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Couple Therapy Exercises You Should Try Out

Couple therapy exercises

Couple therapy exercises: In a similar post titled Relationship Therapy Exercises, I made mention of various ways to manifest therapeutic exercises as they involve the human mind and also serve as fuel to enhance the mutual and passionate relationship between husband and a wife. The current article will emphasize further on the topic.

If you’re trying to get closer to your partner, the techniques below may help you establish better communication and bonding in the future. For many couples, just learning how to communicate feelings, resolve conflicts, and share with each other is a challenging undertaking. Using a few basic couples therapy exercises for communication can do wonders to help you and your partner deal with issues and grow closer.

While most people consider couples counselling as a last resort before a divorce or breakup, the fact is that happy, healthy couples can also learn valuable lessons from these sessions.

You actually want your marriage to work well as far as you are concerned; therefore, you need professional advice for you to achieve your goal. I have garnered some principles to be followed here and if done properly, believe me, you are good to go.

Relationship therapy exercises you should try out.

1. What is the List of your Fun Activities: The common ground is a path to a greater bond between a man and a woman, if you can plan together to draft the list of fun for a particular month to another, it will help a lot in enhancing your communication skills with each other. Your passion for each other will be increased since you are always fun together. You can visit locations such as amusement park, restaurant, beach, cinema, religious gatherings and many more together to have some fun. By so doing, you get used to each other as friends and couples.

2. Don’t sleep unless you are happy with each Other: It is a bad habit for couples to sleep without resolving an issue. It is very important to resolve any misunderstanding before you go to bed. Each of you must drop our ego, and find a way to resolve the problem because; the longer it stays the worst it becomes. Counselling websites like the have amazing therapists to help you on maintaining happiness in your relationship and marriage.

3. Have an hour of honesty: This is called honesty hour. You can set aside an hour once in a month to sit down and discuss issues that bother you in the relationship. Judgment will be free, and you must agree that none of you should be upset no matter what you discussed. Sometimes, you may involve a relationship counselor so that it could be professionally handled for you in order to avoid conflict. Through this honesty hour, will you understand each other further and then figure out ways to avoid future misunderstanding.

4. You can flirt with each other: It is allowed. You are already spouses, you can flirt with each other, probably some selected days and nights. When something is yours, you have access to it anytime you want. Therefore, you are free to flirt with your wife. This act will bring your hearts closer to each other. However, don’t flirt to the extent of saying disrespecting words to each other. This is bad and should not happen to you at all.

5. Date each other on some specific Night: Dating should not end outside marriage; you can still continue to date each other after marriage. You both are in the same room almost every day, why not try and date your man every night? If you have kids, you can send them out to a trusted family member and then have your fun together without the children. You can also decide to leave the home to date in another environment entirely; this will help rebuild the affection that is already washing away due to constant encounter at home. The mind will see your relationship as a new one and then comply with your feelings for each other.

6. Sometimes, shun Technology: You can decide to spend a whole day together with your wife by shunning technology. The only technology you may involve should be a fan that’s all to blow you some cool air or an air condition to keep the room refreshed. Be romantic with your partner, play very well, and enjoy each other as you want as if you are celebrating something that can be called “love and attention anniversary”. This method will give you the chance to spend quality time together, play games, have s*x and many other romantic things that will make your unit stronger.

7. Show appreciation for each other: You need to show appreciation for what your spouse has done for you. No matter how small something is, try and show some signs of appreciation. This will not only increase your love for each other but respect for each other will be involved.

8. Prepare Delicious Food: Men’s attention can be captured by anything beautiful not only in look but also in taste. Why do you think some men are killed by poison through their favourite meals? It is because they can’t do without it. if you can be that lady that can prepare the best of food, your husband will surely love you. One secret about delicious food preparation is that another woman can snatch your husband if she can cook better.

9. Kiss your spouse’s forehead if you wake first: Early in the morning, whoever wakes up earlier should kiss the other’s forehead until he or she wakes up. That first passionate feeling will make them happy and feel being loved, therefore, your passion for each other will increase. In some homes, where both partners are not romantic, such marriage will not work at all.

10. Focus on what works and what does not work: Everything cannot work perfectly in a marriage, and it is the reason why you both need to focus on both the negative and positive aspect of your relationship with each other. You should talk about the negative effects and find a solution for them together.

The same approach should be applied to the positive aspects too so that you can find ways to enhance them. Some couples can, in fact, invite a therapist to observe their family issues and then advise them on what to do to avoid future conflicts.

11. Ensure that you improve in any session you had together: Anytime you both resolve to discuss a matter, ensure that you learn and then improve on it. This will indicate the success of your meeting with each other. From, there, you will understand why you should not do some things in marriage and why you must do some of them. If you are careful enough, after a series of conversations between both of you, many ideas will come up on how to further put your relationship in shape.

12. Teach each other new skills: It baffles me when I realize that the reason why some marriages do not work is that the wife cannot prepare good food. In the end, you may find out that the husband is an expert in food preparation. Isn’t it crazy for such marriage to crumble? It is time for partners to use their gift and talent as a romantic tool to keep their marriage in good shape. Teach your spouse your skills so that he or she will benefit what will, in turn, save your marriage. If I said skills, I don’t mean professional skills like doctoring or engineering; however, you can actually teach your spouse how to diagnose privately in case you are not around and something occurred to a member of your family. As an engineer, you can equally teach your spouse how to handle home appliances that may need urgent attention if you are not around—i.e. if you are an electrician.

13. Take your bath together: I used to hear about sex, and romance, each I have not tasted as a male but through the stories that involved these two acts, my sense of imagination understood that there is a great pleasure in them. Imagine, you taking bath together with your spouse, you know the next thing that may happen, especially from a man standing before the nakedness of a woman. You both will definitely have a great time together in the electric shower or bath. Constant kisses, hugs and never-ending s*x can increase your passion for each other.

14. Involve in a race and allow your wife to win it: You can both go to the stadium together and set for a family race show. You can invite some family members to serve as spectators and referee. At the beginning of the race you can show her you can win the race then, before the end of the race, you feign tiredness and allow her to win. She will be happy and love you the more.

15. Foreplay before Sex: Don’t just involve in sex like animals, I tag this as wickedness, why not firstly engage in foreplay with your spouse for the natural lubricant to wet the honey pot before you insert that long tool you possess? One good thing about foreplay is that it aids sex. You can satisfy your wife in fact with foreplay excluding sex but never the less, ensure you have it with her. She needs it because you have aroused it in her therefore, it is your responsibility to calm it down. Failure to satisfy your spouse in a relationship is not a good couple of therapy exercise.

16. Send her or him Love Letters: Especially, at the time of distance relationship. I have come to realize that there are two types of distant relationship, marital distance relationship, and none marital distance relationship. The marital distance relationship occurs temporarily when the couples are separated for a short period of time for a specific reason that may both be positive or negative while none marital distance relationship occurs temporarily when two lovers who are yet to marry are separated by distance. Either of the two types should involve an exchange of love letter in order to keep the relationship lively. You don’t need to get bored because your partner is far away from you.

17. Help each other achieve your goals: What will be more romantic when couples are supportive of each other? Plan your goals together, help each other and ensure that you come up with a different guide that will lead to the achievement of such goals. This, in the long run, will help your relationship and then keep it stronger. At the process, you will have trained your mind of leadership and sympathy for humanity. Your kids will also benefit your newly developed skills as it will not be difficult for you to help them if the need arises.

18. Be silent for each other: Sometimes, the spirit of one of the spouse’s may be too high that he or she will choose to shout and nag. It happens in 99% of marriages, but you don’t know because most of the couples calm things down with maturity. When one of the partners is hot, the other has to be cool. In a situation whereby, both partners split fire, it means there will be a problem in such marriage. You may finally tear each other apart due to excessive anger and impatience for each other.

19. Give your attention he or she needs: Giving attention to your spouse when he or she needs it is a practice of respect and love. Imagine when you try to explain something that bothers you with somebody and he or she is not listening. How will you feel? Definitely, you will feel bad. We all are humans and have this feeling of importance. We need people to give us attention to what we believe in. you need to be caring and pay attention to the change of mood in your spouse. If they appear to discuss with you about the issue, go ahead and do that carefully otherwise, step aside until they are in a good mood again.

20. Be a teacher to your spouse: Especially these days, marriage occurs between younger spouse and older ones. Most of the cases, the male spouses are the oldest. Your young wife may not be exposed to some certain things in life; therefore, you need to observe that as quickly as possible so that you will know the next step to carry. This is the reason why I advised in my previous article titled: premarital counselling online, that partners should seek premarital counselling programs before they marry. This will expose them to many ideas about how to manage their marriage. They will be good to go with each other.

21. Identify And Eliminate Stress Triggers: Every stress trigger has a solution, even if it is not obvious at first. You can discuss all of this as a couple and come up with the best solutions for your situations. One of your goals for couple counselling should be to identify sources of stress in your life and your spouse’s life and then figure out ways to get rid of the stress for good. For instance, if one spouse is stressed about paying the bills for the household, the other person may decide to take on another job to provide additional support. In a relationship, stress often leads to major conflicts because one person is irritable, emotional, depressed, etc.  Stress is not healthy for your mind or your body. If you are worried about your personal health, talk to a doctor and see what treatments you can explore. 

22. Using Positive Language: Using positive language when you communicate with your partner may be the single most effective way to create a more effective emotional dialogue.  It is all too easy to become frustrated, especially if your relationship has hit a rough patch. Making every effort to adopt a positive and encouraging tone during your conversations can turn what would have otherwise become a heated argument into an opportunity for real growth and progress. Couples therapy exercises can deepen your emotional bond and allow you to deal with complicated situations and problems without lashing out or arguing. Being overly critical or adopting a negative tone may be costing you many opportunities to be nurturing and supportive. This exercise, when practised over time, can allow you and your partner to grow closer.

23. Write An Appreciation List For One Another: By clearly expressing what you appreciate about your spouse, you can help him or her feel a sense of value in the relationship. Spend some time writing down all the things you appreciate about your spouse. You can build confidence in yourself along the way as you read about all the things you do to make your partner happy. One of the main reasons why people feel like they are in a one-sided relationship is because they do not feel appreciated by their partners.

 Through this article, you should have added to your wealth of knowledge on how to make a marriage peaceful no matter the setback.

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