End of the month prayer message and SMS for you, your family and friends. Jump in here if you need the best end of the month message(s) for your use.

End of the month prayer message (s) to loved ones

1. God will never abandon you. He will always find a replacement for all the things you lost. If he tells to you forget about something and leave it. Always know that he definitely has a plan for you. He will soon bring you to your safe landing place. Believe in him and all you ask for will soon be yours.

2. Always know that God is a God that answers prayers. You think he gives you what you want? He will tae it a notch higher and give you something better. It may take some delay and you may see delay. But he is preparing a perfect table before you, and in the new month he will bring the best for you. Relax, he is in control!

3. God planted the seed of faith in all our hearts, what he requests from us is that we continue to water the plant with prayers, and ensure that the plant does not die. It is therefore our duty to cultivate the plant and ensure that it brings new seed everyday and every time.

4. Why do you keep searching for help on this earth, when there is one person who can assist you with all the help you need. Just lift up your voice in prayer to him. All you need to do is pray and he will answer all your prayers and give you all you need according to his riches in glory. All what you requested for in the old month will soon be given to you. Keep calm, and God will bless you.

5. I requested from God today to bless you, provide for you, to guide you and protect you from all the evils of life. He told me he is going to give you safe, sane and sound. Have the best of the new month.

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End of the month SMS

6. Always stay happy and smile. Pray for strength and love your God with all your heart and soul.

7. No matter how hard or how quiet you pray, trust me God hears it all, because he listens. Just before you start the day, have a quiet time with the king of kings and let your mind out to him. Say all you want and commit the new month into his hands, he will answer and bless you. All you need to do is believe.

8. Seek for wisdom, knowledge and understanding and the good lord will fill your life with more. Say your prayers with enough powerful faith that God will answer you. Remove all elements of doubt from your mind and God will bless you richly and immensely.

9. Believe in the word of the living God and all that you ask will be yours.

10. Seek for wisdom and not just answers to your prayers. Then God will give you wisdom to find solutions to all you are looking for.

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