you are stuck in there. Your love will be in my heart forever, because that is my prayer today and till eternity. Happy relationship anniversary to us darling. You are just the best!

9 I think it is time other couple understand a thing or two, from the love and relationship between me and you. Happy relationship anniversary baby.

10 I never thought that having to check you out everyday will eventually make you love me in every way. Happy anniversary baby. I love you!

11 Whoosh! Here is another year again, a year where I have had to battle with jealousy, chasing off other girls and only me having the key to your heart. Happy anniversary baby. God be with our love.

12 As the year roll by, it keeps reminding me of the fact that I made the right decision to love you with the whole of my heart and all of my life. Happy anniversary darling. You are the best.

13 I feel in love with you not just because you weaken me in every corner, but because you make my hear beat so fast in love in and adoration. I love you darling and I am thankful for another anniversary. Happy anniversary to us.

14 When you have a guy who lights up your life in the most unique way possible. All you need to do, is remain thankful for having the best kind of love life can ever offer. I am thankful today for your kind of love darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

15 I remember the special event years ago when you told me to be officially your girlfriend. That dates has birthed many dates of anniversary, which today is one of them. Thank you for drenching me in your affection and bringing sunshine into the dark areas of my life. Thank you for everything darling. Happy relationship anniversary.

16 I know it was not yesterday we met, maybe we were even destined to be together. I have taken a lot of wrong paths and when you came into my life, you changed everything. My ways, my orientation, the way I see love. You brought value into my life and now I see love from a different perspective. I love your love darling. Thank you my angel. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

17 Now I know that we are not only joined physically, our souls are also joined together in bliss and holy matrimony. Happy anniversary to us darling.

18 I remember the first time I set my eyes on you. My heart beat was raised so high I thought I was going to choke. I sweated so much that I thought I was having a heart attack. Today i realized it was the effect of the crush I had on you which later turned into deep and sincere affection that made me throb in passion for you. Today, I celebrate that moment I agreed to be your woman. A day I will forever appreciate. Thank you for everything and more darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

19 You are my life, you are my love. You are my everything. I am glad you came into my life when I thought it was over and everything was lost. Thank you for being so amazingly special. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

20 Hey Boo, Thank you for lighting up my life in the way that no one has or can. Thank you for bringing joy and peace in every way. Thank you for making me beautiful and radiant. Thank you for everything darling. Happy relationship anniversary boyfriend.

Happy Relationship anniversary messages for girlfriend

1 No matter how our past has been, I made this promise to you today that our future will be better. Happy relationship anniversary baby. You are simply the best. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

2 I know it when friends and colleagues come around to say time does not wait for any one, but now I know that time is a function of what we make of it. Time belongs to us and time will always pause and wait. It depends on what we make of the time. My time with you has been one of the best moments every. I love you darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

3 Another 12 months have gone by in our relationship, we struggled with a lot of things, from indecision to casual fights and all, but we have always gotten back together stronger. This shows that with love we can break through and break forth. I love you darling and I will always do. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

4 I don’t care what happens in the rest of the world. I don’t care whether the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. All that I care about is you loving me and me loving you as well. Happy anniversary to you darling. You are the best.

5 I have been involved with a lot of people, but you are the only one who has made so happy. I love you darling. Happy anniversary to us.

6 My life is a story, meeting you was a story. Everything about you is surely a story as well. I love you so much because you have given me the peace that my life deserves. Thank you for being my love. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

7 I am not concerned about what the future holds. What I am about is that you love me and I love you too, that’s the most important thing right now. Thank you for everything darling. You are simply the best. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

8 You have changed my life for the better. You have made me stronger. I can’t believe that my life could ever be like this until you came my way. You are the best gift that God has given me in this new year, and I appreciate you every day in every way. Thank you for being my love darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

9 Like all your beautiful smile in our selfies, you have lighted up my life in no small measure. I appreciate all the beautiful memories that you brought. The fights, the arguments, the fun times and all the romantic booty calls. I love you darling and I remember this day as the day you said you will be mine. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

10 Since the day you said Yes to me. My life has never remained the same. My troubles have lessened, I fight less with myself, I look at light with beautiful hope and aspirations. You have given my life the beautiful new start it deserves. You are the best babe ever! Happy relationship anniversary to us.

11 You are perfect in every way. My perfect imperfection. You are amazing in all your days. My amazingBalls. I thank you for making me more me. For never giving up on me despite my behavior and attitude. I appreciate your support and your undying love. This year is another time to say I value you so much darling. Thank you for everything. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

12 Another year of our amazing love life is here again. I look forward to celebrating more and more relationship anniversaries with you. Happy relationship anniversary darling.

13 There is that unique place that I have kept for you in my heart, and I call it forever. Forever is what I want with you sweetie. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

14 I don’t know the future because I am not God, but if I am to look at all the events that have summed up our past, I know our future is going to be blissful, dreamy and thrilling. I am looking forward to spending my forever with you darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

15 Ever since the day you agreed to be my lover, my life has never remained the same. You have filled with my life with joy, hugs and kisses. You have made me realize that your love should be truly documented, because it is the greatest discovery I have ever made. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

16 My love for you will never grow old, instead it will continue to wax stronger. Happy relationship anniversary darling.

17 Listen baby, my love for you is not based on dates, events, time or moments. All I just needed to create with this time is the day you agree to join your heart with mine so that we can become one. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you start bearing my babies. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

18 Our love is just like yesterday, and it’s been 365 days. The passion has never left us one bit. The fire of romance is as high as ever. Our puppy lover has never faded one bit and I pray that it remains just like that darling. The twists and turns of life has not affected the love we both have for each and for this I am grateful. Happy relationship anniversary love.

19 I remember the first time we went on a date. How awkward it was, but how you kept hanging in. I remembered the first time I looked into your eyes and told you I wanted you to be mine. I remember the smile on your face as you told me ‘I thought you would never ask’. I love you darling, today and forever. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

20 Every day of my life, I have spent loving you. The only name I could give our love life ever since we started dating is ‘MAGICAL’. It has truly been a fairy tale. Thank you for everything darling. Happy relationship anniversary to us.











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