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Eid al fitri Messages and Wishes to Share in 2020

Eid al Fitri Messages

We have got the best collection of Eid al Fitri Messages and wishes, and one of them is this:

Ya Allah, you are the owner of the key of all secrets. Ya Allah, bless us with all blessed key to open the door to our fortunes.

Like it? Let’s go on.

Eid is of two types, Eid Adh popularly known as Eid al Kabir (Meaning big Sallah, which is celebrated 70 days after fitri) and Eid al fitri (This is the eid celebrated immediately after fasting). Different tribes in Nigeria has the special name they call it. for instance, the Yoruba people call it Odun Kekere, Hausa call it Keremin Sallah.

We have written some greetings and prayers for you to send to your loved ones during fitri which you will like I bet.

Eid al fitri Messages for a friend

True Friends are always known for their sincere love for each other, so they send good messages to each other on a daily bases and special days.

  1. Alhamdullialaah for the completion of this Ramadan fasting, a blessed month with lots of blessings. Happy sallah my brother.
  2. Muslims brothers and brotherhood, may we be blessed with abundant shiffa and albarikah. Happy fitri.
  3. Alhamdullillaah, wa nashkuroon alaihi. May the river of blessing of Allah wash away your pains this sallah.
  4. All praises belong to Allah the owner of the universe, may He in his infinite mercy make this sallah favorable to you.
  5. The month of ramadhan is already gone, we pray that the forgiveness, mercy and blessing acquired in it stay with us forever.
  6. Happy eid fitri to all my friends, may the mercy of Allah follow us all along our entire family.
  7. May the bliss of a blessed day hang around our home to make the blessing of the most high God enter our homes.
  8. Thank God for everything. We started ramadhan in peace and ended it in harmony. Alhamdullilaahi a’la kuli hal.
  9. Barakahllahu fikum ya aki. May we find it to maintain the lessons of the month of ramadhan.
  10. For now we say goodbye to sahoor and iftaar but we cannot say goodbye to the trainings we went through.
  11. Today is Eid al Fitri. I hope you are in your best attire? May we celebrate many more of it.
  12. Allah Ubangiji ya Raya mana da wana Sallah. Happy Eid al Fitri to my Hausa friends.
  13. I want to use this medium to shout out to my Muslim brothers and sisters. May we witness more of this wonderful day.
  14. Rabanna, takabal siyamana, wa du’a ana. Inaka anta semihun aleem. Lord, accept our fasting, our prayers. You are the all hearer and the all seer.
  15. May the glory of a new day shower blessing upon my brothers and sisters in Islam. Happy Sallah to you all.
  16. Ao se amodun modun o! I want a shout out to my Yoruba brothers celebrating Sallah today.
  17. Happy sallah to the entire Muslim ummah, barakallaahu a’la kuli halukum. Have a blessed moment with your family.
  18. I wish you all a joyful moment on this sallah day. May Allah accept all your prayers and consider your heart desires.
  19. Ya Allah, put smile on the face of my loved ones and bless them with whatever they desire from you.
  20. Ya Allah, may you find peace in all you have done, may the mercy of Allah be a reason for our happiness.

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Eid al fitri Messages and prayers for ummah

  1. Ya Allah, igfirlee zunubana, wa arimunee inaka tawabun ar-Raheem. God, forgive me, help me for you are often forgiven, the most merciful. Happy eid to all my friends.
  2. I just want to cheer every believers up today. May Allah protect your home and give you all you want.
  3. Ya Allah, you are the Light of the heavens and the earth. We call upon you this day to protect us with your infinite mercy.
  4. Bless us, give us shiffa and encourage us to accept the trial you bring to us as challenges to build our hearts. Happy eid dear ummah.
  5. Allah has created you all as the best ummah in the worlds and in all nations. May you all be granted victory everywhere you are.
  6. Our brothers and sisters suffering anywhere around the world; may the mercy of Allah reach them to console them.
  7. We are celebrating eid al fitri today, may we celebrate many of it in times to come. Happy eid to all my brothers and sisters in Islam.
  8. May we find peace in our hearts, may the barakah of Allah dwell in our homes throughout this year.
  9. Happy eid to my good friends. May we find peace in our various homes to replace our sorrows.
  10. All I want to say is happy eid fitri to the ummah of Muhammad. May the All-mighty Allah bless us all.
  11. Ya Allah, anta maolana, wa anta robana. Uridun minka shiffa wa ni’mah. O God, you are our Matron, and our Lord, We desire relief and gift (mercy) from you.
  12. May we smile at the end of this festive period. May Allah bless us in an abundant manner.
  13. It is another eid fitri, may we continue to celebrate more of it. Thank you Allah, for your blessings on us.
  14. May Allah protect us against the evils of day and night and bless us with joy and laughter.
  15. Happy eid fitri. Ya Allah, we ask you to put smile on our face this day as we celebrate eid fitri.
  16. Masha Allaah. Na’nu fi faraha. Good! We are in good condition. May the Lord continue to give us this privilege.
  17. Happy eid al fitri to all my brothers and sisters in Islam; may you have a good reason to smile.
  18. I just want to say a big thank you to the entire Muslims ummah. May you all be protected by Allah.
  19. Shouting out to my brothers and sisters in Islam. We pray for many of them to come.
  20. Ya Allah, bless the ummah of your noble prophet and put a smile on their face. Happy eid fitri.

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Eid al fitri Wishes and Motivation

  1. Ya zaemeelee. A’laika rahamatun Allaah. O my friend, upon you is the mercy of Allah. May you grow up in knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Today is a great day; jumah and fitri. You should thank Allah for this double reward after ramadha,
  3. No matter how difficult your life situation may be, do not despair in Allah. He is always there for you.
  4. Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein. Call on him and He will answer you. eid Mubaraq.
  5. Allah will not change the condition of a place until the people do. Change your life and be blessed by Allah. Happy eid brother.
  6. When a door is locked, remember Allah is only testing your faith. Happy eid Fitri to all.
  7. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brotherhood and sisterhood. May the Lord continue to protect you.
  8. The light of Allah is everywhere, never despair upon is mercy and be positive that He will come to your rescue. Happy eid.
  9. We are happy today because everyone is alive to enjoy the refreshment of this wonderful day.
  10. Enjoy yourself this fitri. Thank Allah for allowing you to witness this year in peace and harmony.
  11. Ya Allah, grant you mercy to those in need of it. Bless us in this life and hereafter and put a smile on our face in the end.
  12. We call upon Allah to motivate us when our heart is dead. Ya Allah, revive our heart and make it think good of you.
  13. Eid Fitri to all true believers. May you all excel in all you are doing. It is not too late to give thanks to Allah.
  14. Our aim is to win the pleasure of Allah and we can only do that through happiness. We ask Allah to grant us happiness.
  15. Laila ila Allaah. There is no other god but Allah. May his power cover the entire ummah to provide food, shelter and security for them.
  16. May the infinite mercy of Allah reach the prophet(p), his household and companions and those who follow his footsteps to the ends. Eid Mubarak.
  17. Let the mercy of Allah in disguise reveal itself to you as soon as possible. May He prevent your skin from the horror of the Hell.
  18. Allah, we fear you and strive to follow your commandments. We beseech your Holy Names and pray you give us sekinnah and shiffa in all we are doing.
  19. A soul with Allah is a soul at rest. Ya Allah. We wish that you give us rest of mind on the wonderful occasion. Eid mufeedah.
  20. Today is Jumu’a and fitri. This is a double honor for the Muslim ummah.

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Eid al Fitri Quotes for family

  1. Indeed, all soul shall taste death. Ya Allah, anytime you take our souls, please, be pleased with it. Happy eid siblings.
  2. I call upon Allah to bless my parents, siblings and the entire relatives. May his mercy always count on us.
  3. The promise of Allah does not fail. Ya Allah, we shall not lose hope in you. We ask you to bless us abundantly.
  4. May your happiness never cease; may you find endless peace in all you are doing. Ya Allah. Protect my entire family members with love and care.
  5. There is nothing that is hard for Allah. We are using this opportunity to call on him to bless our family with what it deserves of his goodness.
  6. O Allah, we submit our souls, our sacrifice, our living and death unto you. Bless and purify us until eternity.
  7. May we enjoy the blessing of this wonderful day. May the mercy of Allah continue to reign in our lives.
  8. Ya Allah. Only you I beseech in life. It is only you I trust. I pray that you accept the prayer of my father.
  9. We ask Allah to put a smile on our face. Grant children to those who don’t have. Bless those who struggle your mercy.
  10. Allah, only your Names I shall call. You are the owner of the most beautiful Names. Please bless us with the virtue of your Holy Names.
  11. You are the mightiest and there is no other mighty being beside you. We testify that you are the only deity worthy of being worshipped. Please, bless my family this Fitri.
  12. We greet those who went for umurah, and thank Allah for bringing them back home safely.
  13. May we find peace on this special day in life; may the All-Mighty Allah bless us with the ticket of Jannah.
  14. In every situation, don’t forget to have hope in the mercy of Allah. I love you all and Happy Eid Mubarak.
  15. Thank God for having you around me. You are the best of family members in the world. Can I use this medium to say Eid Mubarak?
  16. May the mercy of Allah continue to flow in our home. I thank Allah for giving me precious family in the world.
  17. Ya Allah, bless our hustles. Protect us against all evils and make us smile in the end. Happy eid to my family.
  18. We call upon Allah to protect us in all we are doing. Accept our ibadah and grant us alkair in our life.
  19. Whoever Allah has guided, no one can misguide. O Allah, we ask you to bless us. Have mercy upon us forever.
  20. You are the only true God. The one worthy of being worship by all souls, praised by all tongue. You are the most merciful full of love for humanity. Bless us this day and protect us against all evils.
  21. You are the Lord of mercy. Grant unto my family your mercy. Accept our prayers and give us the honor of a blessed ramadhan.
  22. Our hope is upon you to accept our ibadah in ramadhan. Forgive our shortcomings and bless us with good life in the hereafter.
  23. You are the most magnificent, the Blessed One. The only holiest. We call on you to protect us from all evils.
  24. There is no way better than your way. Ya Allah. As we celebrate this eid, please open your good ways for us.
  25. We are begging you for the good knowledge of your deen. Make it easy for me and the ummah of prophet Muhammad(p) to achieve greatness in life.
  26. Ya Allah, we ask you to take good care of our life and the hereafter. Promote our good deeds to gain us your Jannah.
  27. May your endless mercy continue to shower its rain upon us. May your blessed sunlight sunshine on us this day. Happy eid to all Muslims today.
  28. Everyone is excited. Today is Fitri. May we celebrate more of it along with our family members.
  29. May the entire ummah of the prophet(p) with good mind achieve their heart desires. Eid Mubarak.

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